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Aristocrats of Fashion is a short film released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Fashions for active sport and evening wear.

Aristocrats of Fashion
Produced byReed (Roland) Productions
Reed (Roland) Productions
Distributed byReed (Roland) Productions
Running time
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More Details


Date unknown
ca. late 1930s - early 1940s
  • Everything made from Bemberg rayon.
  • Narrated by a woman fashion commentator in patronizing, but humorous way, in spirit of old fashion newsreels.
  • Woman talking into old white telephone receiver to a man (old Hollywood accent)
  • Making some kind of a country date
  • 2 girls hug one another
  • Narrator talks to them about stripes, then begins to describe their outfits
  • CU woman putting on black and white open shoes
  • Women chattering social irrelevancies
  • Many great shots, pans down and close-ups of rayon fashions
  • MS 6 women lined up looking to left, presumably looking at men with great attention (but we don t see the men)
  • Lots of narration about gay fashions
  • 4 women come to examine another's engagement ring: Wish you had one?
  • Patsy looks like a peppermint stick in her red and white candy stripe.
  • women flock to the engagement ring like bees to the honeysuckle
  • Film cuts out early:
  • Up to but not including: Helen has an idea, and it s about Leap Year