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Ant City is a short film from 1949 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Depicts ants as social creatures living in complex societies. Shows ways they control their environment.

Ant City
Produced byMoss (Paul F.)
Moss (Paul F.)
Distributed byMoss (Paul F.)
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Portrays the complexity of life in an ant hill, showing the architectural skill of the ants, their social and economic standards, and their ability to organize, control, and plan their activities. Describes the roles of each of the ants, including workers, food gatherers, builders, nurses, kidnappers and warriors. Explains how each ant is assigned to specific tasks. Demonstrates the relationships between the queen, the workers who are mostly sterile females, and the grubs or larvae. The building, hatching and disposing of the cocoons is portrayed.