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Potentially Harmful Content
EFW acknowledges that movies from our recent past often contain harmful language that reflect the bigotry, misogyny, colonialism, and white supremacy that we continue to struggle with today. We have not altered or modified the records of the original historical media. If you are seeing this notification on a Moving Image entry, it is likely that a contributor recognized dehumanizing content within that movie.


The NY Herald Tribune World Youth Forum is a series of films hosted by Person:Helen Hiett Waller, a white adult, with teenage panels "from around the world." The panels feature four older children selected by the NY Herald Tribune, using a variety of criteria, including physical attractiveness and ability to speak English.

The series endeavors to discuss prejudice, with a primary focus being to assert false equivalence between white supremacy and efforts to resist systemic oppression. Subjects include: "Prejudice against America," "Prejudice against Great Britain," "Is prejudice bad?," and "Why aren't the people subjugated by colonialism more polite to us?"

Young Worlds

Young Worlds is a series produced by WCBS-TV from 1959 and later rebranded as World We Want by WOR-TV.

The World We Want

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