Science in Action 131 Modern Wonder Drugs

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Science in Action 131 Modern Wonder Drugs is a short film from 1953 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Science in Action Episode 131 "Modern Wonder Drugs" What science is learning in the never ending search for life saving antibiotics.

Science in Action 131 Modern Wonder Drugs
Produced byCalifornia Academy of Sciences
California Academy of Sciences
Distributed byCalifornia Academy of Sciences
Release date
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More Details

ep 131 Modern Wonder Drugs 12/8/1953 Pratt, Dr. Robertson (Associate Professor of Pharmacognosy) "What science is learning in the never ending search for life saving antibiotics." (Hellbender Salamander)

Shot List

16:29:17:19 VS men in white lab coats working in chemistry laboratory.

16:20:03:25 Reenactment of ancient Chinese doctor using early antibiotic treatment on man lying on back; two white men playing Chinese men.

16:31:01:27 Great footage with Dr. Robertson Pratt co-author of book Antibiotics. Dr. Pratt interviewed at desk with microscope in front of him. Pratt uses model to demonstrate how antibiotics work. Men look at soy bean curd under microscope and penicillin.

16:40:16:21 Three scientists, one in suit two in lab coats, one female, standing alongside table as female scientists prepares samples on Petri dishes. Great sound bite from scientist �You know the interesting her is, is that the soil instead of being reservoir of disease as it has been considered in the past, actually is a potential resource for these antibiotics.� �Yes, very true. For thousands of years men have been searching for remedies to cure their ills�in many instances the cure lay at their feet, in the soil.�

16:43:18:29 Scientist in lab coat grabs two chickens; CU two chickens squirming in scientist�s hands, larger chicken treated with antibiotics. CU young Salmon in tank.

16:47:18:20 CU wood rack holding six glass test tubes with cotton filling top of tube; four test tubes with murky liquid in bottom, two clear; disembodied hand lifts two at a time examples of the test tubes with cloudy and clear liquid.

16:49:31:24 Pan across line of dozens of various sized and shaped bottles of antibiotics

16:49:40:27 Two men, one in lab coat stand in front of Life Expectancy chart ranging from 1900 to 1950 showing gradual increase in life expectancy; disembodied hand holding pencil points on points on chart ending with life expectancy near 70 in 1950.

16:51:08:18 CU scientist introduces the animal of the week, the hellbender, a giant salamander. VS hellbender poked by stick in aquarium. VS disembodied hands of scientist restrain giant Japanese salamander out of water and point out its anatomical features. Scientist declares the hellbender good to eat.