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Invisible Protectors, The is a short film from 1956 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

21:45:00:15 1Man wearing suit walks out of flower shop carrying a bouquet of flowers, pauses in front of camera to inspect his bouquet, then walks out of frame.

21:45:12:28 VS MS man walking up sidewalk carrying a bouquet of flowers, water spills on man from storefront overhang; soaked man throws his bouquet on the ground; MS store owner mouth agape looks shocked; pan down man in suited covered in water and dirt.

21:45:31:20 1Woman enters living room carrying coffeepot; woman pours her friend a cup of coffee, young boy plays with a ball on the floor and causes his mother to spill coffee on the couch, woman runs out of the room to get cleaning supplies; CU disembodied hand scrubs stain on couch cushion.

21:46:19:08 Pan over Dow Corning silicone plant in Midland, Michigan; MS staircase leading through maze of pipes in plane, worker wearing white jumpsuit and hard hat walks up the stairs, text Syl-Mer For Fabrics Sylflex for Leather superimposed over shot.

21:46:42:14 MS woman in laboratory with various instruments and two spinning wheels that look like spokes with cans attached; woman attaches water repellant fabrics to clamp, woman pours water through funnel onto fabric; CU water being sprinkled onto water resistant fabric in ring-shaped clamp; man enters laboratory smoking cigarette, man exhales cigarette into fabric showing air pass through the fabric, man exhales cigarette smoke through fabric a second time.

21:47:19:17 CU Sylmer labels on fabric samples.

Invisible Protectors, The
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Handy (Jam) Organization
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