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ABC's of...Defensive Driving Tactics, The is a short film released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

21:43:35:00 The ABCs of...Defensive Driving Tactics 22924

21:43:56:00 MCU of stoplight turning red - sound of screeching brakes, crash (21:44:00:00) 21:44:01:00 med wide shot of suburban house with car parked in driveway VO - The accident actually began to happen while the car was parked at home. (21:44:07:00) 21:44:08:00 CU of man s hand on coffee cup - very short 21:44:09:00 CU of angry man s face 21:44:11:00 CU of older woman arguing with husband (curlers in hair) 21:44:13:00 CU of man arguing with wife VO - And the driver was supposed to be having breakfast 21:44:15:00 CU of woman - camera pans down face to mouth - fighting with husband 21:44:17:00 CU of man covering lower face with hand, glaring at wife 21:44:19:00 CU of woman s mouth yelling at husband 21:44:20:00 CU of wall ornament of two chickens pecking each other on the cheek (?) 21:44:21:00 med shot of husband and wife fighting in kitchen - wife in robe and curlers 21:44:22:00 CU of coffee cup breaking on floor 21:44:24:00 CU of wife looking down, yelling 21:44:26:00 extreme CU of chickens on wall ornament ( hen-pecked I think is the not-so-subtle suggestion) 21:44:28:00 med shot of man walking toward car in driveway 21:44:30:00 MCU of angry man getting in car VO - The accident might have stopped at this point, but it didn t. (21:44:34:00) 21:44:35:00 MCU of car backing out of driveway VO - It continued to develop. 21:44:37:00 med shot of car nearly backing over little girl with ball (21:44:39:00) 21:44:40:00 CU of girl that was nearly run over Girl - What s the matter with you!?! 21:44:42:00 med shot of car driving away from girl, girl staring at driver (21:44:43:00) 21:44:44:00 CU of man s face driving, talking to self 21:44:47:00 POV shot, MCU back of man s head, road ahead of him 21:44:50:00 med shot of man driving car (21:44:52:00) 21:44:53:00 med wide view of road, opposing traffic - driver s POV 21:44:56:00 MCU of driver - talking to self 21:44:59:00 med shot of another car driving down suburban street 21:45:01:00 same shot - near-accident with first car (21:45:03:00) screeching brakes, honking 21:45:04:00 CU of man s face driving - looks angry man s VO - Why should I put up with that kind of stuff?!? I ll take off for the South Seas... 21:45:08:00 med wide shot - driver s POV framed by interior of car man s VO - I ll show her! 21:45:10:00 same shot - instead of road, med shot of native woman doing hula dance appears (21:45:13:00) 21:45:14:00 MCU of man in Hawaiian shirt, drinking tropical drink amid palm trees 21:45:17:00 camera pans over to hula dancer (21:45:20:00) 21:45:21:00 CU of man driving - now smiling 21:45:25:00 driver s POV of interior/dashboard of car, road ahead VO - Only a few blocks from home... 21:45:27:00 MCU of traffic light turning red 21:45:28:00 med wide shot of brown car driving opposite direction 21:45:29:00 med wide shot of white car driving through intersection 21:45:30:00 CU of driver s face looking horrified 21:45:31:00 CU of red light sounds of car crash (21:45:34:00) 21:45:35:00 POV shot from driver s seat - car being towed VO - In stead of going to the South Seas... 21:45:40:00 med shot of tow truck towing smashed-up car VO - ...Mac went to the hospital. 21:45:43:00 more POV shot from drivers seat - car being towed - steering wheel broken VO - Accidents can be traced back... 21:45:46:00 CU of wife s face appears in windshield VO - the big argument,... 21:45:49:00 CU of inside of medicine cabinet, hand reaches for bottle, mirrored door closed, revealing woman s unhappy face VO - ...ill-health (21:45:53:00) 21:45:54:00 CU of young woman 21:45:56:00 MCU - looking up at yelling man 21:45:57:00 med shot of young woman and desk, man standing yelling at her 21:45:59:00 MCU of woman rolling over in bed VO - ...even a sleepless night. 21:46:01:00 MCU of wheels of car driving along street VO - Or failure to keep the car in good running condition. (21:46:05:00) 21:46:06:00 CU of angry breakfast man driving VO - Then there are the more immediate causes 21:46:10:00 MCU - POV shot - back of driver s head, road framed by car interior 21:46:12:00 same shot - CU of hula dancer appears instead of road 21:46:16:00 funky transition to med shot of smashed-up car (looking back from tow truck) (21:46:20:00) 21:46:21:00 med shot of woman driver - smiling - camera zooms in on her face VO - And nowadays, driving is so automatic, we re apt... 21:46:25:00 MCU of woman driver - big grin on her face VO - see other things, and not what s in the road ahead... 21:46:28:00 funky transition to med shot of chandelier, camera pans over to spiral staircase as woman comes gliding down it, wrapped in fur stole and evening dress (21:46:33:00) 21:46:34:00 CU of woman s face through windshield, screaming, closing eyes - sounds of honking, screeching 21:46:35:00 very quick shot of car stopping, blurry driver POV of road - camera moving erratically -cut to black (21:46:37:00) 21:46:38:00 MCU of stop sign VO - And then there s the last link in the fatal chain... (21:46:41:00) 21:46:42:00 med wide shot of stop sign on hilly suburban street two white cars have near-accident in intersection (21:46:48:00) 21:46:49:00 med shot - green car swerves in front of camera, comes to stop, camera pulls up behind it (as if in car) (21:46:54:00) 21:46:55:00 wide shot of small town/suburban shopping street - late 60s car 21:46:57:00 CU of stop light as it changes from yellow to red (21:46:58:00) 21:46:59:00 med shot - camera pulls along side convertible with young blond teen girl driving (21:47:03:00) 21:47:04:00 CU of blond teen girl driver (21:47:06:00) 21:47:07:00 MCU of young guy in suit driving red convertible (21:47:10:00) 21:47:11:00 med shot - interior of convertible as young guy driver as another car swerves in front of him and makes a crazed left turn - guy stares after him (21:47:15:00) 21:47:16:00 med shot of road - red car and pink car in adjacent lanes, driving toward camera- green car swerves out of pink car s lane toward red car (21:47:21:00) 21:47:22:00 MCU of cute blond girl in convertible (21:47:24:00) 21:47:25:00 CU of woman driving convertible, trying to fix hair in the rearview (2!:47:27:00) 21:47:32:00 MCU of young convertible guy driving - 21:47:34:00 MCU of convertible guy from behind, part of road visible 21:47:36:00 camera pans over to car in adjacent lane speeding 21:47:37:00 POV from speeding car of guy in red convertible 21:47:40:00 med shot - convertible guy s hands on steering wheel as speedy car swerves into his lane (21:47:47:00) 21:47:56:00 MCU of convertible guy squinting in sun - where are his sunglasses? (21:48:00:00) 21:48:09:00 med shot of station wagon parallel parking on busy street (camera positioned as if in car behind egregious SF driver) (21:48:13:00) 21:48:14:00 med wide shot of road - car pulls away from curb in front of camera (21:48:18:00) 21:48:30:00 CU of blond convertible-girl (21:48:33:00) 21:48:34:00 med wide shot of road - one car swerves into other car s lane, the makes right turn - honking and screeching - camera follows offensive driver as he drives down wrong side of street (21:48:40:00) 21:48:41:00 MCU of convertible-guy driving (21:48:44:00) 21:49:27:00 med wide shot of busy intersection - looks like Southern Cal - LA? (21:49:32:00) 21:49:33:00 med shot of pilots in flight deck (21:49:37:00) 21:49:38:00 wide shot of jet in the sky (21:49:40:00) 21:49:41:00 med wide shot of red convertible on highway - camera slowly pulls along side guy driving (21:49:50:00) 21:50:19:00 driver s POV - convertible guy driving, view of freeway framed by convertible interior (21:50:22:00) 21:50:39:00 wide shot - of residential LA-ish intersection - top of convertible visible at bottom of screen - another car pulls into intersection - blond girl s head visible as convertible stops, allows two road hogs to cross intersection (21:50:46:00) 21:50:47:00 MCU profile of convertible guy on freeway (21:50:52:00) 21:51:02:00 driver POV - view of road framed by steering wheel, car interior - car weaves through traffic (21:52:06:00) 21:51:32:00 MCU of guy in suit and cop discussing/comparing something - maybe syncing watches (21:51:34:00) 21:51:47:00 driver s POV - driving through tree-lined suburban neighborhood ((21:51:52:00) 21:52:22:00 MCU of offensive driver - camera pulls back as car speeds off (21:52:29:00) 21:52:30:00 MCU of older man in passenger seat 21:52:33:00 CU of man s hands writing on clipboard could be driving test (21:52:35:00) 21:52:40:00 med shot of car passing on freeway entrance ramp (?) (21:52:42:00) 21:52:51:00 med wide shot of freeway - aggressive driver pulls in from of 18-wheeler, weaves in and out of lane (21:52:56:00)

21:53:09:00 med shot from back seat - out window at other cars, Chicago downtown (21:53:12:00) 21:53:13:00 wide shot of busy city street - screeching tires as camera (as if in car) comes to an abrupt halt behind another car (21:53:18:00) 21:53:29:00 MCU of hands writing on clipboard in passenger seat 21:53:30:00 driver s POV of fairly busy street - anxiety-building music (21:53:32:00)

21:53:43:00 med shot of traffic cops - one signals to car (21:53:44:00) 21:53:51:00 wide shot of residential street - traffic cop in street gestures to station wagon (21:53:53:00) 21:53:54:00 MCU of gesturing traffic cop (21:53:55:00) more shots of bad driving - with titling, e.g. - 60 Lane Changes

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ABC's of...Defensive Driving Tactics, The
Produced byCahill (Charles) & Company
Cahill (Charles) & Company
Distributed byCahill (Charles) & Company
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