America Marching On: A Screen Editorial With Lowell Thomas

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Moving Image:America Marching On: A Screen Editorial With Lowell Thomas
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America Marching On: A Screen Editorial With Lowell Thomas is a short film from 1937 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

14:24:36:00 MS man with moustache in single-breasted 1930s style suit seated at desk speaks to camera: If there is one thing we are all interested in, it is our future. More than anything else, we want to how we are going to get on, earn more money, build better homes, have higher standards of living. One thing is certain our grandfather s never dreamed of the progress American industry has achieved in recent years.

14:35:00:07 VS industrial plants and factory.

14:35:30:08 Two men inside a mill dressed in eighteenth century garb sill down at a wooden table by candlelight and converse:

Some day John I ll have a big house, with two roofs. One for cooking, and another for soothing. And you, you will have a warm cabin of your own, with floor of boards, and perhaps even a bed, with a real cotton mattress, instead of your straw... 

14:38:54:12 VS of automated machinery in late eighteenth early nineteenth century flour mill; old man in suit walks through and inspects the mill.

14:39:19:03 Nice shot of bushels of grain in field and man guiding horse drawn cart full of grain past camera.

14:39:30:11 VS inside modern mill processing flour with modern machinery.

14:39:51:29 Great overlapping shot sequence fading in and out beginning with US map, backlit clouds in sky, CU man in cap frightened with hand over mouth, newspaper headline Stock Market Crash , CU man looking off into distance, headline Failures Spread Ruin, sign No Help Wanted, CU man s eyes, headline Trading At Standstill, sign Closed, headline Banks Close, Cu man in hot with concerned look reads paper then removes his glasses, headline Millions Out of Work; Want and Suffering Widespread, employment agency, headline Panic Grips Nation.

14:40:24:24 VS CU heavy foot traffic on sidewalk.

14:40:48:01 CU woman lifting shiny iron off ironing board; CU woman vacuuming shot from knees down.

14:40:59:11 CU hands polishing shoes on automatic machinery.

14:41:03:07 CU machine rapidly spinning spools of yarn.

14:41:14:02 VS 1930s woman shopping in department store; woman tries on fur.

14:41:20:07 Man with moustache wearing suit in 1930s fashion speaks to camera while seated at desk:

Yet it all seems so natural, that sometimes, you and I aren t fully aware of the vast industrial progress in which we take part. 

14:41:28:17 CU of 1914 car with smoke coming out of exhaust on hood passing camera.

14:41:39:22 VS busy city intersection crowded with 1920s and 1930s automobiles; policeman stands in middle of intersection directing traffic.

14:41:56:29 Family gathered around 1924 radio set with large horn shape speaker. Father seated next to the radio tunes the dial. Wife and daughter read in chairs.

14:42:02:27 Blonde woman sitting up in bed tunes compact modern 1930s radio on her nightstand.

14:42:07:27 VS CU 1930s compact radios.

14:42:13:08 1930s high-speed (diesel powered Silver Streak) train speeds past camera.

14:42:19:25 Commercial Mainliner plane on taxiing on runway.

14:42:24:05 Man in 1930s suit seated at desk speaks to camera; American flag superimposed on shot.

And so , this is the pattern of American progress, the only way to get ahead. Workers, management and money partners, striving together to produce a better product at a price more people can pay. And as they succeed all of us can have more of the good things in life, higher standards of living.

America Marching On: A Screen Editorial With Lowell Thomas
Produced byAudio Productions, Inc.
Audio Productions, Inc.
Distributed byAudio Productions, Inc.
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