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122 Eyes is a short film from 1958 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

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122 Eyes
Produced byPremier Film and Recording Corporation
Premier Film and Recording Corporation
Distributed byPremier Film and Recording Corporation
Release date
Running time
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11:42:58:07 VS aerials of St. Louis; VS shot from plane on runway and pulling up to the main terminal of airport in St. Louis; VS inside St. Louis airport in 1950s.

11:43:54:20 VS people walking along sidewalk in shopping district; VS St. Louis slums

11:44:13:22 Slow zoom in on girl lying in bed of filthy room, bare bulb hanging down above her, girl with dirty face reaches for glass of water; MS sick girl in bed coughing, filthy face.

11:44:44:01 Very old woman holding large cane sits at table and pours herself bow of Corn Flakes cereal; MS old woman eating cereal; LS old woman gets up from table.

11:45:32:24 VS St. Louis slums, little girls run up the sidewalk

11:45:46:15 CU group of boy s grab bricks lying in street next to curb; VS five teenage boys carrying bricks walk up sidewalk, the smallest boy smokes a cigarette, two wearing leather jackets; boys throw bricks throw glass window of store then run off.

11:46:26:18 LS lightening in storm clouds; pan up tornado

11:46:33:16 CU small 1950s radio next to an ash tray, on audio track radio music is interrupted by a sig. alert we interrupt this program for a special announcement. Tornado warnings have been issued for the St. Louis area ; cut to VS tornado

11:47:12:05 CU St. Louis Globe-Democrat, newspaper headline reads 6 Killed, 100 Hurt by Tornadoes ; VS damage from tornado; destroyed homes; cars totaled in off side of highway

11:47:25:12 MS child poor dirty child breathing heavily in bed then coughs.

11:47:31:07 Old woman holding cane, sewing machine in background, eats cereal from bowl

11:47:40:02 Street gang of teenage kids walking up sidewalk carrying bricks.

11:47:45:26 Aerial of St. Louis after big tornado; VS young men sorting through rubble after tornado; long pan over St. Louis

11:48:26:04 Red Cross Emergency crew serving food; VS Red Cross cafeteria

11:48:40:10 CU disembodied hands of woman typing on teletype machine; VS men and woman working in Red Cross communication center, answering phones; women reading printouts from rows of telegraph machines

11:48:56:26 African American boy wearing white T-shirt with holes uses a drill press with United Fund Agencies sign above it

11:49:40:20 Sick child wearing hospital gown rolls out of bed and reaches for glass of water; nurse comes and checks on child; nurse walks away from child then looks into camera and asks for viewer support of the United Fund; nurse turns and tucks in children in hospital beds, camera zooms out.