500,000 to One

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500,000 to One is a short film from 1954 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Did you know that if a pair of flies was left to breed unhindered for six months, the contiguous U.S. would be buried beneath a stratum of files 4 1/2 feet deep? Thankfully, "chemical warfare" against our "insect enemies" will ensure that we never have to suffer such indignities resulting from "our civilized ways of life." "Man is not doomed to extinction by the insects!" Many excellent XCUs of bugs and of animals eating bugs; bug spraying of fields, orchards, flowers and household pets; a housewife waving a flyswatter in a kitchen; garbage collectors; fish being dumped out of a bucket into a lake.

500,000 to One
Produced byAtlas Film Corporation
Atlas Film Corporation
Distributed byAtlas Film Corporation
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