A Way To Grow Reel 2 B

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A Way To Grow Reel 2 B is a short film released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

A Way To Grow Reel 2 B by Fairview State Hospital School

A Way To Grow Reel 2 B
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More Details

Fairview State Hospital School

Fairview Developmental Center (FDC) officially opened on January 5, 1959, under the name of Fairview State Hospital. It is located in Costa Mesa, California, a city that is the cultural and commercial center of Orange County. Originally, FDC occupied 752 acres and in 1979, much of the original land transferred to the city of Costa Mesa. FDC‘s beautiful park-like campus sits surrounded on three sides by a 36-hole golf course, built on land sold to the city. Facilities within this community include a work activity center, auditorium, park, recreational campsite and library. Plans are in place to create an outdoor music park. The climate in Costa Mesa is mild, with ocean breezes making FDC a very pleasant place to live and work.

Admissions to FDC require a court order and are limited to the Southern STAR acute crisis center for individuals requiring short-term treatment and stabilization in order to return to their home in the community.

Services provided within the FDC community occur on a continuum and include 24-hour health care supervision, a structured medical, nursing and social/behavioral environment and a habilitation program designed to enhance their independence and life skills. Services also include training in daily living, vocational skill development, leisure, academic advancement, communication, mobility, socialization and community integration, both on campus and in community settings.


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