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Operation Cue (1964 revision) is a short film from 1964 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Points out the contrast between the Nevada test in 1955 and present nuclear devices.

20:00:46:00 Operation Cue 1964 revision 14104

20:00:09:00 wide shot - pan of Nevada desert - looks almost painted (20:20:24:00)

20:02:39:00 med shot - exterior of building with Civil Defense Operations sign - man runs in front of it to get in jeep - lady with head scarf and hand bag walks calmly to door (20:02:47:00)

20:02:51:00 CU of Civil Defense Operations sign (20:02:53:00)

20:03:23:00 med wide shot of two construction workers building structure in middle of desert (20:03:27:00)

20:03:42:00 med shot of mannequins in shelter (20:03:45:00)

20:03:47:00 med wide shot of plain white prefab house in the middle of nowhere (20:03:50:00) 20:03:51:00 MCU of window of house (20:03:54:00)

20:04:10:00 med shot of man working on electrical lines - high up on telephone poles (20:04:13:00) 20:04:14:00 another med shot of man working on electrical lines (20:04:20:00) 20:04:21:00 another med wide shot of man working on power lines (20:04:27:00) 20:04:28:00 dramatic shots of electrical substation equipment against intense blue sky (20:04:33:00) more substation shots 20:05:06:00 med shot of two men testing radio equipment (20:05:13:00)

20:05:48:00 aerial wide shot of two story house in the middle of desert - surrounded by cars and trucks, radio tower, etc. (20:05:55:00)

20:06:01:00 med shot of single story suburban house in desert - almost looks normal (20:06:05:00) 20:06:06:00 med wide shot of brick two-story house with car parked next to it (20:06:12:00) 20:06:13:00 wide shot of white bunker-like house (20:03:17:00) 20:06:28:00 med wide shot of two-story white frame house with brick chimney (20:06:31:00) 20:06:32:00 med shot of man on ladder painting window of house (20:06:39:00) 20:06:40:00 aerial traveling shot over bunker style houses (20:06:45:00) 20:06:54:00 MCU of man carrying male mannequin into house, others follow with more mannequins (20:07:00:00) 20:07:01:00 med shot of living room with mannequins (20:07:08:00) 20:07:09:00 MCU of lady mannequin 20:07:11:00 med shot of man dressing lady mannequins (20:07:12:00) 20:07:20:00 CU of lady mannequin outdoors 20:07:22:00 med shot of row of mannequins 20:07:26:00 MCU of male mannequin in suit 20:07:29:00 CU of lady mannequin outside 20:07:31:00 CU of another male mannequin (20:07:33:00) 20:07:33:00 MCU of Grandma s Pantry - boxes of canned food (20:07:42:00) 20:07:43:00 MCU of man rummaging around in fridge (20:07:48:00) 20:07:49:00 med pan of well-stocked pantry (20:08:00:00)

20:08:01:00 CU of box of canned food, man s hands filling box with food (20:08:08:00) 20:08:09:00 med shot of three men burying boxes in the desert - landscape and red pick-up visible behind them (20:08:17:00) 20:08:19:00 MCU of men s hands burying canned goods in narrow crates in dirt (20:08:25:00) 20:08:26:00 med wide shot of men burying canned goods, desert visible behind them (20:08:30:00) 20:08:36:00 wide shot of road in desert - tour buses driving along it - early morning light (20:08:38:00) 20:08:39:00 med pan of media stakeout (20:08:47:00) 20:08:48:00 more med shots of media, Civil Defense workers 20:09:01:00 MCU of man in CD hat sitting in van marked Casualty Control (20:09:02:00) 20:09:03:00 med wide shot of troop/civil defense workers hopping in and out of jeeps (20:09:07:00) 20:09:08:00 med shot of troops heading down into trench in desert (20:09:12:00) 20:09:13:00 med shot of men in line for coffee - media stakeout (20:09:18:00) 20:09:24:00 CU of loudspeaker - H-minus one minute! Put on your goggles! 20:09:28:00 med shot of row of people putting on goggles (20:09:33:00)

20:09:34:00 wide shot of desert - ominous orange light (20:09:37:00)

20:09:38:00 med shot of two-story house at night (20:09:40:00) 20:09:41:00 med shot of row of troops in open trench 20:09:42:00 CU of lady mannequin 20:09:45:00 MCU of soldier in open trench (20:09:47:00) 20:09:53:00 med shot of observers, media lit up by explosion (20:09:55:00) 20:10:02:00 wide shot of house, propane station exploding (20:10:09:00) 20:10:10:00 med shot of electrical station exploding (20:10:16:00) 20:10:18:00 med shot of single story house exploding (20:10:22:00) 20:10:23:00 med wide shot of two-story house exploding (20:10:28:00) 20:10:29:00 med wide shot of bunker-style house exploding (20:10:34:00) 20:10:35:00 med shot interior of exploding house - boy mannequin by window (20:10:40:00)

20:10:41:00 med wide shot - man and woman get out of shiny red convertible, look at destroyed house (20:10:48:00) 20:10:49:00 wide aerial shot of numerous parked trucks, cars - hordes of people in area with wreckage (20:10:53:00) 20:10:54:00 med shot- slow pan of rubble (20:11:12:00) 20:11:13:00 med shot of bunker-style house with windows blown out (20:11:19:00) 20:11:20:00 med wide shot of burned shell of two-story house (20:11:23:00) 20:11:28:00 MCU of burned out window (20:11:30:00) 20:11:31:00 med shot - worker approaches closet where mannequins are set up - looks in, then walks away (20:11:38:00) 20:11:39:00 med wide shot of man looking at wreckage of house (20:11:46:00) 20:11:47:00 med shot of man entering ruins of house (20:11:51:00) 20:11:52:00 med wide shot - pan of desert area with crowds of people standing around, electrical towers crumbled, etc. (20:11:57:00)

20:12:30:00 med wide shot - pan of desert area - numerous downed power lines, poles (20:12:39:00) 20:12:40:00 med shot of men working on power station (20:12:47:00) 20:12:58:00 CU of lady mannequin, post-blast (20:13:01:00) 20:13:02:00 CU of man s hand s lifting mannequin s skirt to show pattern imprint (20:13:08:00) 20:13:09:00 MCU of male mannequin - post-blast 20:13:11:00 MCU of hands showing damage to suit (20:13:14:00)

20:13:16:00 aerial wide shot - pan of lines of people waiting female VO - The mass feeding group had been improvising to feed the test observers. (20:13:24:00) 20:13:25:00 med shot of outdoor food preparations female VO - These cans could have been salvaged from demolished buildings... (20:13:28:00) 20:13:29:00 med shot of numerous oil barrels - men standing around them female VO - and used for preparing meat. (20:13:33:00) 20:13:34:00 MCU of oil barrels - hands lifting one barrel 20:13:36:00 med shot of outdoor mass feeding line female VO - As I watched the people eating, I realized that mass feeding would be an important job... 20:13:42:00 MCU of people eating from trays female VO - ... for civil defense. (20:13:44:00) 20:13:45:00 med wide shot of wreckage - two men, one lady - lady walks up to destroyed house 20:13:49:00 female VO - This time, it was only a test, a well-planned test, not a real attack. (20:13:59:00)

20:14:08:00 med shot of workers in white outfits searching through wreckage (20:14:11:00)

20:14:12:00 med shot of workers removing charred mannequin from wreckage (20:14:15:00)

Operation Cue (1964 revision)
Produced byU.S. Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense
U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense
Distributed byU.S. Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense
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