Good Health Practices (Part 2)

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Good Health Practices (Part 2) is a short film from 1953 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Shows Judy and Jim's good health practices related to teeth, eyes, ears, nose, and posture. The setting is a vacation day spent at home and at the beach. Emphasizes the importance of one's senses in many everyday pleasures. In the evening Judy and Jim continue good health practices while eating, studying, watching television, and going to bed.

shots: birds at a bird feeder; ship anchored in harbor; waves breaking; seagull; children looking out windows; children eating breakfast; toothpaste; brushing teeth; child at dentist with mouth wide open getting examined; child makes appointment at doctor's office; cracking nuts on a rock; kids lying on the beach; the foam of the surf on the beach; beach flora; sea anemone; P.O.V. nearsighted boy without his glasses on; boy puts his eyeglasses; brightly patterned beach umbrella; boy gets something in his eye, mother gets it out with a tissue; old television; children sit and watch; chair sitting posture; Mom washes vegetables in sink; little boy and little girl go to bed sunset "did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to blow your nose? You should blow it on one side at a time." "Judy has to see her friend the dentist before she goes to the beach. She knows that he will be pleased with the way she's taken care of her gums and teeth."

18:42:54:26 1950s boy and girl, older sister, young brother wearing glasses, at breakfast table, each with glass of milk and juice; CU girl eating cereal, hard-boiled egg in plate beside bowl; CU boy takes drink of milk and smiles.

18:43:24:04 CU girl about 12 years old looks at her teeth in the mirror; CU disembodied hands squeeze toothpaste from tube onto tooth brush; CU VS girl brushing teeth; CU girl at dentists, disembodied hand of dentists looks inside girls mouth with mirror.

18:44:39:24 Boy about 6 years old wearing bathing suit sitting on beach opens brown paper bag; boy pulls apple out of bag; boy opens mouth and pulls on loose tooth, two front teeth are already missing.

18:44:50:09 CU disembodied hand uses rock to crack chestnut.

18:45:25:03 CU arrangement of two oranges, green and red apple, disembodied hands green apple then orange.

18:45:31:05 Low-angle girl holding thermos drinks from thermos cup, gargles and spits out liquid. 18:46:10:22 CU disembodied hand picks up and inspects piece of seaweed on sand.

18:46:47:17 Great shot little boy about 6 and older sister about 12 on beach towel, girl points to something in distance; boy puts on glasses; LS freighter steamship in distance.

18:48:18:10 Girl runs up little hill and waves train speeding by leaving trail of white smoke, foothills behind train, probably in Southern California.

18:49:34:14 Girl about 13 walks up to bookshelf to replace book then turns on television set beside bookshelf for younger brother about 7 wearing glasses, boy sits in chair and watches television.

18:50:05:08 VS Girl sits down at desk and does homework; girl pulls out notebook and begins to write with pencil; camera pans up girl seated at desk from foot to head.

18:50:40:14 1950s mother holding knife and bowl of vegetable walks up to sink; CU woman washing leafy green vegetable, broccoli and carrots in sink.

18:51:09:24 Boy in pajamas walks into frame, puts glasses in glasses case and places them on nightstand, gets into bed and turns off lamp in headboard of bed; girl tucks in baby doll in crib beside her bed then goes to sleep.

Good Health Practices (Part 2)
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Avis Films
Distributed byAvis Films
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