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Agricultural Aviation is a short film from 1955 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

VS cropduster over cotton fields

Agricultural Aviation
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Film Originals
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CU boll weevil on cotton boll CU Cartoon of boll weevil on airplane rudder GS US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC CU hand pouring contents of graduated cylinder into beaker VS agricultural research activities greenhouses, fields, chemicals, etc. VS biplanes dusting and spraying crops (good)

Some of this footage is quite scary Experimental cropduster

VS Black child looking at cotton, smelling bolls

VS CU boll weevils on cotton bolls MS workers picking cotton in fields, lugging bags, dumping bags of picked cotton onto trailer CU sprayer applying cotton defoliants to field (idea is to thin out vegetation by killing leaves) VS helicopters spraying defoliants in San Joaquin Valley, California CU bolls on defoliated plants Mechanical picker going thru field of rank and matted cotton Apple orchards in the Northwest: VS windfall damage and pre-harvest drop Worker inspecting apple from tree Helicopter landing and receiving filling of growth regulator chemicals 2,4,5 TP growth regulator for apples Helicopter spraying growth regulator as it flies over Northwest river ECU apple stems connecting apple to tree CU Northwest applies in boxes Biplane spraying DDT VS tobacco field and tobacco leaves CU tobacco leaves attacked by tobacco hornworm CU insect-infested corn field (killed by grasshoppers) Leaves and stalks with holes from insects CU tobacco leaves chewed by insects CU green pest on leaf Narrator: Insecticides are poisonous VS CU insect writhing after application of insecticides VS muddy wheat fields before planting Bags of fertilizer being loaded into airplane VS fertilizing wheatfield (wheat booster) in partly snowy wheat field VS weeds VS LS cropduster laying down weed emergence herbicides over field (good) Air-to-air shot showing plane spraying 2,4-D on field (moving shot) CU seeds bombed with 2,4-D LS two cropdusters marked Marsh ECU weeds, progressive shots after application of 2,4-D Narrator: Agricultural aviation is a young giant, rapidly coming of age. CU cotton being dumped into bin right by camera (good) Cropduster flying by camera (good)