1952 Chevrolet Advertising

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1952 Chevrolet Advertising is a short film from 1951 released on 35mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

PA-0603 shot list:

20:43:35:23 Great shot of 1950s U.S. Air Force F5-028 army jet plane does 360 degree spin.

20:43:52:19 CU low-angle 1950s baseball player takes swing at ball; his jersey reads Wayne.

20:46:45:03 Yellow Chevrolet truck drives straight toward camera until shot is extreme CU of Chevrolet logo on hood of truck.

20:47:07:15 CU of U.S. Mailbox, hand opens mailbox, removes newspaper, then closes mailbox.

20:47:11:07 CU hand tunes 1950s model Zenith radio.

20:47:52:29 CU various newspapers from 1952: The Knoxville News-Sentinel, The Dallas Morning News, Birmingham. Fragments of headlines include such words as: U.N. Will Strike , Subs Seen.

20:48:06:28 Pan down 1952 Chevrolet advertisement with cartoon of Black Navy man looking into periscope or telescope with text below I ve seen the world! now I ve set my sights on the New Chevrolet for 52

20:48:21:10 Pan down advertisement with cartoon of muscular male lifeguard with arms crossed and woman drowning in background and text below Not moving a muscle till I ve seen the New Chevrolet for 52.

20:48:47:17 CU 1950s model Zenith radio.

20:49:48:21 CU hand holds BW photographs of Chevrolet advertising party; hand places prints white envelope and seals the envelope.

20:50:52:17 Pan across cursive written text left to right: It s big Bright and Beautiful!

20:51:27:02 Wall clock on blue wall reads 10:00; beneath clock is Stand By sign with red lit letters in box.

20:51:56:10 CU Chevrolet radio inside 1950s Chevrolet.

PA-0621 shot list:

Great compilation of stock Chevrolet advertising materials for 1952

18:02:30:30:26 Various illustrations of Chevrolet advertisements: Chevrolet for economical transportation - the only complete low-priced car ; for economical transportation Chevrolet Quality at Low Cost ; for economical transportation Chevrolet The Smoothest Chevrolet in History

18:03:01:25 Zoom out from CU on newspaper headlines and clippings: Ben Berlin Chevrolet ; Robot Stops Cars in Test . VS magazines Life and Post opened to pictures of Chevrolet sponsored soapbox derby race in magazines CU hand with razor cutting out picture.

18:03:36:01 CU sequence of various takes on the Chevrolet logo on different signs and in different advertisements. Eleven examples of Chevrolet logos.

18:04:11:14 Large orange 1950s M.A.T. (Middle Atlantic Transportation Co., Inc) makes right hand turn toward camera.

18:04:19:08 VS Chevrolet full page paper advertisements stacked one on top of the other.

18:05:19:27 CU cartoon of traffic light changing from red to green signals.

18:06:29:15 CU POV shot focused on 1950 style metal microphone with blurry paper held in hand behind it.

1952 Chevrolet Advertising
Produced byHandy (Jam) Organization
Handy (Jam) Organization
Distributed byHandy (Jam) Organization
Release date
Running time
2 reels
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