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Moving Image:Alternatives
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Alternatives is a short film from 1958/12/00 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

[following shotlist references PA-0672]

09:01:16:21 Young man in plaid shirt hammers sign into ground City Rehousing Project No. 31.

09:08:43:21 VS expressionistic cartoon of man contemplating religion; man behind prison bars reads Bible; VS man contemplating religion within chaos of modern world; lots of various religious iconography, symbols, places of worship; man as soldier in the trenches afraid contemplating god and religion; patient and doctor; the farmer contemplates god s creation; doctor attends to sick and poor patients with religious humility; images of interconnectedness of world and globalization with reference to religious universals and constants like the sun; fields of grain.

09:20:50:06 Well lit shot, young man works in greenhouse with plants.

09:23:25:23 LS man lies in hospital bed shirtless white sheets covering him up to his chest. Doctor and nurse stand beside patient looking down at his right arm occluded by man s body. Mercury manometer inflatable cuff around man s left arm reading his blood pressure with meter on table beside him.

09:23:43:25 CU young man s head on pillow lying in hospital bed looks up with quiet look.

09:24:02:22 CU young man lies in hospital bed as female nurse with stethoscope takes man s blood pressure.

09:24:15:03 CU Young brown-haired man in hospital bed with head on pillow lies asleep, opens eyes and looks up.

[following shotlist references PA-0651]

Expressionistic still images comprise narrative of most of this film about religious tolerance.

18:22:35:09 White man showing poor Indian farmer how to use device with crank that pours a white powder, probably a fertilizer, onto his crop.

18:24:16:27 CU disembodied doctor s hands pulling back of glass pump drawing blood, glass tube fills with blood.

Produced byVisualscope
Distributed byVisualscope
Release date
Running time
865 feet
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