Adelante Cubanos

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Adelante Cubanos is a short film from ca. 1958 released on 35mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

On industry in Cuba: supports buying Cuban-made products and extols the joys of consumerism.

Apparently made in 1958 just prior to the revolution. Suburban home construction. Woman goes into beauty parlor, gets makeover. Woman shopping in supermarket. end title: "Este no es el principio"

main title: "Consumir lo que el pais produce es hacer patria"

Adelante Cubanos
Produced byProfessional Films (aka Profilms de Cuba)
Professional Films (aka Profilms de Cuba)
Distributed byProfessional Films (aka Profilms de Cuba)
Release date
ca. 1958
Running time
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