Compelling Thirst - Alcoholism

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Compelling Thirst - Alcoholism is a short film from ca. 1965 - 1966 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

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Compelling Thirst - Alcoholism
Produced byKSD-TV
Distributed byKSD-TV
Release date
ca. 1965 - 1966
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Shot List

  • On alcoholism
  • Stock shots to be logged. Apparently filmed in New York City and St. Louis, Missouri
  • Tracking shot down New York city street past bars and restaurants.
  • Drinking/drunk people in public on city streets.
  • 0:6:37 "an alcoholic person is a person who must totally abstain from alcohol or drink to excess; there is no middle..."
  • Tracking shot down Midwestern or Eastern suburban street
  • Misc. anonymous buildings and entrances
  • Anonymous people speaking at Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (no faces shown); coffee maker in foreground
  • Pan over St. Louis, Missouri skyline; Gateway Arch in view
  • Cars on freeway, 3 lanes, toward camera, seen from overhead bridge
  • Closeup fingers typing, old-time tabulating calculator
  • Man being walked into jail cell
  • VS jail cells in St. Louis