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Airport America is a short film from 1954 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Advocates increased airport construction, especially in rural America. Describes the centrality of general aviation to the U.S. economy.

Airport America
Produced byFilm Originals
Film Originals
Distributed byFilm Originals
Release date
Running time
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Shot List

  • Many aerials of American townscapes, farms throughout
  • Steam train
  • Couple cranking and driving old cranked automobile (supposed to be 1903)
  • Rutted road
  • Crowded LA freeway many cars in one direction, few in another
  • The Stack near downtown LA
  • Old barnstorming pilot; well-dressed couple gets out of old biplane
  • Passengers at North Platte airport
  • VS crowds at airport
  • Passengers greeting plane
  • Skeletons of new terminal buildings under construction
  • VS aerials and street-level shots of small American towns (good)
  • Aerial small-town airport
  • Old yellow-cab station wagon pulling in at small-town airport
  • VS small-town airports
  • Sign: Vicksburg Airport, Vicksburg, Miss.
  • VS small private planes at small airports
  • Man whitewashing lines on stones to form control boundary at small airport
  • Aerials of rural airports
  • Construction and survey crews at small airports (VS)
  • VS harvestable crops (wheat sheaves)
  • VS wheat harvesting with 2 combines and trucks
  • Man painting cropduster sign South Carolina Aerial Surveying Service Inc.
  • VS man starting engine on biplane
  • VS biplane cropdusting
  • CU pilot with goggles looking into and onside of camera which is placed in cockpit of cropduster (good obsessive image showing cropdusting)
  • Farmer paying check to pilot
  • Airplane lands in field to deliver spare part to harvesting combine
  • (music same as Goodbye Mr. Roach hatching sequence)
  • VS harvesting and maintenance
  • VS burned tree trunks and timber post forest fire
  • Forest Service plane taking off at airstrip
  • VS Smokejumpers parachuting out of plane (seen from plane window looking back)
  • Air-to-air shot looking down on insect-spraying plane, spraying insecticide from both sings
  • Logger felling tree (Douglas fir?)
  • VS logging; trees breaking and falling
  • Logging truck with logs pulling away with sunset in background
  • Cart pulling gleaming plane out of hangar
  • VS runways from above
  • Le Tourneau marked on airplane rudder
  • Union Oil Company on airplane rudder
  • Businessmen leaving terminal building
  • Firestone HQ
  • Kraft Foods Company HQ
  • Men in white shirts and ties entering Raytheon corporate plane
  • Businessmen walking into Idaho National Bank
  • Aerial of open pit mining
  • Shot of smokestacks (good)
  • Workers leaving factory
  • VS heavy industry
  • CU oil well counterweight rotating
  • Oil well at sunset (good)
  • Man puts suitcase into luggage compartment of small plane marked Fitzpatrick Drilling Company
  • Two men unloading stretcher from red air ambulance
  • Another cropdusting shot
  • Airplane taxiing thru wheat field
  • Family getting into small plane
  • Couple with rifles getting into red plane (sportsmen)
  • Passengers leaving small plane marked Provincetown-Boston Airline
  • Small plane taxiing by hangar marked Aircraft Division
  • Aerial (low) of small town
  • Narrator: The air is the greatest freeway man will ever know. It doesn't have to be built or maintained. It touches every city and town.