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Science in Action is a series that ran from 1952 to 1966, produced by the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

The series began in 1950 as a popular 15-minute segment on a popular Bay Area television program, The Del Courtney Show. Tom Groody discussed scientific topics and animals. Eventually, Groody’s Science in Action segment became a regular 13-week feature on the program, presenting contemporary science issues.


Show Show Title Date Aired Guest Scientist Animal of the Week Synopsis Notes

1 - 50

1 Nature's Warfare 9/21/1950 (none) Gila Monster "Animals shown as tanks, lancers, and paratroopers, Experts practicing camouflage, artillery, and chemical warfare. Proof that man's weapons have been borrowed from lower animals." 2 Navigators of the 9/28/1950 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) and Pacific Giant "Bats - their strange habits and abilities - their navigation Night Perry, Mary Lou Salamander, Hell- by 'sonar.' See the sounds of bats by oscilloscope. Dr. Bender/Water Dog Robert T. Orr, Curator of Birds and Mammals of the (salamander), Academy and Associate Professor of Biology of the California Newts University of San Francisco, will also compare bats with other mammals and with birds."

3 Fins and Scales 10/5/1950 (none) Alligator "The fascinating study of fishes, with a wide range of exhibits. Tom Groody, Research Scientist of the Academy, will show how to make a home aquarium."

4 Golden Harvest 10/12/1950 Pratt, Dr. Robertson (Associate Knife Fish "Penicillin - its discovery, development, and value to Penicillin

Professor of Pharmacognosy, human life. The actual manufacture of Penicillin -

UC College of Pharmacy) and laboratory methods of incubation, extraction, refining, Miss Grace Gardner and testing with animals."

5 Backyard Jungle 10/19/195 Essig, Dr. E.O. (UC) and Dr. Water Snake and "Exploring the world of insects all about us - how they Common Insects. 0 John MacSwain (UC) Young look - how they live - their place in nature. Professor E. O. Essig, Chairman, Department of Entomology, University of California, will also present unusual insects from other parts of the world." 6 Striped Sport 10/26/195 Calhoun, Dr. Alexander J. Bullfrog "Dr. Alexander J. Calhoun, Fisheries Biologist of the Bass Fishing. 0 (California Division of Fish and California Division of Fish and Game, will show the Game) scientific methods used in studying the habits and habitats of striped bass. Of special interest to sports fishermen, as well as to the general audience." 7 Exploring Mars/ 11/2/1950 Struve, Dr. Otto (UC) "Join a mythical rocket journey into the universe. Learn Rocket to Mars about the oslar system and interesting aspects of astronomy, meteorology, and physics. Your guide will be Professor Otto Struve, Chairman, Department of Astronomy, University of California." 8 Sea Shore Life 11/9/1950 Miller, Dr. Robert C. (CAS) Grey Gibbon "Dr. Robert C. Miller, Academy Director, will take you on a seashore expedition to discover the wealth of fascination found in the teeming life of tide-pools, rocks, and seaweed beds." Monday, November 20, 2006 Page 1 of 50 Show Show Title Date Aired Guest Scientist Animal of the Week Synopsis Notes

9 Science and Crime 11/16/195 Kelley, Dr. Douglas (UC) Turkey Fish "Dr. Douglas Kelley, Professor of Criminology, 0 University of California, will show how his science protects mankind. Demonstrations of the scientific methods and equipment used in detection through finger- printing, ballistics, criminal files and sorters, chemical analyses, and use of the 'lie detector.'" 10 Future Scientists 11/23/195 Fink, Mrs. Lois (Head, CAS Prickly Lizards, "Members of a high school class and their physics 0 Student Section) and Student Blue-Tongued Skinks teacher will demonstrate fundamental physical laws and Members of CAS actual principles of mass, energy, levers, falling bodies, pressure, sound, and light." 11 Tropical Jewels / 11/30/195 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) Duck "Tropical fish from the world-famous collection of the Tropical Fishes Tropic Jewels 0 Steinhart Aquarium. Dr. Earl S. Herald, Curator of Aquatic Biology of the Academy, will discuss the specimens and show how scientists collect them in the tropic marine depths." 12 Copy of Nature 12/7/1950 Tose, Cecil (CAS), Belmore Raccoon "Mr. Cecil Tose, Preparator of Exhibits of the Academy, Preparing Museum Brown (CAS), Velma Harris (CAS) will show how the Academy's natural history exhibits and Exhibits & Toshio Asaeda (CAS) dioramas are arranged. Everything from the collection of animals on expeditions, through taxidermy and the construction of artificial plants and backgrounds, to the finished groups to be seen in the Academy's museum." 13 The Mysterious 12/14/195 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) Police Dog "The atom - what it really is - what is does - how it gives Atom 0 up its secrets to the atomic physicist. A dramatic story of research. The Geiger counter in action - a cloud chamber - models of atoms - cosmic ray and radio- active research equipment. Guest will be Professor Harvey E. White, Professor of Physics, University of 14 The Atom 12/21/195 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) Short-Eared Owl "Dr. Harvey E. White, University of California nuclear Tomorrow 0 physicist, will tell of constructive uses to which man can put atomic energy. The principles of the 'atomic pile' will be shown." 15 Silent Feet 12/28/195 (none) Laboratory Mouse "Cats of all kinds - from tabbies to tigers will hold the Cats; Guest was Mrs. 0 spotlight on this program - including views of a tigress Alice M. Clark, and her cub." President of the Pacific Cat Club 16 Stone Age Literature 1/4/1951 Miller, Dr. Robert C. (CAS) Kangaroo Rat "Dr. Robert C. Miller, Academy Director, makes a return appearance on Science in Action to tell how man taught himself to write."

17 Black Gold 1/11/1951 Tickell, Dr. F.G. (Stanford) Alligator Snapping "Stanford University authority, Dr. F. G. Tickell, will Oil Turtle relate the story of oil - how science and industry have worked together to find new and better uses of

18 Lamps Through the 1/18/1951 Brown, Dr. Leland H. (Stanford) Golden Hamster "The history of light and illumination will be traced by Dr. Ages Leland H. Brown of Stanford University. Progress from the pine torch to the stroboscopic light will be shown."

19 Game Birds 1/25/1951 Leopold, Dr. A. Starker (UC) Congo Eel "Continuing enjoyment of wildlife is dependent on a (salamander) vigorous program of conservation. Dr. A. Starker Leopold of the University of California will bring living game birds to your television screen." 20 The Weather 2/1/1951 Felton, E.L. (U.S. Weather Marmot/Ground-Hog "The science of weather affects everyone. E. L. Felton, Bureau) District Supervisor, U. S. Weather Bureau, will be the guest scientist, demonstrating instruments and methods used in studying weather."

21 The Story of 2/8/1951 Hildebrand, Dr. Joel H. (UC) South American "The story of helium - an element first discovered in the Helium Squirrel Monkey sun - will be told by Dr. Joel H. Hildebrand of the University of California."

22 Dinosaurs and 2/15/1951 (none) Goldfish "A parade of living reptiles - compared with their Guests: Jack Diamondbacks ancestors who roamed the earth millions of years ago." Hawken, Robert Dempster, Lyman Ashley, John Harvey

23 The Romance of 2/22/1951 Pratt, Dr. Robertson (UC) Pacific Tree Frog "Drugs and medicines - their history and development - Pharmacy will be traced by Dr. Robertson Pratt of the University of California faculty. Dr. Pratt's Science in Action progam on Penicillin was one of the most popular in the first

24 The Laws of Motion 3/1/1951 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UCB), Guide Dog for the "The laws of motion are constantly with us in our Robert Bell, and student blind everyday lives. A panel of San Francisco High School demonstrators students will demonstrate various fundamental principles

25 Moles and Gophers 3/8/1951 Storer, Dr. Tracy I. (UCD) and Spiny Crab "Dr. Tracy I. Storer, University of California faculty Dr. Walter Howard (UCD) member, will take you on an underground tour of your garden."

26 How Television 3/13/1951 CAS Staff Members and KGO-TV Minah Bird "The know-how of your television shown by a behind-the- Should date have Works Staff Members scences view of Science in Action." been 3/15/1951?

27 From Wild Dogs to 3/22/1951 (none) Rabbits "Dog champions of many breeds presented with the Guest: Lyman Ashley Show Dogs cooperation of San Francisco Dog Fanciers, Inc." 28 Food from Sunshine 3/29/1951 Calvin, Dr. Melvin (UC) and Dr. Spotted Skunk "Photosynthesis - the chemical miracle within plants that Andrew Benson is the basis of life on earth. Dr. Melvin Calvin, University of California, Guest Scientist." 29 Jet Propulsion 4/5/1951 (none) Crayfish "The newest form of motion - in use in nature five Guests: Chief Henry hundred million years ago." Segars (USN), Chief Frank Ruf (USN)

30 Coffee - An 4/12/1951 Draper, Benjamin (CAS) Baby Indian "The catalyst of civilization - its romantic history from "Exotick" Drink Elephant ancient kings to your breakfast table."

31 Bone Hunters 4/19/1951 Camp, Dr. Charles L. (UC) and Guinea Pigs "How Paleontologists decipher the past." Robert W. Fields

32 Trout Lore - Fact and Fancy 4/26/1951 Needham, Dr. Paul R. (UC) Opossum and "A favorite game fish - in the laboratory and on the line." Young

33 Seeing is Not 5/3/1951 Kelley, Dr. Douglas (UC) Chinchilla and Young "Visual Illusions as used by the magician, the Believing psychologist, and the criminologist." 34 Measuring Time 5/10/1951 (none) Woodrats "Time-telling through the ages - the development of Clocks; Guest: clocks and watches." Richard Bertrandis. Printed schedule listed "The Science of Musical Sound" for this date. 35 What's That Bird 5/17/1951 Miller, Dr. Robert C. (CAS) Young Brush Rabbits "How to identify birds in field and wood." 36 How to Make Money 5/24/1951 Gillin, George (SF Mint), George Tropical Fishes "The story of currency from wooden nickels and Parker (Fed. Res. Bank), and wampum to coins and counterfeits." Lester B. Johnson 37 Before the White 5/31/1951 Smith, Dr. Marion (UC) Pika "The life of the earliest Americans as uncovered by Man anthropologists and archeologists." 38 The Science of 6/7/1951 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) Coati Mundi "Experiments with musical scales and a variety of Printed schedule Musical Sound strings, wind and percussion instruments, and the human listed "Measuring Time" for this date. 39 Life in a Drop of 6/14/1951 Samuels, Robert (UC) Brown Pelican "Protozoology - the science of miscroscopic life - plants Water and animals." 40 How and Why of 9/11/1951 White, Dr. Harvey (UC) Rhinoceros Viper "The science of one of man's most useful servants." Electricity 41 Tropical Fishes 9/18/1951 Rakowicz, Maurice (CAS) Rosy Hummingbird "A kaleidoscope of aquatic animals from three continents." 42 Sailing the Seven 9/25/1951 Rodgers, Rear Admiral Bertram Desert Tortoise "Navigation problems of pilots on land, on the sea, and in Seas J. (USN), and Commander the air. Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN, and Rear William S. Mailliard (USNR) Admiral Bertram J. Rodgers, USN, Guest Scientists." 43 Gem Minerals 10/2/1951 Meader, W.E. (SF Public Mountain Beaver "From Nature's storehouse to the hobbyinst's cutting and Schools) and Mary McNeill (SF polishing wheel." Public Schools) Monday, November 20, 2006 Page 4 of 50

44 Insects of the 10/9/1951 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) Toucan "An entomological expedition to the highlands of South Andes America with Dr. Edward S. Ross, California Academy of Sciences, Guest Scientist." 45 Earth's Companion 10/16/195 Struve, Dr. Otto (UCB) Starry Flounder "The story of the moon, earth's nearest neighbor in 1 space." 46 Teeth, Tusks, and 10/23/195 Taber, Dr. Loren B. (SF College Meadow Mouse "Functions and development of teeth in man and lower Fangs 1 of Physicians and Surgeons) animals."

47 Supersonic Flight 10/30/195 "Newest scientific accomplishments in man's efforts to fly faster than the speed of sound." DeFrance, Smith J. (Ames Hereford Steer Laboratories, Moffet Field) and George Cooper (Ames)

48 Conquest of Pain 11/6/1951 Cline, Dr. John W. (President, Pallid Bat "The development of modern anethesia." AMA) and Dr. John Cann (St. Francis Hospital)

49 Duck Hunting 11/13/195 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) Gibbon "How science helps maintain one of man's favorite outdoor sports."

50 What Makes the 11/20/195 Woods, Dr. Baldwin M. (UC Vice Abalone, Starfish, "The internal combustion machine from early engines to Engine Go? 1 President) Sea Urchin the modern motor car."

51 - 100

51 Looking at Glass 11/27/195 Thompson, T.J. (Corning Glass Shrew "Manufacture of precision, high-test glass. Glass blowing 1 Works) and James Lynch (Naval and bending demonstrated." Radiological Defense Lab) 52 Out of the Sea 12/4/1951 Miller, Dr. Robert C. (CAS) Boa Constrictor "Tracing the evolution of land animals." 53 Nature's Building 12/11/195 Furst, Dr. Arthur (SF State Budgie "The fundamentals of chemistry demonstrated with Chemistry. Blocks 1 College/USF) laboratory experiments." 54 Muscles 12/18/195 Inman, Dr. Verne (UC Med Surgeon Fish "Science studies how to make muscles do a better job." 1 School)

55 Animal Homes and 12/25/195 (none) Bactrian Camels "Host Narrator Tom Groody, will present a parade of well Families 1 known animal families in their natural environments."

56 The Eye 1/1/1952 Hogan, Dr. Michael J. (director of Australian Long- "The evolution of vision. How man and lower animals San Francisco Eye Bank; UC Necked Turtles see." School of Medicine)

57 Wood Eaters 1/8/1952 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) and Goat Kid "The life cycle of termites, insects who live in darkness." Termites Leo R. Gardner (Calif. Spray Chemical Corp.)

58 The Horse 1/15/1952 Sturton, Dr. Ruben A. (UC) and Porcupine "From prehistoric times to modern blooded horses." Robert W. Field (UC)

59 Vanishing Herds 1/22/1952 Draper, Benjamin (CAS) Mallard Duck "The story of the bison from pre-historic times to the Originally scheduled days of Buffalo Bill." for 2/12/1952 60 Stellar Evolution 1/29/1952 Struve, Dr. Otto (UC) Praying Mantis "The story of continuous creation, the development of our universe." 61 Thomas Alva 2/5/1952 Harris, Ward (Ward Harris, Inc.) Young Pigeon "Historic working models of many of the important Edison inventions of America's great scientist." 62 Applied Research 2/12/1952 Hobson, Dr. Jesse E. (Stanford Holstein Bull Calf "A trip to the Stanford Research Institute where pure and Originally scheduled Research Inst.) and Dr. Milton applied science are joined to make for better living." for 1/22/1952 Silverstein (SRI) 63 Climatology 2/19/1952 Felton, E.L. (U.S. Weather German Shepherd "The study of man's adaptation to the climate in which he Bureau) Puppies, Boxer lives and works." Puppy 64 The Egg 2/26/1952 Eakin, Dr. Richard M. (UC) Minah Bird "The study of enbryology - man's search to learn the secret of life." 65 Birds of Prey 3/4/1952 Leopold, Dr. A. Starker (UC) and Stickleback Fish "The balance of nature, an important factor in science, Kent Carnie (UC) demonstrated in the life habits of predator birds." 66 Forest Miracles 3/11/1952 Righter, F.I. (US Forest Service, "The young science of forst genetics and the Forest Genetics Placerville, CA) and Dr. J. development of new hybrid lunber trees for 67 Stream of Life 3/18/1952 Lucia, Dr. Salvatore P. "A study of blood and its functions. How it is typed, the Blood Rh. factor, and how plasma is saving human lives." 68 Squirrels and 3/25/1952 Storer, Dr. Tracy I. (UC) and "The useful as well as interesting characteristics of these Chipmunks Lloyd Tevis, Jr. well known forest animals." 69 Youth in Action 4/1/1952 Rice, Mr. Robert and students of "How the oncoming generation of young scientists, by Berkeley High School doing, learn the fundamentals." 70 Scales, Feathers, 4/8/1952 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) "The development of the body coverings in animal life and Furs from the earliest known sharks to mutation mink." 71 Photography 4/15/1952 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) "Basic physical and chemical principles that serve both the scientist and hobbyist." 72 Cosmic Rays 4/22/1952 Fretter, Dr. William B. (UC) and "From their historic discovery to present day research. Dr. Robert R. Brown How this continuous bombardment from space is measured and its potential as a source of energy."

73 Under the 4/29/1952 Needham, George H. "The development of this invaluable research instrument Microscope from the reading glass to the super-powered electron microscope at Stanford Research Institute."

74 The Story of Wool 5/6/1952 Wilson, Dr. James F. (UC) and "Wool production from lambing time to manufacture. How Mrs. J. W. Mailliard, Jr. man has helped Mother Nature improve this valuable 75 The Mind's Eye 5/13/1952 Kelley, Dr. Douglas "Basic facts about psychology. Understanding our minds and our behavior." 76 Aerial Engineers 5/20/1952 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) and "The story of spiders and their webs - from the feared Spiders Hugh B. Leech tarantula to the ingenious trap-door spider." 77 Davy Jones' Locker 5/27/1952 Bolin, Dr. Rolf Slow Loris "The bottom of the sea, how it is explored and what Printed schedule science is finding." listed Dr. Robert C. Miller as Guest Scientist. 78 Fishes - Fact and 6/3/1952 (none) Printed schedule Fable listed "Star Patterns" for this date. 79 Powerful Poisons 9/9/1953 Halstead, Dr. Bruce (College of Baby Ostrich "A close look at many animals that are bearers of Animal Venoms; Script Medical Evangelists) venoms and poisons." titled "Deadly Enemies" 80 Shocks, Tremors, 9/16/1952 Herrick, Charles (UCB) and John Chuckawalla "The causes of earthquakes, how science locates their Earthquakes and Faults Farr (UCB) (lizard), Spiny- sources, and how intensities are measured." Tailed Iguana, Horned Toad 81 Mosquito-Man's 9/23/1952 Aarons, Theodore (Alameda Baby Soft-Shelled "The life cycle of pests that can cause epidemics and Enemy County Mosquito Abatement Turtles the never ending battle of control." Dist.) and Dr. Edward S. Ross 82 Psychological 9/30/1952 Kelley, Dr. Douglas M. (UC) Talking Budgie "The how and why of propaganda - mass psychology Warfare technique. Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, psychiatrist and criminologist, University of California, Guest Scientist." 83 400 Degrees Below 10/7/1952 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) and Piranha "Research into low temperatures and experiments with Liquid Air Zero Robert Bell (UC) liquid air." 84 Monkeys, Chimps, 10/14/195 Kelly, Dr. Joan Morton (San Chameleon "The intelligence, habits, and training of man's close and Gorillas 2 Diego Zoo) and Carey Baldwin relatives - Old and New World monkeys." (San Francisco Zoo) 85 The Air We Breathe 10/21/195 Magill, Paul L. (Stanford Baby Mountain Lions "Scientists study problems of air pollution and modern 2 Research Institute) living in urban areas."

86 Stars Over San Francisco 10/28/1952

Bunton, George (CAS), Leon Morrison Planetarium Salanave (CAS), and Frances Greebe (CAS) 
Printed schedule listed "This Plastic Age" for this date.

87 George Vanderbilt Expedition 11/4/1952 Vanderbilt, George, Dr. Robert R. Printed schedule

Harry (Acad. of Nat. Sci. of listed "Inter-tidal

Philadelphia) and Dr. John Briggs Animals" for this date. (Stanford)

88 Glittering Gems 11/11/195 Ehrmann, Martin L. and William "The steps by which a precious possession, the diamond, 2 Bartling changes from its rough state to fiery brilliance." 89 Luther Burbank 11/18/195 Rothert, Ernest (Santa Rosa "Fifty years of horticultural progress in gardening and 2 Junior College) and Mrs. Luther agriculture." Burbank

90 Exploring Space 11/25/195 Folsom, Dr. Richard G. (UC) "Regions beyong the earth's atmosphere and man's 2 efforts for get there." 91 How We Walk 12/2/1952 Inman, Dr. Verne T. (UC Medical "The ingenuity of a reasearch team applied to a School) phenomenon that most of us take for granted." 92 This Plastic Age 12/9/1952 Rollins, Vernon D. (Monsanto "Laboratory demonstrations of the plastic revolution Chemical Co.) and Marvin Kolber which has brought new products to use, clothes to wear, (San Mateo Junior College) and other changes in our everyday living pattern." 93 Leonardo da Vinci 12/16/195 Miller, Dr. Robert C. (CAS) and "The story of history's most famous painter, architect, 2 Dr. Roberto A. Guatelli scluptor, engineer, mechanician, and scientist - told with (International Business Corp.) models of his great inventions." 94 Swamp Life 12/23/195 (none) Baby Polar Bear "Dr. Earl S. Herald will show how crocodiles, alligators and 2 countless other animals and plants adapt to their marshy environment." 95 The Story of Salt 12/30/195 Rosenstein, Dr. Ludwig (Leslie "Sodium Chloride - a plentiful and common substance 2 Salt Co.) and Joseph Buchen without which no animal life could exist." 96 The Helicopter 1/6/1953 Hiller, Stanley, Jr. (Hiller "A report of the latest developments in solving the age- Helicopters) old problem of controlled vertical flight." 97 Rain-Making 1/13/1953 Church, Dr. Philip (University of Crayfish and "Facts and fables about man's efforts to control a natural Washington) Gastro-liths phenomenon." 98 Keeping Animals 1/20/1953 Baldwin, Carey (San Francisco "Keeping 1,000 animals healthy, happy and protected for Happy Zoological Gardens) scientific study and public enjoyment. Behind the scenes at San Francisco Zoological Gardens with Director Carey Baldwin, Guest Scientist." 99 Bacteria, Good and 1/27/1953 Fong, Dr. Jacob (UC) "Dr. Jabob Fong, University of California, will Bad demonstrate the life cycle of living bacteria with the aid of television-adapted microscopes."

 Page 8 of 50

100 Discovery of Plutonium 2/3/1953 Seaborg, Dr. Glenn T. (UC) and Seahorses "As told by one of its discoverers - Nobel Prize Winner -

Al Ghiorso Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, Univ. of California Radiation

Laboratory, Berkeley."

101 - 125

101 The World's Largest Telescope 2/10/1953 Merrill, Dr. Paul W. (Mount Wilson Palomar and Palomar Observatories) "How they giant 200-inch Palomar instrument works and its place in astronomical research."

102 Intertidal Animals 2/17/1953 Bolin, Dr. Rolf (Stanford) Indigo Snake "Invertebrates from deep waters, tidepools, and the seashore - their place in the evolutionary scale."

103 Bridge Building 2/24/1953 Eberhart, Prof. Howard (UC) Gray Whale "The how of pontoon, suspension and cantilever bridges - from canoe crossings to the towering structures of

104 How Ants Live 3/3/1953 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) Spotted Skunk "The complex community organization of ants - Nature's closest approach to human society."

105 The Science of 3/10/1953 Skinner, O. C., Jr. (City and Llama "Development of standards in the metric and U. S. Measuring County of San Francisco) Systems of weights and measures." 106 Via Radio Waves 3/17/1953 Austin, Harry E. (RCA Raccoon "The world grown smaller through international radio Communications) communications. Around the earth seven times a 107 The Earth's Origin 3/24/1953 Urey, Dr. Harold C. (Nobel prize- Honolulu Flatfish "Newest scientific theories of how our planet and its winner, The University of satellite, the moon, were formed." 108 Frogs, Toads, and 3/31/1953 Stebbins, Dr. Robert C. (UC) Mountain Beaver "A look at live amphibious animals that are at home both Salamanders in and out of the water." 109 Furnaces of the 4/7/1953 Williams, Dr. Howell Cooper Hawk "The phenomena of eruptions, lava flows, steam, and fire Volcanos Gods of volcanoes all over the world from Pompeii to 110 You CAN Win 4/14/1953 Kelley, Dr. Douglas M. Alligator Snappers "From old time card sharpers to psychology-wise confidence men. Douglas M. Kelley, M. D., exposes some tricks of their trade and how not to be taken in." 111 Safety at Work 4/21/1953 Soule, Thomas Baby Polar Bear "How science solves the problems of continually Published schedule safeguarding people. Practical demonstrations

112 High Altitude 4/28/1953 Washburn, Dr. Bradford 2 Eskimo Huskies "Problems of igloo life at 18,000 feet on the slopes of Mt. Survival (Director, Boston Museum of McKinley." 113 Winged Beauties 5/5/1953 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) Galapagos Tortoise "A close look at butterflies, monarchs of the insect world, Butterflies from the why of the cocoon to the how of collecting." 114 Scourges of 5/12/1953 Meyer, Dr. Karl (Director, Hooper Mountain Lion Cub "How modern science is eliminating chain infection Epidemics Mankind Foundation) epidemics through research and prevntive medicine."

115 Fluids in Motion 5/19/1953 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) Marine Opossum "The behavior of wind, air, and water with physical demonstrations of Bernoulli's principle - from atomizers and aerodynamics to why a baseball curves."

116 Rattlesnakes 5/26/1953 Klauber, Laurence M. Penguins "A safe look at the fangs, rattles, and venom of some of the New World's deadliest and most feared reptiles."

117 Rare and Exotic Fishes 6/2/1953 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) Baby Bactrian "Program Host, Dr. Earl S. Herald, presents a panorama

Camel of exceptional and seldom seen inhabitants of warm

waters the world over." Black and white. Discusses 3 aspects of fish: Procurement of Food; Protection from enemies; Special Adaptations. Fish shown: Siamese fighting fish, Archer fish, Leaf fish, Mudskipper, Hatchet fish, African lungfish, Walking Perch, Oscars, New (not occurring in nature) Platys, Piranhas, Electric Eel. Also shows quick setup of fish tank, complete with plants to provide hiding places for fish.

118 Gardens of the Sea 9/8/1953 Limbaugh, Conrad (Scripps Ostrich "The story of submarine harvesting in California's kelp Institute of Oceanography) and industry. How algin, a little known food substance, plays Dr. William McNeely (Kelco a valuable role in food, drugs and industrial products." Company)

119 How Detergents Work 9/15/1953 Vesper, Howard G. (California Skunk "A laboratory look at the physics and chemistry of one Research Corporation) of science's newest developments in cleansing."

120 The Planets 9/22/1953 Merrill, Dr. Paul W. (Mount Wilson Tree Frog "A closer look as the Earth's nine neighbors in our Solar and Palomar Observatories) System. How science measures temperature and other essential data about heavenly bodies." 121 The Wheel 9/29/1953 Kays, Dr. William M. (Stanford Coatimundi "The development of the wheel and its profound effect University) on the course of civilization."

122 Optical Illusions 10/6/1953 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) Chicken "How our eyes, among the most useful of all recording instruments, are often deceived. Demonstrations oferrors in measurement, distance and other observations of the eye." 123 Mystery of Dreams 10/13/195 Kelley, Dr. Douglas M. Boas "Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, noted psychiatrist, explains the 3 latest medical theories of dream interpretation. How dreams are brought about and the extent to which they can be accounted for in our daily lives." 124 Discovery of the 10/20/195 Stanley, Dr. Wendell M. Duck "What medical science is learning about viruses in the Virus 3 never ending war against disease. How many viruses are at last visible with the aid of powerful new microscopes. Nobel prize-winner Dr. Wendell M. Stanley, Guest Scientist."

125 Nature-- 10/27/195 Stebbins, Dr. Robert C. (UC) Guinea Pigs "Protective coloring and pattern among animals - a Camouflage Expert 3 means of survival - demonstrated with strange fish, insects, mammals and other life forms from around the world." Black and white. Includes moth, fish and snakes.

126 - 150

126 The Magic of Metals 11/3/1953 Porro, Emo D. Discus and Moorish "Interesting laboratory demonstrations of the peculiar Idol characteristics of such basic metals as gold, silver, copper, iron, lead and quicksilver."

127 Animal Psychology 11/10/195 Vetter, Dr. Roland F. (UC Davis) 2-Tailed Lizard "Exploring the theory that animals have basic attitudes, 3 can be trained to advantage, and are believed to have feelings and emotions. Demonstrations with dogs and other animals by Dr. Roland F. Vetter, University of California at Davis."

128 Indian Culture 11/17/195 Douglas, Dr. Frederic H. (Eric?) Sulphur-Crested "How Early American Indians lived, their legends and 3 (Denver Art Museum) Cockatoo artistic accomplishments. How they devised clothing from resources of their environment."

129 A Visit to Steinhart 11/24/195 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) Canaries "In a special direct telecast from this world-famous Aquarium 3 awuarium in Golden Gate Park, Dr. Earl S. Herald will take viewers on a 'behind-the-scenes' tour."

130 Earth's Changing 12/1/1953 Hinds, Dr. Norman E. A. (UC) Tiger Cub "The story of how mountains, valleys and the seas were Surface formed and are continually changing. Elements of geology and the ages of the earth."

131 Modern Wonder Drugs 12/8/1953 Pratt, Dr. Robertson (Associate Professor of Pharmacognosy) "What science is learning in the never ending search for life saving antibiotics." (Hellbender Salamander)

132 What Time Is It? 12/15/1953 Bunton, George (Morrison Stonefish "The science of chronometry, a story of man's

Planetarium, CAS) measuring time from stars, stone age calendars to the

133 Backyard Safari 12/22/1953 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) Bobcat "Exploring the insect world that surrounds us."

134 Fossil Detectives 12/29/195 Savage, Dr. Donald E. (UC) Sturgeon "Reconstructing the past, tracing the intercontinental 3 migrations of man and lower animals with fossil finds." 135 The Submarine 1/5/1954 Nimitz, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Civet Cat "Undersea travel - from Ancient Greece to modern times and Vice Admiral Charles A. - including a look at its atomic-energized future." Lockwood

136 Animals of the Night 1/12/1954 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) Golden Hamster "A look at interesting nocturnal creatures - that sleep by day - from hoot owls to fireflys."

137 Sixty Centuries of 1/19/1954 Sheets, Millard (Director of Art, Sea Lion "Tracing its impact on civilization - from neolithic pottery Clay Scripps and Clarement Colleges) to turbo-jets." and Richard Petterson

138 Romance of Printing 1/26/1954 Hoffman, Karl King Crab "From the invention of moveable type, which opened new vistas of communication among peoples, to modern techniques."

139 Improving on Nature 2/2/1954 Regnery, Dr. David (Stanford Iguana "The science of applied genetics and how it is used in the

University) development of new and better kinds of plants and animals."

140 The Heart/Know 2/9/1997 Chamberlain, Dr. Francis L. and Toucan "Basic facts everyone should understand about the Your Heart Dr. Earl Miller human heart and recent medical discoveries in cardio vascular research." 141 Whales 2/16/1954 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) Porcupine "Fact and fiction about the largest living mammals in the Schedule listed Guest animal kingdom and their fight for survival in the oceans Scientist as Dr. of the world." Raymond Gilmore, US Fish and Wildlife Service - perhaps Dr. Orr was a last-minute replacement? 142 Superstitions 2/23/1954 Kelley, Dr. Douglas M. (UC) 2-Headed "How and why people react to age-old superstitions, Australian Lizard legends, omens and folklore." 143 Radio Signals Via 3/2/1954 Villard, Dr. O. G., Jr. (Stanford "Eavesdropping on sounds from outer space and their Meteors/ Space University) possibilities as a tool for exploring the ionosphere." Communication 144 Miracle Materials 3/9/1954 Vesper, Howard G. (President, Mexican Jumping "Howard Vesper, President, California Research Corp., California Research Corp.) (Vice Beans will demonstrate new developments and uses in the field President, Standard Oil Co. of of synthetics and fibres from nylon to plastic fenders." California) 145 Desert Life 3/16/1954 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) Nutria "How plants and animals adapt to rugged desert environments." Discusses four desert survival factors (temperature, water, food, alkalinity). Plants and animals shown include: cactus, yucca, snail, desert tortoise, chuckwalla, gila monster, Mexican beaded lizard, sidewinder, African horned viper, African monitor lizard, Gambel quail, mountain quail, sage grouse, roadrunner, hamster, kangaroo rat, spiny pocket mouse, and prairie dogs.

146 The Flow of Heat 3/23/1954 White, Dr. Harvey E. Gopher "How heat is transferred and the steps involved - from fireplaces to radiant heating and the cooling curve of a cup of coffee."

147 Radar Defense Screen 3/30/1954 Andrew, Brigadier General James Hawk-Headed Parrot "The ceaseless search of the skies by electronic

W. (USAF) sentinels to protect us against enemies by air."

148 Story of the Alphabet 4/6/1954 Reynolds, Dr. Lloyd (Reed Condor College) "The evolution of written communication and how sound and word symbols have been developed since Stone Age man."

149 X-Rays 4/13/1954 Kirkpatrick, Dr. Paul (Stanford) Baby Coyotes "The unique power of x-rays to reveal the otherwise invisible; practical applications - anatomy, crystal and alloy structures, and a look into the future of x-ray 150 Food Safety 4/20/1954 Farber, Dr. Lionel "The development of the modern science of pure food and health protection."

151 - 175

151 The Science of Money 4/27/1954 Shaw, Dr. Edward S. (Stanford Baby Goat "The function of money in the modern world; its history University) from wampum to wooden nickels and greenbacks."

152 Insect versus 5/4/1954 Doutt, Dr. Richard L. (UC) and Baby Mantiti "Dr. Edward S. Ross, California Academy of Sciences, Insect Dr. Edward S. Ross (CAS) Monkey and Dr. Richard L. Doutt, University of California, will show how many insect problems are combatted by present day scientists through predators." Includes discussion of insect population controls (Food; Living Space; Climate; Enemies; and Disease), economic entomology, the introduction of a pest's natural enemies to control the pest in a region. Mentions C.V. Riley, A. Koebele. (This only covers the first part of the film.)

153 Rivers of Ice 5/11/1954 Hubbard, Father B. R., S. J. Baby California "World-famed 'Glacier Priest,' Father B. R. Hubbard, (Santa Clara University) Ground Squirrels S.J., Santa Clara University, will demonstrate the how of the powerful remnants of the Ice Age."

154 Aero Medicine 5/18/1954 Lawrence, Dr. John (UC) and Dr. Angelfish and Babies "What science is learning in the conquest of space about Cornelius Tobias and Captain the ability of the human body to withstand strains of high William Orlob speed, pressures, and atmospheric conditions." 155 Friendly Snakes 5/25/1954 Stebbins, Dr. Robert C. (UC) Matamatas "A better understanding of some of man's good friends in the balance of life."

156 Ten-Legged Sea Dwellers 6/1/1954 Ripley, William Ellis (California Bantams "A close look at the biology and environment of marine

Department of Fish and Game) exo-skeletal animals - lobsters, shrimps, prawns, crabs - and their importance as food."

157 Sharks--Good and Bad 9/13/1954 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) Leopard Cubs "Dr. Herald will demonstrate the life cycle of these largest of fishes in the sea with live sharks of various kinds." "Dr. Earl S. Herald, program host, traces the biology of the world's largest fishes and their balance-of-life role in the sea."

158 Drilling for Oil 9/20/1954 Vesper, Howard G. (President, Kinkajou "Howard Vesper, President, California Research California Research Corporation) Corporation, will demonstrate new scientific methods of oil extraction from both under sea and land."

159 Work, Energy & Power 9/27/1954 White, Dr. Harvey (UC) Orangutang "Demonstrations of the principles of physics involved in day-to-day mechanical devices and the whys of the laws of motion."

160 Bee Behavior/Bee 10/4/1954 Doutt, Dr. Richard L. (UC) and Hyacinth Macaw "Dr. Richard L. Doutt, University of California Keeping Dr. J. E. Eckert (UC) entomologist, explains the problems and pleasures of bee culture and how scientists have improved both production and quality of honey." "The complex life cycle of these highly developed social insects; problems and pleasures of bee culture."

161 Close-Up of Mars 10/11/195 Bunton, George (Morrison "What scientists have learned about the mysteries of the 4 Planetarium, CAS) planet Mars which has been closer to Earth in 1954 that any other time in sixteen years."

162 Wheels and Rails 10/18/195 Houston, Stanley (Southern Barbary Ape "The interesting development of rails and roadbeds; the 4 Pacific Co.) why of wheels, bearings, and friction; and the continuing research into better railroad equipment."

163 Sleep 10/25/195 Kelley, Dr. Douglas M. (UC) Box Crab "A doctor looks at 'sleep' - the natural suspension of 4 consciousness and the mystery that has surrounded this phenomenon." 164 Story of Painting 11/1/1954 Sheets, Millard, N. A. (Los Box Crab "A famous artist reviews 20,000 years of man's urge to Angeles County Art Institute) draw and paint - from cave decorations to modern art." 165 Hook, Line & 11/8/1954 McKernan, Dr. Don and Dr. O. African Chameleon "How scientists located vast new tuna fishing grounds in Science Elton Sette (U.S. Fish & Wildlife the Pacific and the unique methods by which the Service) discovery was brought about." 166 Digging Down 11/15/195 Stirton, Dr. R. A. (UC) Long-Tailed Weasel "Recent paleontological discoveries that help full a 125 Under 4 million year gap in Australian fossil records. An armchair tour by the expedition's leader, Dr. R. A. Stirton, University of California." 167 Tropical Medicine 11/22/195 Stewart, Dr. Morris and Dr. Ralph Gibbon "How new developments in micro-biology have helped 4 Houlihan scientists solve problems of difficult tropical diseases. Dr. Olympio da Fonseca, Institute Nacional de Pesquicas da Amazonia, Brazil, Guest Scientist." 168 Controlled 11/29/195 Poulter, Dr. Thomas C. (Stanford abalone "How scientists control energy produced by chemical Explosions 4 Research Institute) explosions and put this knowledge to beneficial use." 169 Photosynthesis - - 12/6/1954 Calvin, Dr. Melvin (UC) striped skunk "What happens when green plants begin to manufacture Today and Tomorrow food. How isotopic tracers are used in the study of photosynthesis." 170 Work, Energy & 12/13/195 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) snowshoe rabbit "Some of the basic principles of physics involved in Power 4 commonplace mechanical devices and the shys of the laws of motion."

171 Sleep 12/20/195 Kelley, Dr. Douglas (UC) sailor fish "A doctor looks as 'sleep' - the natural suspension of consciousness and the mystery that has surrounded this phenomenon." 172 Cosmography 12/27/195 Shapley, Dr. Harlow (Harvard Shetland pony "A new science concerned with the place of man in the University) universe in terms of time, space, matter, and energy." 173 Desert Enemies 1/3/1955 Stahnke, Dr. Herbert L. (Arizona baby turtles "Dr. Herbert L. Stahnke, Arizona State College, will State College) demonstrate with living tarantulas, gila monsters, and scorpions, the defensive and offensive uses of animal poisons." 174 Miracle of the Seed 1/10/1955 Corbett, L. W. hornbills "The fascinating story of seeds in the life cycle of plants. How new seeds are developed and used. Guest scientist from Northrup, King & Co." 175 Termites 1/24/1955 Doutt, Dr. Richard L. (UC) siamese cat "Dr. Richard L. Doutt, University of California, will trace the life cycle of these social insects and demonstrate how science copes with the serious problems they

176 - 200

Caption text
Ep. No. Title Date Aired Guest Scientist Animal of the Week Synopsis Notes Link
176 Plants of Fairyland 1/24/1955 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) wooly monkey A close look at mycology - the study of fungi. Fact and fiction about mushrooms, toadstools and their botanical relatives.
177 Oxygen 1/31/1955 Wycoff, Dr. Charles C. (San Francisco General Hospital) possum The life-giving element; its place in the world of plants and animals and its use in medical science.
178 Religious Archeology 2/7/1955 Finegan, Dr. Jack (Pacific School of Religion) bears How present-day scholars have discovered the origins of many of the beginnings of our rich heritage in religion.
179 Transistors/ What's New in Electronics 2/14/1955 Christian, Dr. Schuyler Mexican donkey The newest discoveries and inventions that are basic to present day living and industry in the field of electronics. Special Guest Scientists from the RCA David Sarnoff Laboratories, Princeton, NJ.
180 Searching Tropical 2/21/1955 Harry, Dr. Robert ani (George trapdoor spider "How icthyologists explore the tropical Pacific with Seas Vanderbilt Foundation, Stanford) speargun and camera."
181 Architecture 2/28/1955 Wurster, William Wilson (UC) ani flying squirrels "The hows and whys of architecture demonstrated by Dr. William Wilson Wurster, University of California."
182 Making Medicine 3/7/1955 Dean, Professor Stephan (UC) coyote "The exacting science of pharmacy with a review of the and Ralph R. Pletcher latest methods of preparing medicines."
183 Feathers and Furs 3/14/1955 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) ocelot "Dr. Robert T. Orr, University of San Francisco and California Academy of Sciences, will demonstrate the development of body coverings in the animal world."
184 Trout Fishing 3/21/1955 Calhoun, Dr. Alexander ani Mexican fire-bellied "The modern science of fish hatcheries, game, fish, squirrel planting and good management of this important sport resource."
185 Poultry Raising 3/28/1955 Stewart, Dr. George F. (UC ani prize steer "Recent advances in the science of poultry management Davis) and the problems of egg-laying and meat-producing poultry farms."
186 The Third "R" 4/4/1955 Calhoun, Dr. Everett (Stanford ani praying mantis "The story of the science of numbers from the invention Research Institute) of zero to modern 'electronic brain' computing machines."
187 Seashore Survival 4/11/1955 Bolin, Dr. Rolf (Stanford California ani sea lion "Dr. Rolf Bolin, Stanford University, will show how marine University) animals combat the forces of nature and compete with each other for food and survival."
188 Identification 4/18/1955 Kelley, Dr. Douglas M. ani waltzing mice, white "The science of finding and cataloguing minute individual mice and rats, and differences that set every person in the world apart from hooded rats all others - fingerprints, hair, teeth, and other methods of identification." 189 Food Research 4/25/1955 Somers, Dr. Ira I. Howler monkey "New scientific research and developments in the field of food processing and preservation, from fruit concentrates to atomic hamburgers."
190 Valley of 10,000 5/2/1955 Hubbard, Father Bernard J., S. J. baby bactrian camel "Father Bernard J. Hubbard, S.J., Santa Clara Smokes (Santa Clara University) University, returns with another of his exploration adventures in his story of the famous volcano valley of
191 Cancer Research 5/9/1955 Stanley, Dr. Wendell (UC) ani baby bobcats "Dr. Wendell T. Stanley, University of California Nobel prize winning scientist, will show new research and laboratory developments in the fight against man's number one disease enemy."
192 Solar Energy 5/16/1955 Pearson, Gerald L., Bell ani raccoon "The work of the Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, Telephone Laboratories New Jersey in developing the new solar battery and recent study of the sun as a source of energy, heat and
193 Andes Expedition 5/23/1955 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) and Mrs Wilda Ross ani Dr. Edward S. Ross, California Academy of Sciences' entomologist will bring specimens, movies, and pictures of his recent Guggenheim Fellowship research in the high mountains of South America." Includes discussion of getting to the Andes, camping, weather patterns/habitat regions of the Andes, jungle layers. Makes use of still photos from the expedition. Black and white.
194 Bird Behavior 5/30/1955 Cogswell, Howard (Mills College) ani mudskipper "Ornithologist, Howard Cogswell, Mills College, with many live birds, will show bird family life, habit patterns, and other aspects of his recent research."
195 Science in Sports 6/6/1955 Nixon, Dr. John E., Stanford ani paca "How a knowledge of the laws of motion and other basic science principles helps athletes in basketball, golf, baseball, tennis and other games."
196 Underwater 9/12/1955 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) Research ani
197 Experimental 9/19/1955 Kelley, Dr. Douglas Psychology ani
198 Animals on the Move 9/26/1955 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) ani electric and upside- down catfishes
199 Man on the Move 10/3/1955 Bates, Dr. Marston ani
200 Uranium Hunting 10/10/1955 Christiansen, Dr. Francis W. ani

201 - 250

201 Thunder and 10/17/195 Smith, Charles Pennypacker Lightning

202 Insects, Close Up 10/24/195 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS)

203 Story of Glass 10/31/195 Sheets, Millard, N. A. NO DESC

204 Language in Action 11/7/1955 Hayakawa, Dr. S. I., San Francisco State College

205 The Egg 11/14/195 DuShane, Dr. Graham

206 The Science of 11/21/195 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) Musical Sound 5

207 Earth's Backbone 11/28/195 Powers, Dr. Maurice 5

208 Streams, Ponds, 12/5/1955 Cope, Dr. Oliver B. (Utah and Lakes Agricultural College)

209 Allergies 12/12/195 Deamer, Dr. William C. (UC "What causes allergies, how they act, and methods of 5 Medical Center) control." 210 Customs of 12/19/195 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) "The interesting stories back of our Christmas traditions, Christmas 5 legends, and animals."

211 Ancient Chinese 12/26/195 Lee, Chingwah, Oriental Art "Thousand-year-old Asian inventions that have their Culture 5 Authority counterparts in our modern world." 212 The "Why" of Fishes 1/2/1956 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) "Dr. Earl S. Herald will give the basic facts about fishes with live specimens collected from all parts of the world."

213 Alaskan Eskimos 1/9/1956 Hubbard, Father Bernard R., S.J. "The way of life of the Eskimo, one of the most self- (Santa Clara University) sufficient but fast-disappearing people of the world."

214 The Story of Paper 1/16/1956 Holzer, Dr. William (Crown "The source and manufacture of what is probably the Zellerbach Corp.) most used material in the world."

215 Hydrodynamics 1/23/1956 Schade, Dr. Henry (UC) "The physical forces of liquids, and the problems of ship design and propulsion."

216 University of 1/30/1956 Sproul, Dr. Robert Gordon, UC Late addition - not on California printed schedule

217 The New Age of 2/6/1956 Hebb, Dr. Malcolm, General "Light for illumination and its latest uses for information." Light Electric Co.

218 Heraldry 2/13/1956 Reynolds, Prof. Lloyd, Reed "From its origin and historic uses in crests, seals, taboo College signs and cattle brands, to modern trademarks and graphic symbols."

219 Map Making 2/20/1956 Williams, Dr. Joseph E., Stanford 20-inch alligator "From the maps of Columbus to today's complex aerial photo techniques."

220 Animal Facts and Fiction 2/27/1956 Hayakawa, Dr. S. I., San "The origin of popular myths and superstitions about

Francisco State College animals and superstitions about animals and folklore."

221 Electronics in 3/5/1956 Mackay, Dr. Stuart (UC) "The electronic age at work in medical diagnosis and Medicine treatment."

222 TV Today and 3/12/1956 See, Herald, KRON-TV "A close look at the electronic processes that bring black Tomorrow and white and color TV to you. Harold See, pioneer radio and TV engineer, and General Manager, KRON-TV, Guest Scientist."

223 New Horizons in 3/19/1956 Winland, Dr. Frits and Chas. "Up-to-the-minute developments in caries control and Dentistry Scrivener, D.D.S. orthodontia demonstrated by Dr. Frits Winblad, San Francisco Medical Society; Dr. Charles Scriviner, University of California School of Dentistry; and Dr. Rodney Mathews, College of Physicians and Surgeons."

224 The Age of 3/26/1956 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS, "Dr. Robert T. Orr, University of San Francisco and Mammals University of San Francisco) California Academy of Sciences mammalogist traces the development of mammals - from shrews to blue

225 Liquid Air 4/2/1956 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) "The properties of 'frozen air' and how various scientific processes utilize this man-made phenomenon."

226 1956 Science Fair 4/9/1956 Seaborg, Dr. Glenn T., UC, and "Special telecast featuring the youthful winners of the Winners of Fair Northern California Science Fair with Nobel laureate Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, University of California."

227 Space Communications 4/16/1956 Granger, Dr. John, Stanford Research Institute PRE-EMPT - finally aired 9/17/1956?

228 Guided Missiles 4/23/1956 Ridenour, Dr. Louis H., Lockheed PRE-EMPT - finally Aircraft Corp. aired 5/14/1956?

229 The Ear 4/30/1956 McNaught, Robert, M.D., "Dr. Robert McNaught, Stanford Medical School, will Stanford demonstrate recent accomplishments in this important field of medicine."

230 Aerial Engineers 5/7/1956 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) "With new high speed photo techniques, Dr. Edward S. Ross, California Academy of Sciences photographer- entomologist, will show the life cycle of spiders - friends and foes."

231 Guided Missiles 5/14/1956 Ridenour, Dr. Louis H. "Recent scientific advances in rocket research with Dr. This program was (Lockheed) Louis H. Ridenour, Director of Research of the Missiles originally scheduled Systems Division of the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation." for 4/23/1956. Listed in the schedule for this date was "Magic Ribbon"

232 Magic Ribbon 5/21/1956 Selsted, Dr. Walter and George "The little known story of magnetic tape as told by This program was Long, Ampex Corp. special guest, George Long, President, Ampex originally scheduled for 5/15/1956. Listed in the schedule for this date was "Reptiles."

233 The Story of 5/28/1956 Jack, Dr. Eugene L. and Clement "World-wide accomplishments in cheese-making from the Cheese A. Philips, UC Davis earliest leather saddlebags to the modern factory."

234 Hunting Head- 6/4/1956 Murphy, Dr. Robert (UC) "University of California anthropologist Robert Murphy Hunters will show his research and describe travels into the land of Mundurucu tribe - the South American head-hunters."

235 Reptiles 6/11/1956 Shaw, Charles "Zoologist Charles Shaw will bring a carload of living This program was reptiles of the world from the San Diego Zoo to tell the originally scheduled story of their life patterns." for 5/21/1956.

236 Space 9/17/1956 Granger, Dr. John, Stanford "New challenges in the science of communicating posed Communications Research Institute by faster-than-sound planes, rockets and space ships." 237 The Magic of 9/24/1956 Holloman, Dr. John (General "A clear look at the study of crystallography and its Crystals Electric Research Laboratory) special role in metallurgical processes." and Prof. Charles Frank (University of Bristol, England)

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238 Jet Age Intelligence 10/1/1956 Puckett, Dr. A. E., Hughes "How our scientists have developed electronic eyes, ears Aircraft Co. and a brain for the new jet planes - keystones of the nation's defense."

239 Treasure Islands of 10/8/1956 Bowman, Dr. Robert (San "A TV trip to the 'enchanted' Galapagos Islands where for Science Francisco State College) many plants and animals time has stood still."

240 Oil Detectives 10/15/195 Hull, Dr. Don (California "The use of radio-active tracers and other headline- 6 Research Corporation), A. H. making developments in the petroleum industry." Batchelder and Harry Sello

241 The Story of 10/22/195 Cavins, Dr. Gertrude, San Jose "Dr. Gertrude Cavins, San Jose State College, Cosmetics 6 State College demonstrates the fascinating history and development of the science of cosmetics."

242 The New 10/29/195 Redman, Rear Admiral John R. "An authoritative look at our Navy's guided missile and Submarine Era 6 and Commanders William atom-powered submarines." Heronemus and Edwin Kinter 243 Bugs and Bites 11/5/1956 Usinger, Dr. Robert (UC) "An entomologist takes a look at Hemiptera, the only true 'bugs' of the insect world - their role in nature and disease transmission."

244 Fresh Water From 11/12/195 Howe, Dr. Everett D. (UC) "A newsworthy report on utilizing the oceans of the world the Sea 6 for one of life's primary necessities."

245 The Power of Sight 11/19/195 Stoddard, Dean K. D. (UC) "Dean K.D. Stoddard, University of California School of 6 Optometry, explores the mechanism of the eye and conditions that affect our vision."

246 Highways of 11/26/195 Sinclair, J. P. and V. O. Smith?? "How surface roadways being built today must anticipate Tomorrow 6 OR Booker, B. W. (Assistant the traffic and speed problems of the automotive future." State Highway Engineer, California State Division of Highways)

247 The Jet Stream 12/3/1956 Serbreney, Sidney, Pan "How fast-moving, ultra high altitude air currents have American World Airways revolutionized air travel as told by one of the discoverers of the jet stream, meteorologist Sidney Serbreny, Pan American World Airways."

248 Mushrooms and 12/10/195 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) Fall 1956 schedule Toadstools 6 listed "Nuclear Research" with guest scientist Dr. Luis W. Alvarez, UC Radiation Laboratory for this date. Not actually filmed?!?

  • 249 Magic and Science 12/17/1956 Kelley, Dr. Douglas M.
  • 250 Customs of Christmas 12/24/1956 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) and Miss Dorothy Franklin

251 - 299

251 The Calendar 12/31/195 Copeland, Father Ray, S.J. and 6 John Hoeck, University of San Francisco

252 Bee Detectives 1/7/1957 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) and Dr. G. E. Bohart (CAS)

253 Key to Health 1/14/1957 Chamberlain, F. L., M.D. 254 Life in a Test Tube 1/21/1957 Stanley, Wendell M., M.D. 255 Design in Nature 1/28/1957 Sheets, Millard, N.A. 256 Telephony 1957 2/4/1957 Frey, Richard C. 257 Wizard of Menlo 2/11/1957 Harris, Ward Park 258 Precious Gems 2/18/1957 Ehrmann, Martin 259 Magnetism 2/25/1957 Kip, Dr. Arthur 260 The Art of Weaving 3/4/1957 Miller, Lea P., UC 261 Monkeys and 3/11/1957 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) and hoopoe Chimps Carey Baldwin 262 Fire Fighting 3/18/2005 Murray, Chief William F., and Captain Alexander Chief Clarence G. Rosenstock Potter 263 Frauds and 3/25/1957 Kirk, Dr. Paul and D. M. Forgeries Davenport 264 Plant Pathology 4/1/1957 Oswald, Dr. John W. 265 1957 Science Fair 4/8/1957 Stanley, Wendell, M. D., Robert Rice, Harry Kanuck and winners of fair 266 Thermo-Electricity 4/15/1957 Lindenblad, Nils 267 Power Magic 4/22/1957 Nutting, Willard and Barry Cooke

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268 The Brain 4/29/1957 Cross, Dr. Glen O., UC Medical Center 269 Earth Satellite 5/6/1957 Fortune, Capt. C. W. 270 Locks and Keys 5/13/1957 Kendrick, Marron and Ernest Schlage 271 The Deep Pacific 5/20/1957 Ravelle, Dr. Roger, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography 272 Dermatology 5/27/1957 Farber, Dr. Eugene M., Roderick Sage, Rolf Johnson and Anthony Moreci 273 Snakes and Lizards 6/3/1957 Shaw, Charles 274 Vertical Flight 6/10/1957 Caldwell, LCDR Jack and David Schnebly, USN 275 World of Insects 9/16/1957 Doutt, Dr. Richard, UC snakes 276 Man-Made Elements 9/23/1957 Seaborg, Dr. Glenn, UC, Nobel Laureate 277 From Seed to Table 9/30/1957 Mrak, Dr. Emil and Dr. Claron Hesse, UC 278 Refrigeration and 10/7/1957 White, Dr. Harvey Geysers 279 Ceramic 10/14/195 Stookey, Dr. S. D., Dr. Joseph Engineering 7 Pask and Dr. Richard Fulrath

280 Pharmacognosy 10/21/1957 Pratt, Dr. Robertson

281 Voices Beneath the 10/28/195 Kertz, Hubert L. Sea 7

282 Salute to Medicine 11/4/1957 Alway, Dr. Robert, Dr. Fred Eldridge and Dr. Ayram Goldstein, STAN

283 The Sun 11/11/195 Roberts, Dr. Walter Orr, 7 University of Colorado

284 Modern Firearms 11/18/1957 Burke, Webb

285 The Human Voice 11/25/195 Sooy, Dr. Francis and Dr. talking Mynah birds

Richard Flower, UC Medical

286 Jewels of the Sea 12/2/1957 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) 287 Bricks from Sea 12/9/1957 Kaiser, Henry J. Jr., and Dr. Water James Hicks 288 Spinning in Space 12/16/195 Bodian, Leo

289 Christmas Symbols 12/23/195 Herald, Dr. and Mrs. Earl S. (CAS)

290 Drake in California 12/30/195 Nimitz, Fleet Admiral Chester W., South American

Captain Adolph Oko, and Ray grison (weasel)

291 Liquid Air 1/6/1958 White, Dr. Harvey (UC) 292 Living in Outer 1/13/1958 Pace, Dr. Nello (UC) Space 293 Nature Photography 1/20/1958 Roberts, Dr. Tilden 294 Modern Heart 1/27/1958 Melrose, Dr. Dennis and Dr. Surgery Francis L. Chamberlain 295 Miniaturization 2/3/1958 Rubel, John and James Goodykoontz, Hughes Aircraft 296 Tailor-Made Metals 2/10/1958 Holloman, Dr. John, General Electric Labs.

297 The Human 2/17/1958 White, Dr. Harvey (UC) Machine

298 Radiology 2/24/1958 Abrams, Dr. Herbert L., STAN

299 Space Report: 1958 3/3/1958 Folsom, Dr. Richard M., University of Michigan

300 - 399

  • 300 Learning Electronics 3/10/1958 Stollberg, Dr. Robert
  • 301 IGY Arctic Report 3/17/1958 Wiggins, Dr. Ira
  • 302 Atom Smashers 3/24/1958 Judd, Dr. David L.
  • 303 32 Hours in Space 3/31/1958 Simons, Major David
  • 304 Re-Entry 4/7/1958 Eggers, Dr. Alfred J.
  • 305 1958 Science Fair 4/14/1958 Shockley, Dr. W. and winners of Fair.

306 Low Temperature 4/21/1958 Smith, Alan Research

307 Pediatrics 4/28/1958 Alway, Robert, M.D 308 Astronomy 5/5/1958 Struve, Dr. Otto Tomorrow 309 Taming the H- 5/12/1958 Post, Dr. Richard Bomb 310 How to Write 5/19/1958 Reynolds, Professor Lloyd 311 Giant Snakes 5/26/1958 Shaw, Charles 312 Piscatorial 6/2/1958 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) Adventure 313 Jungle Medicine 6/9/1958 Work, Dr. Telford 314 Rocket Report 9/15/1958 Ridenour, Dr. Louis (Lockheed "Dr. Louis Ridenour, Lockheed Guided Missile Systems Guided Missile Systems) research director, will demonstrate how scientists are solving problems and hazards of space travel." 315 Our Hungry Soil 9/22/1958 Bahme, Dr. Richard (National "How modern science is attacking the task of Plant Food Institute) replenishing the good earth with man-made plant foods." 316 A New Look at Sight 9/29/1958 Jampolsky, Dr. Arthur (Stanford "Modern methods of solving the problems of defective University) vision in children." 317 The Ranger 10/6/1958 Buie, Commander P. D. "The world's largest ship, the 76,000-ton aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ranger which was recently assigned to the Pacific, will be examined as an amazing example fo scientific ship design and as a self-contained unit - 'a floating city' of 3,500 persons." 318 Future Atom 10/13/195 Judd, Dr. David (UC Radiation "Dr. David Judd, University of California Radiation Smashers 8 Laboratory) Laboratory returns from a summer at Brookhaven Center, New York, with a report on recent advances in atomic research." 319 Electronic 10/20/195 Begovich, Dr. Nicholas (Hughes South American "How a brand new invention, the electonic radar sweep, Challenge 8 Aircraft Company) grison (weasel) will provide round-the-clock warning and protection for the country's boundaries and seacoasts."

320 Radio Isotopes 10/27/195 Gevantman, Dr. L. H. (San "Radio-active materials, kept under leash by atomic age 8 Francisco Navy Yard Radiation knowledge, are proving among the most valuable tools Laboratory) for medical and industrial research."

321 Neurosurgery 11/3/1958 Walker, Dr. N. Earl (Johns "N. Earl Walker, M. D., Johns Hopkins Medical School, Hopkins Medical School) Baltimore, demonstrates advances and recently- developed techniques in this field of medical 322 Freeways of the 11/10/195 MacCracken, Miss V. Atlantic horseshoe "The speed and complexity of the jet age brings traffic Sky 8 crab problems to the airways. Demonstrations and explanations by Civil Aeronautics Administration personnel on procedures and problems of air traffic 323 Destination Moon 11/17/195 Struve, Dr. Otto, UC "What the first visitor to Earth's nearest neighbor can 8 expect to encounter. How science is adding to man's knowledge of the surface of the moon, as told by one of the world's greatest living astronomers, Dr. Otto Struve." 324 Spices 11/24/195 Finnell, Mr. Charles, McCormick "Centuries ago man's search for spices changed empires 8 and Co. and set the pattern for trade and exploration. In modern times supplying condiments and seasonings for the culinary arts has become a science."

325 African High-Lights 12/1/1958 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) "Dr. Edward S. Ross, world-ranging curator of entomology of the California Academy of Sciences, describes his 13-month, 26,000-mile expediton into 326 Story of Cortisone 12/8/1958 Pfister, Dr. Karl and Dr. Jacob "The research and development of new pharmaceuticals Van de Kamp and their place in the advance of medicine. Research scientist from Merck, Sharp & Dohme Laboratories, Philadelphia." 327 Miracle of Growth 12/15/195 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS, Univ. of "Dr. Robert T. Orr, University of San Francisco and 8 San Francisco) California Academy of Sciences demonstrates the growth cycles of cells, seeds and spores in the plant and animal kingdoms." 328 New Dental 12/22/195 Agnew, Gordon, D.D.S. (UC) "Demonstrations of newsworthy new dental techniques Advances 8 by Doctors Charles Scrivener, Gordon Agnew, Edward Lattig, and Theodore Lee, San Francisco Dental Society." 329 Anesthesiology 12/29/195 Cullen, Stuart C., M.D. (UC) "Stuart C. Cullen, M.D., University of California Medical 8 Center explains new discoveries in the changing field of anesthesia."

330 Monsters of the 1/5/1959 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) "Dr. Earl S. Herald at his best with both fact and fiction Deep about a variety of sea creatures from sting rays to giant man-eating sharks."

331 Man-Made Crystals 1/12/1959 Bond, Dr. W. L. (Bell Telephone Rocky Mountain "Artificial quartz crystals and their use in land, sea and air Lab.) marmot communication."

332 Hormones 1/19/1959 Li, Dr. C. H. (UC) "A report of new progress in understanding the role of messenger-like secretions in the human body."

333 Criminology Lab 1/26/1959 Kirk, Dr. Paul C. (UC) chimpanzee "Dr. Paul C. Kirk, University of California School of Criminology, shows the latest scientific detective procedures in crime solution." 334 The Radio Telescope 2/2/1959 Villard, Dr. O. G. and R. "How man explores the universi with aid of the newest Bracewell, Stanford University space-scanning instruments." 335 Argonne Cancer 2/9/1959 Jacobson, Dr. Leon (University "New medical discoveries about man's number one killer. Research of Chicago) Leon Jacobson, M.D., Director of The University of Chicago's famed cancer research hospital, Guest Scientist." 336 Space Ship 2/16/1959 Ehricke, Krafft (General coatimundi "World rocket authority, Dr. Krafft Ehricke, General Architecture Dynamics Corp.) Dynamics Corporation, reviews present and predicts future developments in vehicle design for space 337 Engineering for 2/23/1959 Tudor, Ralph (Tudor Engineering "Ralph Tudor, consulting engineer and former Under Tomorrow Co.) Secretary of the Interior reports on new design advances in the growing field of structural engineering." 338 Space Data 3/2/1959 Bennett, Dr. R. R. and Franki "The story of how our Air Force data processing center at Van der Wal, Space Technology Inglewood, California, receives, processes and evaluates scientific information telemetered from space 339 Jet Age Science 3/9/1959 Fisher, Brig. Gen. Richard (Pan "The new revolution in air travel; how it has been American World Airways) accomplished and how it is shrinking global distances. Special guiests from Pan American World Airways." 340 World of Insects 3/16/1959 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) "Three-fourths of all living animals are insects. The life cycles, habits, and taxonomy of these interesting creatures demonstrated by Dr. Edward S. Ross, California Academy of Sciences."

341 Dead Sea Scrolls 3/23/1959 Finegan, Dr. Jack (Pacific School Brahma bull "One of the greatest archeological finds in the history of of Religion) the Christian era will be explained by Dr. Jack Finegan, Pacific School of Religion." 342 Monkeys and 3/30/1959 Agnew, R. Gordon, D.D.S. (UC) goldfishes "How friendly animals are helping science solve the Dentistry difficult problems of dental transplants." 343 Peacetime Nuclear 4/6/1959 Johnson, Dr. Gerald and Dr. dove "How the world's most destructive energy is being used Experiments/Nucle Harold Brown, UC Livermore to enrich our economy." ar Explosions Radiation Lab.

344 Story of the Piano 4/13/1959 Steinway, Theodore (Steinway Rhodesian ridgeback "Theodore Steinway, fifth generation member of the Piano Co.) famed piano firm, demonstrates the science of musical sound production on this complex instrument."

345 Earthquakes 4/20/1959 Byerley, Dr. Perry (UC) "Dr. Perry Byerly, famed University of California seismologist, demonstrates location, measurement, and study of these catastrophic phenomena."

346 1959 Science Fair 4/27/1959 Winners "Winners in the Bay Area Fifth Annual Science Fair will demonstrate their blue ribbon projects." 347 Medical Uses of 5/4/1959 Check, David B., M.D. (Mt. Zion tmandu (anteater) "One of the newest techniques in anesthesia and healing Hypnosis Hospital) will be demonstrated by David S. Cheek, M.D., Mt. Zion and Children's Hospitals." 348 Art Detectives 5/11/1959 Rusk, Henry and Thomas Carr "The romance of restoration and identification of art treasures. Henry Rusk, expert for the M. H. De Young Museum, and the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Guest Scientist." 349 The Polaris 5/18/1959 Hawkins, Willis (Lockheed "America's newest and swiftest defense missile will be Aircraft Corp.) demonstrated." 350 Romance of Gold 5/25/1959 Mclaughlin, Dr. Donald "The precious possession of empires of old and the basis (Homestake Mining Co.) for our modern economy. How it is mined and 351 Blood Research 6/1/1959 Aggeler, Paul M., M.D. (UC skunk "Medical science's new discoveries in this important field Medical Center and Children's of specialization." Hospital) 352 African Big Game 6/8/1959 Longhurst, William (Fullbright "The elephant, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros in a fellow) and Dr. Donald Frye changing modern world. Herd management, grazing, and food problems." 353 Science Milestones 9/14/1959 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) "Dr. Harvey E. White, University of California physicist, returns to 'Science in Action' from a year on NBC's famed 'Continental Classroom,' to demonstrate historic discoveries on which modern science is built." 354 High Blood 9/21/1959 Chamberlain, Francis L., bloodhound "President of the American Heart Association, Francis L. Pressure President of American Heart Chamberlain, M. D., reports the latest progress in the Association fight against hypertension."

355 Earth's Radiation Belt 9/28/1959 White, Dr. R. Steven & Dr. "What man, in his penetration of space, is finding out

Stanley Freden, Lawrence about the dangerous high energy zone that surrounds our

Radiation Laboratory, UC

356 Long Lines to 10/5/1959 Herald, Dr. Earl (CAS) "Dr. Earl Herald flies to the 50th State for a special Hawaii telecast from Honolulu with the Hawaiian Telephone Company demonstrating the remarkable story of the trans-Pacific cable." 357 New Concepts in 10/12/195 Owings, Nathaniel A. "Nathanial A. Owings, F. A. I. A., Skidmore, Owings & Architecture 9 Merrill, shows striking new examples of metropolitan architecture in a special tour ot the Crown Zellerbach project in downtown San Francisco." 358 Keeping an Eye on 10/19/195 Talley, Dr. Robert M., Santa chimpanzee "Invisible infrared rays that take pictures in the dark, Infrared Research Earth 9 Barbara Research Center of detect aircraft, and monitor the earth from a satellite." Hughes Aircraft Company 359 Science of Ceramics 10/26/195 Welterlen, James D., Gladding, "Pottery, one of man's oldest crafts, takes its place in 9 McBean & Company, Los the race to space. Research and progress in clay 360 Polynesian Culture 11/2/1959 Spoehr, Dr. Alexander, Director, "Ancient rites, superstitions, and customs of these Bishop Museum remarkable people of the Pacific. Special VTR telecast from Hawaii." 361 The Panama Canal 11/9/1959 Tudor, Ralph, President Tudor "Life-lines of the Western World and their place in the Engineering Co. and member of American economy. The past, present and future of one the board of the Panama Canal of the great engineering marvels of all times." Company 362 Miracle of Color TV 11/16/195 Special Guest from RCA Color "Remarkable demonstrations of the science of optics, 9 Television light, and electronics that combine to make possible color television, major science accomplishment of communications. Telecast in full color with special guest from RCA Color Television." 363 Diet and Digestion 11/23/195 Harper, Dr. Harold A. (UC) mountain lion "How the body utilizes food intake. Proper kinds of food 9 for maximum health and energy." 364 Mathematics of 11/30/195 Teller, Dr. Edward (UC) "Famed scientist, Dr. Edward Teller, director of the Space 9 Lawrence Radiation Laboratory of the University of California, in a vivid presentation of time, space, and distance." 365 Lung Surgery 12/7/1959 Rowe, Dr. Benson (UC) Rupicota rupicota "Dr. Benson Rowe, University of California Medical Center, demonstrates new techniques and equipment in diagnosis and treatment of the chest."

366 Sir Isaac Newton 12/14/195 White, Dr. Harvey (UC) "How four historic conclusions of this great man have 9 become basic laws of science and engineering."

367 Darwin's Influence 12/21/195 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) "Special program saluting the centennial of 'The Origin of 9 Species.' How this monumental work fits into our modern wonder world of plants and animals."

368 The Modern 12/28/195 Reynolds, Lloyd "How writing developed, all the way from cave paintings Alphabet 9 to contemporary cursive script. Noted calligrapher Lloyd Reynolds, Reed College, Portland, Special Guest." 369 Electron Microscope 1/4/1960 Williams, Dr. Robley (UC) "Dr. Robley Williams, University of California Virus Laboratory, demonstrates the importance of this great research tool and shows miraculous pictures of some of the smallest substances and structures in the world."

370 Cosmic Ray Report 1/11/1960 Fretter, Dr. William and Dr. "Recent new discoveries about the mysterious particles Robert Brown, UC that continually shower the earth's surface." 371 Smog 1/18/1960 Linsky, Benjamin, Bay Area Air "A graphic presentation of a newsworthy break-through in Pollution Control District one of the major problems of metropolitan areas." 372 The Story of Jade 1/25/1960 Gump, Richard (President, "The precious stone of the Orient in legend, history, Gump's, San Francisco) science, and art."

373 Age of Vertical 2/1/1960 Hiller, Stanley Jr. "Famous young aviation authority, Stanley Hiller, Jr., Flight demonstrates the newest accomplishments in air transport and their promise for future development." 374 Anti-Matter 2/8/1960 Segre, Dr. Emilio, UC "Co-winner of the 1959 Nobel Prize in Physics, Dr. Emilio Segre, University of California Radiation Laboratory, describes how the search for balance in nature led to the discovery of anti-protons." 375 How Medicines 2/15/1960 Goldstein, Avram, M. D., "Avram Goldstein, M.D., Stanford School of Medicine, Work Stanford School of Medicine demonstrates how medical researchers discover how drugs act on the human body." 376 Poisons in Nature 2/8/1960 Halstead, Bruce, M. D., Director, "How science, through study and application, is finding World Life Institute, Colton, increasing use for venoms and other poisonous California substances."

377 Your Eyes and You 2/29/1960 Jampolsky, Arthur, M. D. "What we need to know about one of our most precious possessions, sight. Arthur Jampolsky, M.D., demonstrates how most effective use and comfort can 378 Nuclear Rockets 3/7/1960 Merkle, Dr. Theodore C., "Research in rocket design and what we can expect and Livermore Branch, Lawrence cannot expect from different kinds of rockets." Radiation Laboratory 379 The Chair 3/14/1960 Eames, Charles, Designer Australian terriers "Noted contemporary designer Charles Eames demonstrates how man makes a chair to meet his 380 The New Age of 3/21/1960 Hubbard, Father Bernard, S.J. "Father Bernard Hubbard, S. J., Santa Clara University, Glaciers Santa Clara University world-famous 'Glacier Priest' will demonstrate the saga of the great rivers of ice and how they shape the earth's surface. A special look at the proposed Bering Sea dam."

381 New Pediatrics 3/28/1960 Piel, John, M. D., Children's "The science of maintaining a child's health - pre-natal Hospital, San Francisco care, preventive medicine, and common sense in the medical aspects of growing up."

382 1960 Science Fair 4/4/1960 Winners "'Science in Action' is again honored to salute the winners of the Seventh Annual Bay Area Science Fair." 383 Heat Transfer 4/11/1960 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) "Dr. Harvey E. White, Director of the new Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, demonstrates important physics principles involved in the flow of heat." 384 Madagascar 4/18/1960 Ross, Dr. Edward S. (CAS) "Noted entomologist, Dr. Edward S. Ross, California Transferred to VHS Expedition Academy of Sciences, reports on his recent expedition to and BetaCamSP 6/98 this fascinating subcontinent." 385 Space Age 4/25/1960 Guest Scientists, Aerojet-General "The challenge of extreme high heat and low Research Corp., Sacramento temperatures, metals for engine parts, and other complex requirements of space vehicles." 386 Computers 5/2/1960 Teller, Dr. Edward (Lawrence "Famed scientist Dr. Edward Teller, director Livermore Radiation Laboratory) and Dr. branch, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory and Dr. Sidney Sidney Fernbach Fernbach, will give on the spot demonstrations of one of the latest tools of science, electronic computers." 387 Fuels for Space 5/9/1960 Seifert, Dr. Howard S. (United "What scientists are learning about propellants for space Technology Corp., President of engines." American Rocket Society)

388 Modern Food 5/16/1960 Wakefield, Dr. Ray W., "Dr. Ray B. Wakefield, President Institute of Food Science Research Director Gerber Technologists and Research Director, Gerber Products, will demonstrate newest techniques in providing more convenient and more nourishing food products." 389 Man-Made Maladies 5/23/1960 Audy, Dr. J. Ralph, Director, "The story of epidemics and infection; the problems man Hooper Foundation creates for himself in opening new areas." 390 Radiation 5/30/1960 Clark, Dr. John (Hughes Aircraft "Dr. John Clark, Hughes Aircraft Corporation, explains Detectors Corp.) the structure and use of the new 'Alpha Cigar,' a miniature radiation detector, bettery, and amplifier" 391 Strategic Air 6/6/1960 Special Guests, Nation's air "Special guests will be flown in from the nation's air Command command, Omaha command center at Omaha to demonstrate the country's defenses against missile war and surprise attack." 392 Soft Lunar Landings 9/12/1960 Adler, Dr, Fred (Hughes Aircraft baby South "The story of America's newest project - landing an Company) American llama instrumented rocket on the surface of the moon."

393 Forest Science/Modern Forest Management 9/19/1960 Grundman, Robert (Union Lumber "How science is solving problems of forest conservation,

Company) pest control, re-planting, and combatting of the forests'
greatest enemy - fire."

394 The Story of NORAD 9/26/1960 Kuter, Gen. Laurence S., North "North American Air Defense Command - its fighting American Air Defense men, its superb equipment, and its round-the-clock alert. General of the Air Force Laurence Kuter, Guest Scientist. Special guests - winners of the Hughes Trophy, the top squadron of all Air Force activities."

395 New Techniques in Brain Surgery 10/3/1960 Cross, Dr. Glenn O. tarantulas "Dr. Glenn O. Cross, neurosurgeon, will demonstrate two

new surgical procedures that correct congenital brain

damage. Operation film sequences, St. Joseph's

396 Friction 10/10/196 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) "Dr. Harvey E. White, University of California, Lawrence 0 Hall of Science, presents another of his lively demonstrations of this important physical phenomenon." 397 Barrels of Monkeys 10/17/196 Orr, Dr. Robert T. (CAS) "Dr. Robert T. Orr, California Academy of Sciences and 0 University of San Francisco, and Dr. Herald will introduce a dozen different kinds of simians to TV studio

398 Metabolism 10/24/196 Harper, Dr. Harold (UC Medical "Dr. Harold Harper, University of California School of 0 Center) Medicine, returns for a demonstration of this important techniue in diagnosis. The whay, why and how of taking your metabolism."

399 Nuclear Accelerators 10/31/196 Mcmillan, Dr. Edwin, Dir. "Dr. Edwin McMillan, distinguished Nobel Laureate and Shown in LA 3/7/1963 0 Lawrence Radiation Lab. Director of the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, will demonstrate the function and research results of man's greatest research tool."

400 - 499

Caption text
Ep. No. Title Date Aired Guest Scientist Animal of the Week Synopsis Notes Link
400 Man in Africa 11/7/1960 Bates, Dr. Marston, Dept. of Zoology, University of Michigan waltzing and pirouetting mice "The development of man from the cradle of civilization to the present day. Shown in LA 2/14/1963
401 Teen-Age Medicine 11/14/1960 Piel, John J., M. D., Children's Hopital, SF "John J. Piel, M. D., Children's Hospital, San Francisco, will demonstrate techniques in this newest advance in preventive medicine, a youth clinic.
402 Fuels of the Future 11/21/1960 Seaborg, Dr. Glenn T., Chancellor of UC and Thomas H. Pigford albatross "Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, Chancellor of the University of California and Nobel laureate, and Dr. Tom Pigford, University of California, will show how man has depleted present sources of fuels, and how nuclear and solar energy sources solve fuel problems."
403 Space Geography 11/28/196 Routley, Dr. Paul (Pomona nature mobile Noted astronomer Dr. Paul Routley, Pomona College, 0 College) will demonstrate how distance is measured in the universe, and the application of the concept of time and
404 Seals and Sea Lions 12/5/1960 Orr, Robert T. (CAS) "History, biology of these mammals.
405 The Kidney 12/12/1960 Weyrauch, Henry M., M. D. and The anatomy and function of this important organ with a 0 Alfred W. Childs, M. D., demonstration of the newest medical marvel, the artificial Presbyterian Medical Center, San kidney." Francisco
406 Clinical Laboratory 12/19/1960 Seale, Ruth, M. D., Merritt How scientists perform various tests to determine the Hospital, Oakland state of your health and yor medical and physical
407 The Nature of 12/26/196 Mandelbaum, Dr. David (UC) Developments, discoveries, and inventions that have Civilization 0 made possible our present day mode of living."
408 The Story of Wine 1/2/1961 Amerine, Dr. Maynard, Davis elephant trunk snake "How science has brought this great industry, one of the Campus, UC world's oldest, to its present state.
409 Science of Musical Sound 1/9/1961 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) a "Dr. Harvey E. White, renowned physicist and television teacher, University of California, demonstrates how music is produced in many kinds of instruments.
410 Volcanoes 1/16/1961 Macdonald, Dr. Gordon a "A demonstration of the science and legend of these (University of Hawaii) great natural phenomena with remarkable new films of recent Pacific eruptions.
411 Language 1/23/1961 King, Dr. Gilbert (International porcupine "New electronic equipment that translates from Russian Translation Business Machines Research and French into English. Machines Center)
412 Social Life of 1/30/1961 Washburn, Dr. Sherwood (UC) a "The lively story of research on the behavior of these Baboons animals.
413 The New Anti-Biotics 2/6/1961 Fink, Dr Frederick, Chas. Pfizer a "Recent scientific research in virus and other infectious & Company Lab., New York diseases.
414 The Echo Satellite 2/13/1962 Jakes, William (Bell Telephone Laboratories) pigeons "New progress in world-wide communications - the satellite balloon and how it operates.
415 Guarding Your Health 2/20/1961 Geiger, Dr. J. C., Dir. SF Public Health Dept. "Dr. J. C. Geiger, fames public health authority, will describe health problems that affect the family and their solution.
416 Keeping Children 2/27/1961 Alway, Robert, M. D., Dean, puma cub "Robert Always, M.D., Dean of Stanford University Safe Stanford Univ. School of School of Medicine, will demonstrate hazards that children face in their daily lives and advise what parents should and can do.
417 The Operational 3/6/1961 Brown, Herschel J., Vice "America's newest defense weapon, the polaris missile, Polaris President, and Stanley Burriss, mounted on a fleet of nuclear submarines - how they Polaris Missile Systems Manager, operate. Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
418 Rattlesnakes 3/13/1961 Shaw, Charles, San Diego Shetland pony "Charles Shaw, curator of reptiles, San Diego Zoological Zoological So. Society, will demonstrate the legends, lore, facts, and fancy of these deadly animals.
419 The Common Cold 3/20/1961 Crocker, Timothy, M. D., UC "Medical science's most persistently elusive malady - its Medical Center, and J. B. deC. causes and the story of research directed to its cure. M. Saunders, Dean of UC School of Medicine
420 Undersea Research 3/27/1961 Clark, Dr. Eugenie, Cape Haze "Dr. Eugenie Clark, famed woman scientist, skin diver Marine Research Lab., Florida and Director Cape Haze Marine Research Laboratory, Florida, demonstrates research in marine biology.
421 Medical Electronics 4/3/1961 Thompson, Noel, M. D. and Dr. "How new discoveries in the physical sciences are being Elliott Levinthal, Palo Alto Medical put to work in the field of medicine to aid in diagnosis and Research Foundation treatment.
422 1961 Science Fair 4/10/1961 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) a "'Science in Action' again proudly presents the winners of the Eigth Annual Bay Area Science Fair."
423 Solid Fuel Engines 4/17/1961 Lawrence, Mr. Herbert R., United Technology Corp. (OR Dr. Barnet Adelman, United Technology Corporation??) guide dogs for the blind Newest accomplishments in segmented rocket engines that can carry the payloads necessary for space
424 Plastic Surgery 4/24/1961 McGregor, Mar W., M. D., St. "How new surgical techniques and skills repair damage Francis Memorial Hospital and correct physical deformities.
425 Story of the Bible 5/1/1961 Finegan, Dr. Jack, Pacific School "Dr. Jack Finegan, Pacific School of Religion, relates of Religion how the sources of the Bible have been preserved and tells of new modern translations.
426 Fiber Optics 5/8/1961 Kapany, Dr. Narinder, Director of "The founder of a new science, Dr. Narinder Kapany, Optics Technology Director of Optics Technology, demonstrates remarkable discoveries in this recently-developed field.
427 Cancer Immunology 5/15/1961 Richards, Victor, M. D. "Special program in cooperation with the American Cancer (Presbyterian Medical Center) Society.
428 Sound of the 5/22/1961 Erickson, Dr. William C., Senior "Dr. William C. Erickson, Senior Scientist in Physics, Planets Scientist in Physics, Convair Convair Scientific Research, San Diego, will demonstrate Scientific Research, San Diego new instrumentation that enables scientists to locate sounds emanating from space.
429 Tidepool Life 5/29/1961 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) "Dr. Earl S. Herald takes viewers to Pacific Ocean shore areas for a close look at the wide variety of marine plants and animal life to be found in these areas.
430 Science of Baking 6/5/1961 Andre, Ruth ("Ann Pillsbury"), golden plover Ruth Andre, ('Ann Pillsbury'), Director of Home Pillsbury Co., Minneapolis Economics for the Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis, demonstrates remarkable scientific advancements in
431 Optical Illusions 9/11/1961 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) "Dr. Harvey E. White, Director Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, returns for his twenty-second program in twelve years of 'Science in Action.' A series of lively physics demonstrations prove 'Things are not always what they seem.'
432 Pressures and 9/18/1961 Friedman, Meyer, M.D. and Ray Mexican jumping "Ray Rosenman, M. D., and Meyer Friedman, M. D., Tensions Rosenman, M. D., Harold Brunn bean Harold Brunn Institute, Mount Zion Hospital, demonstrate Institute, Mount Zion Hospital current research on the effect of stress, strain, and drive in men and women of our fast-paced society.
433 Information Retrieval 9/25/1961 Vogel, Norman, IBM, San Jose Hawaiian angler "A challenging and imaginative new electronic instrument fish receives, classifies, and codes information, making it readily available.
434 To the Moon and 10/2/1961 Mack, Dr. Rex (Hughes Aircraft Afghan hound "A progress report on information relay and the Beyond Co.) construction of the new robot which will gather information dirung first U.S. moon landing.
435 Glands - Chemical 10/9/1961 Harper, Dr. Harold (UC Medical "The recent acceleration of knowledge about the glandular Messengers Center) systems of the human body is solving many problems of modern medicine.
436 Whales and Whaling 10/16/1961 Gilmore, Dr. Raymond M., La Jolla, California Dr. Raymond M. Gilmore, world authority on the world's largest mammals, demonstrates in the studieo and on spectacular film inserts the biology, migration, and romance of these animals."
437 Micro-Electronics 10/23/1961 Selvin, Gerald, Sylvania reptiles from Accra "Miniaturization in the field of computers through new Electronics Systems, Waltham, Ghana techniques in ceramics, alloys, chemistry, and assembly Mass makes complex instrumentation possible.
438 Himalaya Expedition 10/30/1961 Swan, Dr. Lawrence, S.F. State Dr. Lawrence Swan, San Francisco State College, twice Shown in LA College compnaion to Sir Edmund Hillary on Himalaya 3/28/1963 expeditions, reports on the search for further scientific knowledge of the peaks and slopes once thought to be inhabited by the abominable snowman."
439 Reporting 11/6/1961 La Berge, Dr. Walter, Philco "Comprehensive demonstration of how orders are Satellites Corp., Palo Alto transmitted to satellites, how the satellite gathers information and follows orders, and how results are transmitted back.
440 Electricity from Heat 11/13/1961 Merkle, Dr. Theodore, Lawrence "The principle of direct conversion (the thermo-electrical Radiation Lab., UC effect) long used in the thermocouple, today finds important new uses.
441 Surgery for Strokes 11/20/196 Cross, Glen O., M.D., UC "New surgical techniques to prevent and treat strokes Medical Center demonstrated by Glen O. Cross, M.D., University of California. A salute to the International Congress of Surgeons meeting in San Francisco.
442 Exploring the Deep 11/27/1961 Rechnitzer, Dr. Andreas and Lt. Dr. Andreas Rechnitzer and Lt. Don Walsh, USN, United Don Walsh, USN, US Navy States Navy Electronics Laboratory, demonstrate Electronics Laboratory dangers and rewards of their search by Bathyscaphe in
443 Treasures of the Nile 12/4/1961 Wilson, Dr. John, Director Famed Egyptologist and member of UNESCO Shown in LA Oriental Institute, Univ. of committee for preservation of the upper Nile 4/18/1963 archaeological sites, Dr. John Wilson, will discuss the culture of this great civilization."
444 World of 12/11/196 Sooy, Francis A., M. D., UC tree porcupine Francis A. Sooy, M. D., returns with a series of Sound/The Ear 1 Medical Center demonstrations on the function and structure of the human ear and a report of latest treatment techniques."
445 Million-Year 12/18/196 Curtis, Dr. Garniss, UC The amazing account of the new potassium-argon Calendar 1 method of dating the past will be demonstrated by Dr. Garniss Curtis, University of California."
446 Story of the Bible 12/25/196 Finegan, Dr. Jack, Pacific School "For its special Christmas program, 'Science in Action' of Religion presents Dr. Jack Finegan, Pacific School of Religion, who relates how the sources of the Bible have been preserved and tells of new modern translations.
447 Far Reaching 1/1/1962 Griffith, Dr. Wayland, Lockheed "Dr. Wayland Griffith, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation Space Aircraft Corp. advanced space planning specialist, dramatically demonstrates concepts of future space exploration and conquest.
448 Animal 1/8/1962 Orr, Dr. Robert T., CAS and "Intriguing facts and fables about the ways animals Communications Univ. of SF communicate with each other.
449 Correcting 1/15/1962 Thelander, H. E., M. D., "A new clinic, established at Children's Hospital, San Childhood Defects Children's Hospital Francisco, for treatment of congenital anomalies, is described with a report of its achievements by H. E. Thelander, M. D., Director of the Clinic.
450 Optical Masers 1/22/1962 Schawlow, Dr. Arthur, Stanford "How communications via light waves are bringing about University notable advances that are helping to make space conquest possible.
451 Miracle of Genetics 1/29/1962 Beadle, Dr. Geo. Wells, Pres. of alligator "Nobel Laureate, Dr. George Wells Beadle, President of the Univ. of Chicago The University of Chicago, describes and demonstrates basics of this fundamental science, dealing with heredity and variation in species.
452 Fiber-Glass 2/5/1962 Frey, Christian, United "The newest development in rocketry, a light-weight Rockets Technology Corp. substance that meets high temperatur specifications for space, is presented by Christian Frey, United Technology Corporation.
453 The Spectrum 2/12/1962 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) "How visible and invisible light sources, acting as the fingerprints of matter, reveal the structure of atoms and molecules.
454 Fossil Fishes 2/19/1962 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) "Dr. Earl S. Herald interprets from geologic strata the story of aquatic life in ancient seas as it compares today with living fishes of the world.
455 Search for New 2/26/1962 Ghiorso, Dr. Albert (Lawrence "Dr. Albert Ghiorso, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Elements Radiation Lab., UC) University of California, demonstrates how scientists working with the giant Bevatron, have created the new trans-uranium elements.
456 History of Medicine 3/5/1962 Veith, Dr. Liza (University of "Dr. Ilza Veith, The Universityof Chicago, demonstrates Chicago) how much of our medical knowledge derives from the past. Her studies in the backgrounds of medicine at Johns Hopkins University, led to the first Ph.D. awarded in this subject.
457 Beekeeping/The 3/12/1962 Eckert, Dr. John, UC, Davis A close look at the behavior pattern and biology of the Shown in LA 4/4/1963 Amazing Honeybee bee; and modern techniques in the management of this valuable insect."
458 Origin of Life 3/19/1962 Calvin, Dr. Melvin, UC Nobel Laureate Dr. Melvin Calvin, University of Shown in LA California, describes the beginning of cell life on earth 2/28/1963 and discusses the possibility of life elsewhere in the
459 The Ion Engine 3/26/1962 Currie, Dr. Malcolm R. (Hughes How a new propulsion device, using a stream of sub- Shown in LA Aircraft Co.) atomic particles, will accelerate future rocket ships to 2/21/1963 fantastic speeds in space."
460 Periodontics 4/2/1962 Hileman, Alvin C., D.M.D, UC "Newsworthy advances in a specialized field of dentistry School of Dentistry demonstrated by Alvin C. Hileman, D.M.D., University of California School of Dentistry.
461 1962 Science Fair 4/9/1962 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) "'Science in Action' again televises the exhibits and top winners among students in the Ninth Annual Bay Area Science Fair."
462 The Age Of Reptiles 4/16/1962 Stirton, Dr. Ruben A. (UC)?? Angus cow "Dr. Earl S. Herald presents a panorama of aminal life in prehistoric times - linking dinosaurs to modern dragons.
463 World's Fair - Part 4/23/1962 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) The first of two special on-the-spot telecasts at the l/Century 21 - Part l World's Fair in Seattle. Dr. Earl S. Herald and Dr. Harvey E. White will tour the Fair's multi-million dollar science complex."
464 World's Fair - Part 4/30/1962 White, Dr. Harvey E. (UC) 'Science in Action' continues its World's Fair coverage ll/Century 21 - Part from Seattle with a close look at 'Science in the Space Age' at the United States Government Science Pavilion."
465 Applied 5/7/1962 Pollak, Dr. Henry O. (Bell "Henry O. Pollok, staff mathematician, Bell Telephone Mathematics/The Telephone Lab.) Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey, demonstrates how Ever-Changing the solution of complex problems in our times has led to Third R the development of a new field of science.
466 Computer Ears 5/14/1962 Dersch, William C., IBM, San Jose "Demonstrations and structure of the new experimental, shoe-box size device which responds to spoken commands.
467 Pain 5/21/1962 Cheek, David B., M.D. (Mt. Zion "David B. Cheek, M. D., presents a series of fascinating Hospital) demonstrations about the phenomenon of pain and describes medicine's latest advances in its alleviation.
468 Moonmobile 5/28/1962 McKenny, John D., Space- "How a newly developed mechanism with TV eyes, six General Corp, L.A. legs, and a single claw will study and report the moon's surface, preparing the way for man.
469 Blood Fractioning 6/4/1962 Pennell, Robert (Harvard Univ. "How medical research teams have literally taken apart School of Medicine) human blood for a higher degree of efficiency in transfusions.
470 Missile Photography 9/10/1962 Brewster, Carl N., Aerospace slow loris Carl Brewster, Aerospace Corporation, Cape Canaveral, Shown in LA Corp., Cape Canaveral Florida, demonstrates how scientific photography is 3/21/1963 helping America's spece effort by recording the performance of outward-bound missiles."
471 Tropical Fishes 9/17/1962 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) chameleons Our Science in Action host, Dr. Earl S. Herald, describes Shown in LA 2/7/1963 the fascinating habits of tropical fishes in their native areas. He also suggests the proper care and feeding in aquariums and at home."
472 Oxygen Therapy 9/24/1962 Jolley, Harold, M.D., Since its 18th century discovery by Priestly, this life- Shown in LA Anesthesiologists Medical Group, sustaining gas has been employed in an increasing 1/13/1963 San Francisco number of therapeutic ways."
473 Disappearing 10/1/1962 Spilhaus, Dr. Athelstan, U.S. jaguar One of the least discussed yet the most vital of Shown in LA Resources Science Exhibit, Seattle World's contemporary problems is the depletion of natural 3/14/1963 Fair; Univ. of Minnesota resources."
474 Pre-Columbian Art 10/8/1962 Sheets, Millard Millard Sheets, famed artist and designer, tells the Shown in LA 5/2/1963 exciting story of the art treasures of ancient Aztec, Mayan and Mexican civilizations."
475 Animal Senses 10/15/1962 Milne, Dr. Lorus and Dr. Margery eagle A husband and wife team, Doctors Lorus and Margery Shown in LA 5/9/1963 Milne, Univ. of New Hampshire Milne of the University of New Hampshire, report research on animals and the five senses."
476 Human 10/22/1962 Inman, Verne, M.D., UC Medical Amputees and other handicapped persons present a Shown in LA Locomotion 2 Center challenge to the Orthopedist. Verne Inman, M.D., U.C. 5/16/1963 Medical Center, demonstrates new developments in orthotics and prosthetic devices."
477 Work, Energy and 10/29/1962 Shugart, Dr. Howard, UC Basic principles of work, energy and power are made Shown in LA Power 2 more meaningful through lively demonstrations that 5/23/1963 apply to many activities."
478 Project Mohole 11/5/1962 Bascom, Willard, Ocean Science Man's effort to learn the character of the earth's interior Shown in LA and Engineering Co. has led to the development of an ocean-going bore that 4/25/1963 penetrates the sea bottom."
479 Telstar 11/12/1962 Shennum, Dr. Robert, Bell This communication satellite recently made the Shown in LA Telephone Labs. worldwide transmission of live television a reality. What 5/30/1963
480 Learning Machines 11/19/1962 Overton, Dr. Richard K., A new electronic brain, AGILE, which learns through 2 Autonetics, Anaheim inference how to do many things from playing tic-tac-toe to conducting anti-submarine warfare, is described by Dr. Richard K. Overton, Autonetics Division, North American Aviation, Inc."
481 Weather - Past, 11/26/1962 Roberts, Dr. Walter Orr, National kinkajou Space exploration has opened up a wealth of new ways Shown in LA 6/6/1963 Present and 2 Center for Atmospheric Research to probe the ancient mysteries of meteorology. To bring Future/New us up to date, Dr. Walter Orr Roberts of the University Weather Theories of Colorado returns to 'Science in Action.'"
482 Hybrid Rockets 12/3/1962 Fitzgerald, Dr. J. Edmund, Himalayan bear Dr. J. Edmund Fitzgerald, Lockheed Propulsion Shown in LA Lockheed Propulsion Co., Company, demonstrates a new concept in rocketry which 6/13/1963 Redlands utilizes a combination of solid fuel and liquid oxidizer."
483 Ultra Centrifuge 12/10/196 Pickels, Dr. Edward G., Spinco How the development of this most sophisticated of Shown in LA 2 Division of Beckman research instruments has aided science in many 4/11/1963 Instruments, Inc. important discoveries."
484 Lunar Exploration 12/17/196 Osborne, Rexford H., United Space Engineers at work on the problems of docking and Rockets 2 Technology Center of the United take-off on the moon's surface." Aircraft Corporation
485 Science of 12/24/196 Ward, Jay, William Scott, and 'Science in Action' will spend Christmas Eve with Cartooning/Cartoo 2 Bullwinkle Bullwinkle, notable friend of television viewers." n Characters and How They Grow
486 The Liver 12/31/196 Brauer, Dr. Ralph, U. S. rat kangaroo The physiology of this important organ; research that will 2 Radiological Defense Laboratory (potoroo) aid medical science in a better understanding of its function."
487 High Energy 1/7/1963 Hofstadter, Dr. Robert, Stanford "Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Hofstadter, Stanford Physics University University, will demonstrate principles and discoveries in this new field of science.
488 Operational 1/14/1963 Ausman, Dr. Stanley J., Litton "The application of inert navigational system principles to Gyroscopes Industries underwater, surface, and aircraft.
489 Zookeeping 1/21/1963 Schroeder, Dr. Charles, San "Dr. Charles Schroeder, Director of the world-famous San Diego Zoo Diego Zoo, relates the fascinating story of the care and feeding of animals from all parts of the globe.
490 Pesticide Research 1/28/1963 Persing, Dr. C. O., Stauffer baby kangaroo "How chemical pesticides are discovered, screened, and Chemical Company laboratory tested on both plants and animals, then put to work for the good of man.
491 The Handwriting 2/4/1963 Greanias, Dr. E. G., IBM finback whale "A remarkable experimental instrument, first step toward Reader a machine that will 'read' hadwriting.
492 Satellite 2/11/1963 Rosen, Dr. Harold, Hughes Belgian horses A new satellite travels 6,876 miles per hour, 22,320 Communications/P Aircraft Company miles up, for television and telephone communications." hotography in Satellites/ Advanced Communications Satellite
493 Hydrofoils 2/18/1963 (Grunman Aircraft Company and "The new water craft that skims the surface at high Stanford University) speeds. Special guests from The Grumman Aircraft Company and Stanford Research Institute.
494 The Skin 2/25/1963 Epstein, Dr. John (UC) trained German "What does the sun do to the skin? How can you keep shepherds your skin healthy? These and other questions about the human body will be answered by John Epstein, M.D., University of California Medical Center.
495 Project Apollo 3/4/1963 Powers, Col. John (USAF) margay "Col. John Powers, United States Air Force, Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Texas, makes an up-to-the- minute report on the astronaut program.
496 Underwater 3/11/1963 Behnke, Dr. Albert (UC Medical "The problems of the deep sea diver - lungs, pressures, Research Center) and performance.
497 Laws of Motion 3/18/1963 White, Dr. Harvey E. (Lawrence "For his twenty-fifth appearance on the program Dr. Hall of Science, UC) Harvey E. White, Director, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, presents a series of demonstrations basic to modern physics.
498 America's Air Defense 3/25/1963 Necrason, Maj.Gen. C. F. "The story of the North American Air Defense Command (USAF) and its twenty-four hour operation under joint command of Canada and the United States.
499 Science Fair 4/1/1963 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (CAS) "'Science in Action' takes pride in again presenting the top winners of the annual Bay Area Science Fair.
400 x #/#/# guest a blank no notes
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400 x #/#/# guest a blank no notes

500 - 599

500 Coming of Age of 4/8/1963 Seaborg, Dr. Glenn T. (U.S. "In a special salute to 'Science in Action' on the occasion Science Atomic Energy Commission) of its five hundreth program, Nobel Laureate Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, Chairman of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission, will review the role of science in the world of today and tomorrow."

501 Miracle of Magnetic 4/15/1963 Ampex Guest Scientist (Arthur H. "The application of the recording principle to the field of Tape Housman and Alexander M. audio and television and its role in modern Poniatoff) communications."

502 New Fields in Fibre 4/22/1963 Kapany, Dr. Narinder (Optics "Dr. Narinder Kapany, Optics Technology, reports on the Optics Technology) state of the art of fibre optics."

503 Fluid Balance and 4/29/1963 Harper, Dr. Harold (UC Medical "Dr. Harold A. Harper, Dean of the Graduate School, Weight Control Center) University of California Medical Center, discusses the problems of water retention in the human body."

504 2-Mile Accelerator 5/6/1963 Kirk, William T. (Stanford "The largest research tool ever devised for investigation University) of high energy physics."

505 Indians of Western 5/13/1963 Dentzel, Dr. Carl (Southwest "The migration of the many tribes to the New World and America Museum) their civilizations on this continent."

506 Instrumentation 5/20/1963 Beckman, Dr. Arnold "Dr. Arnold Beckman, past president Instrument Society of America and president of Beckman Instruments, will demonstrate advances in science as a result of newly developed techniques of measuring."

507 The Oceans 5/27/1963 Fisher, Dr. Robert alligator snapping "Dr. Robert Fischer, Director of the International turtles Oceanographic Expedition, Scripps Instituion of Oceanography, La Jolla, tells of new and important research by scientists from twenty countries."

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508 Infrared 6/3/1963 Talley, Dr. Robert dolphins "A report on recent advances in man's conquest of the Report/Space Age areas beyond his home planet. Guest scientist from Research Hughes Aircraft Company." 509 Liquid Air 9/19/1963 White, Dr. Harvey E. (Director of talking Mynah bird "Aspects of low temperature research and the useful Lawrence Hall of Science, UC) applications of liquid air in biological research, solid state physics, and computer technology." 510 Cosmetic Surgery 9/26/1963 McGregor, Dr. Mar W. (Exec. domestic cats "The process by which signs of aging are removed from Committee, Amer. Soc. of the face through skills of the plastic surgeon." Plastic Surgeons) 511 Lifting Bodies 10/3/1963 Eggers, Dr. Alfred J. Jr. (NASA) octopus "When space travel becomes routine, a wingless 'lifting body' space vehicle may be utilized to re-enter the earth's atmosphere." 512 Hydraulic 10/10/196 Einstein, Dr. Hans (Hydraulic decorator crabs "Scientific improvements upon nature in the search for Engineering 3 Engineering, UC) methods of controlling the waterways of the world." 513 Hematology 10/17/196 Schrier, Dr. Stanley (Medicine, gila monster "Laboratory and clinical studies of the life cycle of 3 Stanford) hemoglobin." 514 Living Fishes 10/24/196 Herald, Dr. Earl S. (Steinhart saiga (antelope- "A camera visit with some of the exotic fishes in the 3 Aquarium, CAS) goat) recently renovated Steinhart Aquarium." 515 Science and Crime 10/31/196 Kirk, Dr. Paul (Criminalistics, UC) tarantula "How blood proteins may be used in place of fingerprints 3 in criminal identification." 516 Electronics in 11/7/1963 Thompson, Dr. Noel P. (Palo Alto ringtailed lemur "Clinical and surgical uses of electronic instrumentation Medicine Medical Research Foundation) discussed and demonstrated." 517 Story of Helium 11/14/196 Cook, Dr. Gerhard (Union sea lions "The unique applications of this colorless, odorless, 3 Carbide Corporation) tasteless and inert gas, first detected in the sun." 518 Ulcers 11/21/196 Tuttle, Dr. Stewart (UCLA) poodles "History of the detection, prevention and treatment of 3 this chronic and common ailment." 519 Supersonic 11/28/196 Jones, Mr. Lloyd (Vehicle- redtail hawk, barn "Wind tunnel testing of a supersonic transport plane Transport 3 Aerodynamics, Ames Research owl, grey horned designed to span the continent in 75 minutes." Center) owl 520 The Eye 12/5/1963 Jampolsky, Dr. Arthur (Eye albino gopher "Laboratory studies of eye movements and perception, Research Institute, Presbyterian using newly developed electronic research facilities." Medical Center) 521 Reptiles 12/12/196 Shaw, Mr. Charles (Reptiles, San dolphins "Fascinating habits of some of the largest living snakes 3 Diego Zoo) and lizards." 522 Computers that 12/19/196 Widrow, Dr. Bernard (Electrical chinchillas "'Madeline I', machine that learns how to perform human- Learn 3 Engineering, Stanford) like tasks."

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523 Breeding Salmon 12/26/196 Donaldson, Dr. Lauren (Fisheries, dogs: Giant "At one time plentiful, but now in short supply, salmon 3 University of Washington) Pyrenees, St. are being reborn in an accelerated life cycle through Bernard, Great research." Black and white. Dane, and Bouvier des Flandres 524 Supernova 1/2/1964 Colgate, Dr. Stirling (UC) tropical birds "A celestial catastrophy is described and a new theory of the formation of cosmic rays is presented over television for the first time." 525 Chinese 1/9/1964 Chang, Hsien-Wu (IBM scorpion "One of the world's most complex languages is simplified Translation Corporation) by electronics." 526 Pre-Columbian 1/16/1964 Dentzel, Carl (Southwest bats "Elisabeth Waldo demonstrates musical instuments from Music Museum) and Elizabeth Waldo the Pre-Columbian past." 527 Consumer Textiles 1/23/1964 Morris, Dr. Mary Ann (UC) electric fishes "New research in the field of man-made textiles, and what it means to the consumer." 528 Horizon Scanner 1/30/1964 Wilson, Dr. E. J., Jr. (Advanced brine shrimp "The design, development and manufacture of horizon- Technology Laboratories, scanner sybsystems for the guidance and control of an American-Standard) orbiting geophysical observatory." 529 The Kidney 2/6/1964 Holliday, Dr. Malcolm (Children's rhinoceros "Sometimes called 'the sea in which we live,' this Hospital of the East Bay, ingenious organ provides the 'sea water' in which our Oakland, CA) body cells must live." 530 Biological Clocks 2/13/1964 Hamilton, Dr. William (CAS) European hedgehog "The amazing time-sensing mechanisms of the body, by means of which plants and animals alike regulate their life activities." 531 Tektites 2/20/1964 Chapman, Dr. Dean and Howard emu "Recently these small, glass-like particles, found widely K. Larson (Ames Research on the earth, have definitely been established as Center, NASA) originating on the moon." 532 The Nobel Prize 2/27/1964 Pauling, Dr. Linus (Nobel Prize marine turtles: "Its history and its meanings in the light of today's Shown in Hawaii for Chemistry, 1954; Nobel loggerhead, green scientific achievements - by the only man ever to win 9/27/1966 Peace Prize, 1962) and hawksbill the coveted award twice." 533 The Lungs 3/5/1964 Kieran, Dr. James (Medicine, sea otter "How these organs function and provide the 'breath of Stanford) life.'" 534 Syncom 3/12/1964 Murphy, Gordon (Syncom softshell turtles "The amazing communications satellite which achieved Project, Hughes Aircraft two notable 'firsts' in space technology - the first maneuverable satellite and the first 'stationary satellite.'" 535 Echo Location 3/19/1964 Poulter, Dr. Thomas C. (Stanford lizards: sungazer, "How animals orient themselves by sound instead of Research Institute) shingleback skink, sight." Cunningham skink, cordylus

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536 The Ultra X-Ray 3/26/1964 Haimson, Jacob (Manager of tapir "Six million electron volt machines produce ideal Accelerator Research, Varian treatment for deep-seated tumors." Associates) 537 Global Television 4/2/1964 Roizen, Joseph (Video elephant seal "International communications enhanced through the use Consultant, Ampex International) of videotape." 538 Language of Life 4/9/1964 Stanley, Dr. Wendell M. (Director archer fish "The code governing the regulation and transfer of of Virus Laboratory, UC) biological information." 539 Hall of Electricity 4/16/1964 Gould, William R. (Vice two-toed sloth "A tour of exhibits grahpically demonstrates and explains President, Southern California electrical phenomena at the California Museum of Edison Company) Science and Industry in Los Angeles." 540 The Continental 4/23/1964 Doell, Dr. R. R. (U.S. Geological lion ("Sammy") "Are the world's continents really 'islands' floating in the Drift Survey) crust of the earth?" 541 Cancer Prevention 4/30/1964 Day, Dr. Emerson (Director, bipes "A visit to a modern clinic specializing in cancer Strang Clinic, New York City) detection." 542 New Mathematics 5/7/1964 Begle, Dr. Edward G. chameleons "A revolution in the basis of science is underway." "A far Shown in Hawaii (Mathematics Education, cry from the teaching-by-rote system, the new 10/4/1966 Stanford University) mathematics might be called the 'discovery' system." 543 Cacti 5/14/1964 Lindsay, Dr. George (Director, koalas "Scientific and photographic studies of the structure and CAS) function of these unique and weirdly beautiful plants." 544 Oceanarium 5/21/1964 Monaham, William (General penguins "Marineland of the Pacific combines science with Research Manager), Dave Brown pleasure." (Mammals) and John Prescott (Fishes) (Marineland of the 545 Modern Dentistry 5/28/1964 Hileman, Dr. Alvin C. striped hyena "Research emphasis is now on the supporting structures (Periodontist, San Francisco) of the teeth." 546 The Science of 6/4/1964 Hutchins, Carleen Maley hummingbird "Modern acoustics promises an evolution in the Music (Guggenheim Fellow) instruments of the violin family." 547 The Quiet Sun 6/11/1964 Krishnan, Thiruvenkata baby chimpanzee "A look at international plans utilizing the two-year period (Radioscience Lab, Stanford of minimum solar activity." University) 548 Space Photography 9/15/1964 Brewster, Carl N., Head, puffer fish "Cameras serve as vital missile research instruments Shown in Hawaii Information Support Services, and also record breath-taking spectacles." 10/11/1966 Aerospace Corporation, Patrick AFB, Florida

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549 Seals and Sea Lions 9/22/1964 Orr, Dr. Robert T., Curator of "Boris" the slow loris "Structure, adaptations and social behavior of these Jacqueline Birds and Mammals, CAS delightful marine mammals." Schonewald shows the animal of the week. Shown in Hawaii 10/18/1966

550 Chemical Origins 9/29/1964 Ponnamperuma, Dr. Cyril, Ames Philippine fishes "One of Nature's greatest puzzles, how life began on 1 can holds the A & B of Life Research Center, NASA earth, is gradually being solved." rolls, the other holds a sound roll and a neg? NO FINISHED 551 Epidemic in India 10/6/1964 Work, Telford H., M.D., Chief Indian elephant "At first thought to be dreaded yellow fever, a strange Virology Section, U.S. Public new disease sparks a frantic search to identify the Health Service, Atlanta, Georgia 552 Sense of Smell 10/13/196 Amoore, Dr. John E., U. S. hermit crab "Accelerated research should make it possible to develop 4 Department of Agriculture new fragrances and get rid of obnoxious odors." 553 Romance of 10/20/196 Leake, Dr. Chauncey D., UC African bush babies "From the background of superstition and jungle magic, Pharmacy 4 the science of drug control and dispensing developed." 554 Solid Fuel 10/27/196 Vogel, Jack M., Director, Quality box crab "The powerful propellant which will hurl the TITAN III-C Shown in Hawaii 4 Assurance Division, United toward orbit with a two-million pound thrust." 10/25/1966 Technology Center 555 Trout Conservation 11/3/1964 Calhoun, Dr. Alex, Chief, Inland "Gladstone" the "Plans to replenish the gamefish most popular with fresh- Fisheries Branch, California mynah bird water sportsmen." Department of Fish and Game

556 Silent Sounds 11/10/196 Simpkins, Alan, President, freshwater dolphins "A new, portable device extends man's hearing into the Shown in Hawaii 4 Delcon Corporation ultrasonic range normally heard only by certain animals." 11/1/1966

557 Galileo Galilei 11/17/196 Drake, Stillman, author, and snakes "A tribute to the 'father of modern science' on the 400th Shown in Hawaii 4 translator of Galileo's writings anniversary of his birth." 11/8/1966 558 Isles of Cortez 11/24/196 Lindsay, Dr. George E., Director, fish-eating bat "Scientific Expedition Part I - almost forgotten islands of Part one of "Sea of 4 CAS the Gulf of California attract scientists to collect Cortez" - a 58 minute specimens." film aired in two parts. Shown in Hawaii 11/15/1966 559 Sea of Cortez 12/1/1964 Herald, Dr. Earl S., Steinhart manta rays "Scientific Expediton Part II - scientists venture under Aquarium, CAS water into rich, colorful fish and sea gardens." 560 Lunar Cratering 12/8/1964 Gault, Donald E., Research frogs and toads "Laboratory experiments simulate meteoroid impact on Shown in Hawaii Scientist, NASA the moon's surface." 11/22/1966

561 Earthquake Risk 12/15/196 Richter, Dr. C. F., Professor of capybara "Hazards involved are laregly a result of man's ignorance 4 Seismology, California Institute as explained by the scientist who devised the Richter of Technology scale for measuring the intensity of earthquakes."

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562 Time-Lapse 12/22/196 Ott, John, Director, Time-Lapse animal-eating plant "The marvel of making time-lapse pictures and their Shown in Hawaii Photography 4 Research Foundation, Lake startling new use in medical research." 11/29/1966 Bluff, Illinois 563 Animal Psychology 12/29/196 Breland, Keller, President, Animal crayfish "How animals are taught to do almost incredible things by Shown in Hawaii 4 Behavior Enterprises modern scientific methods." 12/6/1966 564 Water and Life 1/5/1965 Milne, Drs. Lorus and Margery, nudibranchs "A fascinating exploration of ways to save our civilization See also their book Professors of Biology, from overwhelming thirst." Opens with boy in Golden with the same title. University of New Hampshire Gate Park. Includes discussion of pollution of water Shown in Hawaii supplies, includes footage from around the world. Color. 12/13/1966. 1 can holds "Opt Track" 565 Drugs and Poisons 1/12/1965 Nigrelli, Dr. Ross F., Director of beluga whale (at "Lethal creatures found in the oceans can provide life- Shown in Hawaii from the Sea the Laboratory of Marine New York saving medicines." 12/20/1966 Biochemistry and Ecology, Aquarium) Aquarium of the New York Zoo 566 Nuclear Science 1/19/1965 Seaborg, Dr. Glenn T., Nobel Two-fingered sloth "Applications of atomic energy for a better tomorrow." Shown in Hawaii Laureate and Chairman of the (at National Zoo) 12/27/1966 Atomic Energy Commission 567 Coronary 1/26/1965 Friedman, Meyer, M.D., and Ray fruit bats (at "Certain personality factors indicate likely victims of Candidates Rosenman, M.D., Harold Brunn National Zoo) heart attacks." Institute, Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center 568 Mathematica 1/31/1965 Fitzgerald, Dr. William F., "A participating visit into 'A World of Numbers and Shown in Florida California Museum of Science Beyond.'" 2/22/1965. Shown in and Industry, Los Angeles Hawaii 1/3/1967 569 Bird Island 2/7/1965 Walker, Lewis Wayne, Arizona- "How man's efforts helped keep nature 'on the wing.'" Shown in Florida Sonora Desert Museum, Tuscon 3/1/1965 570 Legal Psychiatry 2/14/1965 Diamond, Bernard L., M.D., "A case history dramatizing the conflict between the Shown in Florida Professor of Criminology and latest medical knowledge and various legal precedents." 3/8/1965. Shown in Law, UC Berkeley Hawaii 1/10/1967 571 Science in the 2/21/1965 Karplus, Dr. Robert, Professor of "New methods for teaching science are revealed by Shown in Florida Classroom Physics, UC Berkeley, and monitoring student reactions." 3/15/1965 Director of Science Curriculum Improvement Study 572 Venomous Animals 2/28/1965 Stahnke, Dr. Herbert L., "Tarantulas, Gila monsters and scorpions are viewed Shown in Florida Professor of Zoology, Arizona close up at the 'Poisonous Animals Research 3/22/1965 State University 573 Patterns and 3/7/1965 Fuller, R. Buckminster, Southern "An insight into structural science as fashioned by the Shown in Florida Designs Illinois University world-renowned inventor of the geodesic dome." 3/29/1965. Shown in Hawaii 1/17/1967

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574 Science of 3/14/1965 Haines, George, Coach, Santa "Psychology and new methods of training combine to Shown in Florida Swimming Clara Swim Club produce Olympic championship youths." 4/5/1965 575 The Iron Cow 3/21/1965 Kempf, Dr. Clay, Research and "The many medical miracles the SS Hope carries abroad Shown in Florida Development, Foremost Dairies are symbolized by a carton of milk." 4/12/1965 576 Musical Sounds 3/28/1965 White, Dr. Harvey E., Director of "A demonstration of how physical laws are employed in Shown in Florida, the Lawrence Hall of Science, playing musical instruments." 4/19/1965. Shown in Hawaii 1/24/1967 577 Bioastronautics 4/4/1965 Marquardt, Roy E., The "How space research findings are being turned into on- Shown in Florida Marquardt Corporation earth medical benefits." 4/26/1965. Shown in Hawaii 1/31/1967 578 African Wildlife 4/11/1965 Leopold, Dr. A. Starker, "A panorama of one continent's rich heritage in animal Shown in Florida Professor of Zoology, UC and life." Color faded badly. Lots of footage of animals in 5/3/1965. Shown in President of the California Africa. Discussion includes "harvesting' of wild game for Hawaii 2/7/1967 Academy of Sciences human food in Rhodeisa and the impact of the Masai people's increasing herds of domesticated cattle. 579 Magnetic Search 4/18/1965 Rogers, Dr. Emery H., Vice "Applications of atomic-based magnetometers include Shown in Florida President, Instrument Group, avalanche rescue and archaeological investigations." 5/10/1965 Varian Associates 580 The Chicken and 4/25/1965 Hill, Dr. Fredric W., Professor "The historical background on a highly specialized Shown in Florida the Egg and Chairman, Poultry agricultural industry and the far-reaching effects of 5/17/1965 Husbandry, University of technological advances." 581 Malaria Today 5/2/1965 Smith, Edgar A., U. S. Agency "An on-the-scene report of how scientists work to wipe Shown in Florida for International Development, out the disease which antedates man himself." 5/24/1965 Operations Mission to Thailand, Bangkok 582 The Brain 5/9/1965 Feinstein, Bertram, M.D., and Dr. "Observing the medical team approach to therapy and Shown in Florida Benjamin Libet, M.D., Mount investigation of brain disorders." 5/31/1965. Shown in Zion Neurological Institute Hawaii 2/14/1967 583 Amphibians 5/16/1965 Leviton, Dr. Alan E., Curator of "The fascinating world of frogs, toads and salamanders." Shown in Florida Herpetology, CAS 6/7/1965. Shown in Hawaii 2/21/1967. Transferred to VHS and BetaCamSP 6/98 584 Diving Saucers 5/23/1965 Hubbs, Dr. Carl L., and Dr. E. W. "Versatile new 'baby submarines' aid man's exploration Shown in Florida Fager, Scripps Institute of under the sea." 6/14/1965. Shown in Oceanography, La Jolla, California Hawaii 2/28/1967 585 Cape Kennedy - 5/30/1965 Webb, James E., Administrator, "An exploration at the flight site of the history and the Shown in Florida Part I National Aeronautics and Space scientific community behind the massive efforts to 6/21/1965 Administration conquer space."

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586 Cape Kennedy - 6/6/1965 Debus, Dr. Kurt H., Director, "A countdown of missile and satellite launches to date Shown in Florida Part II John F. Kennedy Spacecraft and a forecast of what's ahead." 6/28/1965 Center, Cocoa Beach, Florida 587 Jet Pilot Anderson, Captain Ira R., "Joining the 'scientist in the sky' as he masters the Assistant Chief Pilot, Pacific intricacies of modern flying." Sector, Pan American Airways 588 To Tell the Time Kock, Bruce A., Honorary "How the science of horology places the turning of the Shown in Hawaii Curator of Horology, CAS world." 3/7/1967 589 Feeling No Pain Cullen, Stuart C., M.D., "Without the modern methods of anesthesia, surgical Professor and Chairman of the 'miracles' would be impossible." Department of Anesthesia, UC 590 The Enchanted Bowman, Dr. Robert I., Professor "A journey to the world's most famous living laboratory Isles of Biology, San Francisco State of evolution… the Galapagos!" College 591 Forecast Thompson, Jack O., Associate "By using the new tools of meteorlogy, weather services Regional Meteorologist, U. S. will set prediction records." Weather Bureau 592 The Wind Tunnel Yaggy, Paul F., Ames Research "What it's like inside the chief laboratory facility for Shown in Hawaii Center aerodynamic study." 3/14/1967 593 Time-Lapse Ott, John, Director, Time-Lapse "The complete life cycle of flowers and plants as 1 can holds "Snd", 1 Greenhouse Research Foundation telescoped by fast motion pictures." Color. Time-lapse can holds "A-Wind" photography as a tool for scientific research. Includes the story of its development by John Ott and its scientific uses. Lots of time-lapse photography 594 Museum Lindsay, Dr. George E., Director, "A rare look at the vast research activities required to At least one reel in CAS accumulate scientific collections." Spanish 595 Field Trip Orr, Dr. Robert T., Associate "How naturalists collect specimens for scientific study." Shown in Hawaii Director, CAS 3/28/1967 596 Glassblowing Moody, Donald P. and Daniel J. "The need for custom-made glassware in research labs Dempsey, Scientific has revived an ancient art." Glassblowers, Ames Research Center 597 Firefighters Murray, William F., Chief, San "Scientific training pays off when the alarm is sounded Francisco Fire Dept. against human error and carelessness." 598 The Surgeon's Saunders, Dr. John Bertrand De "Medical progress now centers around the science of Century C. M., M.D., Chancellor, surgery." University of California Medical Center

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599 The Probable Sabouni, Bahidj B., Sauboni and "Solving the mystery of equipment failures and Cause Associates, Berkeley, California accidents by scientific methods."

600 - 699

600 Observatory Whitford, Dr. Albert E., Director "All the beauty and wonders of the universe as viewed Shown in Hawaii and Astronomer, Lick Observatory by modern astronomers from a mountaintop research 4/4/1967 601 Planetarium Gates, Thomas M., Morrison "Creating the grand illusion of starlit skies under an Planetarium, CAS artificial hemisphere." 602 Schizophrenia Jackson, Don D., M.D., Director, "The mental illness that ranks with cancer and heart No finished film - 1 A The Mental Research Institute, disease as a major health problem." roll, 1 B roll, 1 sound Palo Alto, California only 603 Air Traffic Control Marks, Fred M., Chief Controller, "The exacting science that's behind the ever-increasing Oakland Air Route Traffic Control safety of flying." Center, Fremont, California 604 Ancient Death Trap Downs, Dr. Theodore, Chief "The Rancho La Brea 'tar pits' have produced the world's Curator, Earth Sciences Division, largest collection of fossil bones from the Ice Age." Los Angeles County Museum

605 Time and Two Cells Wood, David Alvra, M.D., "Where we stand today in the fight against cancer." Director of Cancer Research Institute, UC Medical Center

606 Salt Woodhill, Alan, Vice President "How the sun and sea are used to produce one of life's and General Manager, Salt and necessities." Chemical Division, Leslie Salt Company 607 Transport for 1/30/1966 Irvin, Leslie A., Manager of "A study of one of the largest engineering projects in the Shown in Hawaii Tomorrow Engineering, Bay Area Rapid world, modern rapid transit." 4/11/1967 Transit 608 Dirty Sky 2/6/1966 Feldstein, Milton, Director of "Air pollution now ranks as one of the great problems Technical Services, Bay Area Air facing urban areas." Pollution Control District 609 Plague Lab 2/13/1966 Kartman, Dr. Leo, Scientist "Joining the men of science whose job is constant Director of the Communicable vigilance in the battle against Plague." Disease Center, U.S. Public Health Center 610 Refinery 2/20/1966 Sheehy, T.M., General Manager, "A look inside the fascinating and complex chemical world Richmond Refinery, Standard Oil of petroleum refining." Company of California

611 Aquarium 2/27/1966 Herald, Dr. Earl S., "A visit behind the viewing glass and tanks of the Shown in Hawaii Superintendent-Curator, Steinhart Steinhart Aquarium." 4/18/1967 Aquarium

612 Crash Research 3/6/1966 Case, Dr. Harry W., Associate "Visiting scientists whose laboratory is the highway and whose studies may one day save your life." Director, Institute of Transportation and Traffic Engineering

613 Criminalistics 3/13/1966 Kirk, Dr. Paul L., Professor of "A study of how modern scientific methods are used in Criminalistics, University of crime detection." California

614 Electron Microscope 3/23/1966 McAlear, Dr. James H., "By using the tools of modern electronic science, new Shown in Hawaii Executive Officer, University of worlds are being discovered." 4/25/1967 California's Electron Microscope

615 Viticulture 3/30/1966 McColly, Don W., President and "Stretching back before recorded history, one of the General Manager, Wine Institute world's oldest sciences."

616 Test Pilot 4/6/1966 Cotton, Colonel Joseph F., Test "Join the scientists who stand at the very edge of space Shown in Hawaii Pilot, U.S. Air Force exploration." 5/2/1967

617 Science Center 4/13/1966 White, Dr. Harvey E., Director, "A visit to a fascinating and exciting science research Lawrence Hall of Science center." 618 Linear Accelerator 4/20/1966 Panofsky, Dr. Wolfgang K. H., "Journey to the edge of a new and exciting world, an Shown in Hawaii Director, Stanford Linear incredibly tiny sub-universe." 5/9/1967 Accelerator 619 Safari for Science 4/27/1966 Ross, Dr. Edward S., Curator, "Joining a scientist as he collects and classifies Shown in Hawaii Department of Entomology, specimens for a monograph." 5/16/1967 California Academy of Sciences

620 The Scientist 5/4/1966 Schawlow, Dr. Arthur L., "A candid portrait of a scientist." Shown in Hawaii Professor of Physics, Stanford 5/23/1967 University

621 Anthropological 5/11/1966 Bascom, Dr. William Russel, "What happens behind the scenes and exhibits of a most Shown in Hawaii Museum Director, Robert H. Lowie unusual museum." 5/30/1967 Museum of Anthropology, UC Berkeley

622 Salt Water without 5/18/1966 Galstaun, Dr. Lionel S., Manager "One method of providing ample supplies of fresh water Shown in Hawaii Salt of Applied Technology, Bechtel to a growing world." 6/6/1967 Corporation

623 To Hear Again 5/25/1966 Sooy, Dr. Francis A., Professor "Delicate middle ear surgery is providing many with the Shown in Hawaii and Chairman of Otolaryngology, return of hearing." 6/13/1967 University of California

  • 624 The Flowering Desert 6/1/1966 Lindsay, Dr. George E., Director, California Academy of Sciences "Journey to the realm of rare and unusual plants and flowers."
  • 625 The Desert Dwellers 6/8/1966 Woodin, William H., Director, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum "Visit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum with its live animal collections."
  • 626 Marineland

Description, via California Academy of Sciences


In the spring of 1950, “Science in Action” began as a fifteen minute segment on a popular Bay Area television program called “The Del Courtney Show.” Academy staffer Tom Groody made a guest appearance on the program during which time he discussed scientific topics and brought in animals from the Academy’s Steinhart Aquarium. The segment was wildly popular and Groody was invited to return and further discuss contemporary science issues. Eventually, Groody’s Science in Action segment became a regular thirteen week feature in the program.

Shortly thereafter, a half-hour weekly evening television series was developed to discuss timely and significant scientific subjects with guest scientists, demonstrations, and an animal of the week exhibition. By fall of 1950, the “Science in Action” television show was the first live science program on television in the country and forged the path for science programs as we know them today.

In 1952, California Academy of Sciences superintendent Person: Dr. Earl Herald took over the role as host of Science in Action. Herald’s spontaneity and charm quickly put guests at ease and made the topics easily understandable for the audience at large. The program raised public awareness and increased traffic to the Aquarium, especially the animal of the week exhibition, which featured wild animals on live television. In one reported incident, newly born water snakes had escaped from the set of Science in Action into the television studio during a live broadcast. Because of this publicity, over five thousand people stopped in to the Aquarium the following week asking to see the baby snakes. Additionally, it was not uncommon to see a handler get bit or an animal defecate and without missing a beat, Herald would offer the clever banter that endeared him to home audiences. In June of 1966, due to rising costs of production, Dr. Herald hosted the 626th and final episode of “Science in Action”.


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