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About Faces is a short film from 1941 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Semi-dramatic film. Danny Smith's teeth prove they are in good condition. Shows how Danny took care of them. Also shows results of inadequate dental care.

22:12:11 MCU Man getting throat examined 22:12:37 MCU Audience members making strange faces as they are told to run their tongues over their teeth. 22:15:22 Small child getting teeth examines 22:16:20 July, August, September fly by on calendar 22:18:00 Establishing shot Bar, bartender and two men on stools 22:18:04 CU Bartender with bad teeth 22:18:09 CU First drunk with bad teeth 22:18:11 CU Second drunk with bad teeth 22:20:12

Establishing shot - Dentist's office with dentist. Nurse's view of patient's back in chair.

About Faces
Produced bySound Masters, Inc.
Sound Masters, Inc.
Distributed bySound Masters, Inc.
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