ADT - When Every Minute Counts

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ADT - When Every Minute Counts is a short film from 1958 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

not all logged VS fire engines leaving firehouse; people fighting fires

ADT - When Every Minute Counts
Produced byFairbanks (Jerry) Productions
Fairbanks (Jerry) Productions
Distributed byFairbanks (Jerry) Productions
Release date
Running time
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shot list

  • Pan over fire hazards in warehouse, flames flaring up in cardboard box waste on floor
  • Same fire; MS of flames flaring up
  • VS exterior night shots of large building fires
  • CU sprinkler shooting off
  • CU hands turning large valve wheel
  • CU hands turning another, smaller valve wheel
  • Exterior night shot of warehouse building, unattended
  • GS ADT central station alarm facility
  • CU red light flashes; operators read signal on paper tape; check codes in signal book and notify Fire Department
  • CU paper tape being printed off machine
  • CU feet and shoes running across frame
  • CU hands turning large, red sprinkler valve wheel
  • Aero fire alert system
  • Teletherm system
  • VS men working in foundry
  • CU camera moves towards vent in wall (good)
  • CU hand pulling private fire alarm set into marble wall
  • CU hands maintaining fire alarm boxes; complicated analog machinery
  • MS night watchman (elderly Caucasian) walking through dark factory, shining flashlight around him (good); he yawns; he stretches, leans down to pick up comic book off floor
  • MCU night watchman retrained, and running drill press, smiling
  • VS alarm going off at ADT central station (natural sound); Klaxon horn sounding in background
  • Pan over windows of deserted factory/warehouse at night; criminal in trenchcoat breaks window and climbs in (GOOD)
  • CU door with gold lettering: Chief of Police slow pan into door
  • Night Ext. Man with flashlight prowling around fenced yard at night
  • CU he starts to cut fence with wire cutters
  • CU alarm board and red light flashing at ADT central station; operators verify signal and call police
  • CU police dispatcher hangs up phone; dispatches 459 silent call over microphone
  • CU/LS police in squad car hear call; start car and drive off
  • CU armed ADT guard in red car hears call; starts off
  • CU headlights of police car and ADT car driving to scene (night exts.)
  • Animated drawing showing path of burglar into factory complex; shows him breaking beam of light and sending signal
  • ADT dispatchers receiving alarm call
  • More animated drawings showing vulnerabilities of buildings skylights, windows, etc.; small figure trying to break in
  • VS police car driving; police officers bursting out of car with flashlights and guns (exterior night)
  • Another animated drawing showing cutaway inside building; burglar trips ultrasonic alarm system
  • Another animated drawing of safecracker
  • MS safe (surrounded by ultrasonic field)
  • VS other safes protected
  • GS safe deposit vault
  • CU Protected by ADT sign
  • [end]