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Beautiful State of Mind: Massachusetts is a short film from ca. 1970s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

10:01:56:23 CU gold statue of a Native American with feather in hair arms outstretched looking up to the sky, camera does quick zoom out shows statue on large rock in front of lush green pine trees, Indian statue wearing loincloth.

10:02:59:18 Great aerial flyover along river cutting through Massachusetts or New England forest in autumn with red, orange and yellow leaves.

10:03:20:14 Aerial of old New England church, camera zooms out to show church graveyard and surround forest with rich Fall colors.

10:03:35:12 Aerial cars driving along windy highway through forest with beautiful autumn colors, windy rivers alongside highway cuts to left in opposite direction of highway but with same degree curve creating a y-shape.

10:04:06:15 CU man in pilgrim clothes puts pumpkin down on wood picnic bench beside piece of corn.

10:04:14:16 Two men in woods using large crosscut saw to cut piece of wood.

10:04:28:18 LS sheep running up dirt road lined with old pilgrim houses.

10:04:52:07 Pan from bare branches of tree in winter to partially frozen waterfall, lots of snow.

10:06:22:26 Great shot from sled going down hill on snowy track.

10:08:06:10 Great shot skier heading down slope turns right in front of camera kicking up snow onto the lens, setting sound behind clouds in background; VS fireworks display.

10:09:06:15 Great low-angle shot looking out from between the legs of two horses pulling a carriage through the snow toward an old New England style house.

10:10:08:22 CU old brick wall with ivy, pan to jarring extreme CU stone statue of man s serious face.

10:10:19:24 zoom out from water mill attached to old stone building, edges of shot softened to give impressionistic effect.

10:10:25:02 VS old Massachusetts country homes; pan from green leaves of tree down over old New England home; CU sign The House of Seven Gables ; shot from blurry to focused of sign for Witch House restored by Historic Salem

10:10:56:26 Cat walking along brick houses on brick sidewalk along cobblestone street, zoom out to classic old New England alleyway in Massachusetts; VS old Massachusetts brownstones in winter; CU old street lamp; old brownstones on what looks like Bay St.

10:11:57:22 Fountain in Boston.

10:12:06:29 VS old Boston State House with gold dome.

10:12:15:06 Pan from tree to old Boston North Church steeple.

10:12:22:15 CU Paul Reveres Tomb

10:12:26:03 Tracking shot of old Massachusetts cemetery as seen through bars of gate.

10:12:29:27 Zoom in CU gold bald eagle statue.

10:12:32:28 Giant caterpillar on top of wind compass, zoom out to old Boston building.

10:12:38:13 CU Paul Revere engraved in marble.

10:12:45:09 Pan up statue of Colonel William Prescott June 17, 1775

10:12:58:17 Zoom out from old American battle ship the Constitution

10:13:16:05 Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

10:13:44:12 New England Aquarium building.

10:15:05:15 Three young boys and ship captain walk up ramp to board the U.S.S. Massachusett; VS battleships probably in Boston harbor

10:15:27:26 White woman dressed as early American pilgrim points below deck of old ship, three young African-American children look down where woman points.

10:15:51:23 Yellow Edaville Railroad train.

10:16:24:22 CU shirtless middle-aged man looking through binoculars.

10:17:26:16 Zoom out from old New England light house early evening.

10:17:39:28 Zoom out from old New England wind mill.

10:18:48:12 Zoom out from sign for the Whaling Museum New Bedford Massachusetts, sign has huge while mounted brick wall.

10:23:54:18 Pitcher throws pitch in 1970s Boston Red Sox baseball game; kickoff in what is probably a New England Patriots football game in 1970s; VS footage from baseball, football and hockey the Bruins, and Basketball the Celtics games in 1970s; Red Sox Pitcher throws pitch.

10:26:47:05 Aerial of New England highway and rivers cutting through forest in autumn; aerial of small New England township in autumn, old town church in center; aerials of New England countryside and farmland cut out of the woods.

10:32:33:00 Aerial over placid river lined by lush forest starting to turn colors in beginning of fall; aerial New England countryside, small town by river, small bridge spans river; great tracking shot from car driving through small road in New England woods in fall, trees with yellow leaves.

10:36:24:26 Disembodied hand in thick leather snow glove stops stopwatch in palm of hand.

10:37:17:21 Great shot skier skis toward then jumps, spreading his legs, over the camera; shot of skier landing jumping then continuing down slope; VS fireworks.

10:38:05:07 Long line of skiers snaking down a night lit slope holding in each hand bright red lights.

10:39:31:09 CU sign for Longfellow s Wayside Inn Meals & Lodgings.

10:39:42:28 Sign for Hathaway House built 1682.

10:39:46:23 Sign in front of old house for the Adam National Historic Site home of: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Charles Francis Adams and Brooks Adams.

10:39:51:05 CU sign for The Saugus Ironworks Restoration; VS old New England houses; old New England mill housing

10:41:02:03 LS zooms in on skater in giant snowman costume skating in rink.

10:41:23:03 Boston City Hall

10:41:44:09 CU sign Here lies buried Samuel Adams

10:43:58:16 Sign for Williams College 1793; old white church.

10:44:57:23 Sign for Plymouth Rock

10:45:27:19 VS taken from old wood roller coaster

10:47:04:16 CU sign hand painted in white paint Jethro Coffin House (Horseshoe House) Built in 1686 The Oldest House on Nantucket ; VS of Nantucket and Cape Cod dunes, town, statues, sailboats

10:51:01:08 Man carrying an antique clock reading 4:33, made by the M.W. Bassett Co.

10:56:12:16 VS aerial over New England forest with fall colors; aerial over forms covered in snow with large silos; aerial cattle on grazing pasture cutting out of woods; aerial pan over Boston

Beautiful State of Mind: Massachusetts
Produced byProfessional Films
Professional Films
Distributed byProfessional Films
Release date
ca. 1970s
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