And Then There Were Four

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And Then There Were Four is a short film from 1950 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

05:19:16:13 Carnation Ice Cream truck drives down suburban neighborhood street in the City of Los Angeles; VS Los Angeles residential neighborhoods.

05:20:05:24 VS 1950s cars on highway.

05:21:22:04 Mother kisses and says goodbye to little boy working on puzzle on kitchen table; mother says goodbye to daughter, then turns around and ask daughter what s wrong; CU girl in braids looks upset You didn t kiss me goodbye , mother grabs daughter and pushes her cheek against the girls Darling, darling, darling, mother didn t mean to. It s just, well this last year you ve had to help out so much, you ve been more like a sister than my little girl

05:22:12:27 Woman gets into 1950s car; daughter waves goodbye; car pulls off curb and is almost hit by another vehicle; CU girl jumps with fright.

05:23:12:19 1950s car drops of woman on side of street, car pulls back into traffic and narrowly escapes having an accident.

05:24:05:25 Teenage boy in big leather jacket runs into kitchen for breakfast; parents pester boy for eating in a hurry; mother complains while pouring cup of coffee the lawn likes like a hayfield , boy answers Ah Christmas! ; boy runs out of kitchen in hurry father perturbed by boys behavior remarks I hope it is one of those phases we hear about ; boy runs out of house and jumps into 1950s hot rod car, starts engine and speeds off.

05:25:35:29 Hispanic family with three kids at breakfast table; father puts on hat and jacket, speaking with accent tells wife maybe they can take the kids to the beach and cook hot dogs over the fire; kids cheer.

05:25:55:28 1950s gardener s truck pulls into gas station.

05:27:46:16 VS heavy traffic on Los Angeles highways.

05:28:24:26 Traffic light turns from green to yellow to red; VS CU people waiting for light in their cars.

05:29:30:01 CU street signs for intersection of Beverly Blvd. 3300 W. block and Commonwealth Ave. 100 S. block.

05:29:40:22 Los Angeles courthouse; VS in courthouse judge giving parking tickets; older man argues with judge; MS judge responds to man s complaints a wheel can kill a man as quick as a gun  ; man sentenced to jail or high school drivers ed course.

05:32:17:17 Rich old man seated at desk in high school classroom of driver s ed course; high school teacher draws line in chalk under words on blackboard Following too close in list of accident causes.

05:32:37:25 Rich old man in front of blackboard sits down at device to test reaction time; CU man s foot hits break

05:34:15:06 VS heavy traffic on 1950s Los Angeles highways at night, cars with headlights on.

05:35:23:16 Radio clock on table beneath lamp.

05:36:27:20 Zoom in to CU older woman s fearful eyes; smashed car bumper superimposed over shot.

05:36:51:06 Clock on table reads 6:37; camera zooms out to girl looking at clock then out window through blinds.

05:37:04:09 CU concerned girls face with braids and large brown eyes says to camera Momma s alright, she s always alright.

05:37:36:08 Woman runs out of kitchen to answer phone; CU worried woman on phone; extreme CU woman s worried eyes, superimposed flames from auto wreck over shot.

05:38:44:29 CU woman in hat, camera zooms into CU woman s worried eyes; spinning tiring of flipped car superimposed over shot.

05:39:29:22 CU worried man with moustache, camera zooms in to extreme CU worried man s eyes.

05:40:11:19 Woman sits at table worried, hears car pull up, opens door to husband, three children coming running to their father in excitement.

05:41:19:13 Night shot CU street signs from Beverly Blvd. and Commonwealth intersection.

05:41:22:03 Police trying to weld open car smashed in accident on side of road at night; VS police officer taking report from man about the accident.

05:42:49:00 Girl runs outside to greet her mother, finds two police officers flipping a coin to decide who tells the news to the little girl that her mother was in a car accident; police officer on phone in house, girl in scarf holding suitcase sits next to her brother wearing a beret, waiting to be taken away.

05:43:35:23 Little girl head wrapped in scarf sits beside little brother in bandanna wearing a beret, camera zooms in on solemn girls face.

And Then There Were Four
Produced byReed (Roland) Productions
Reed (Roland) Productions
Distributed byReed (Roland) Productions
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