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Alchemist in Hollywood, The is a short film from 1940 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

"This film was designed to show the chemical end of the motion picture industry. The commentator, with the aid of diagrams, explains the photographic process. Diagrammatic drawings of silver-bromide crystals are shown and we are told of the chemical reaction that occurs when light falls upon them. There are experiments illustrating what occurs when the crystals are given exposures of different intensities and how they receive and store the latent image. The following sequence deals with the different chemicals used in the formation of the developer, and the fixing bath. A comparison is drawn between the "dark room" operations of the old days and the new, modernly equipped laboratories. The film closes showing a positive print being made from a negative." (California)

Alchemist in Hollywood, The
Produced byAtkinson (Ralph B.) & Solow (Sidney Paul)
Atkinson (Ralph B.) & Solow (Sidney Paul)
Distributed byAtkinson (Ralph B.) & Solow (Sidney Paul)
Release date
Running time
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