Anyone at All: Safety in the Community

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Anyone at All: Safety in the Community is a short film from 1954 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

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Anyone at All: Safety in the Community
Produced byEncyclopaedia Britannica Films
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Distributed byEncyclopaedia Britannica Films
Release date
Running time
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Shot List

01:35:13:26 CU shadow of kid on tricycle; boy on tricycle rides past camera; POV shot from tricycle, car enters frame with headlight at eye level; cuts to broken class with title text Anyone at All!

01:35:43:10 Man walks out door of house carrying basket, takes several steps down stairs then falls.

01:37:48:23 CU little boy looks out window and announces He s here, he s here everybody! ; everyone in house takes hiding places; boy opens door, family yells surprise but there is a stern police officer at door.

01:39:22:29 CU fallen 4-way stop sign on side of road; camera pans up to speeding car; POV inside car about to collide with oncoming car; CU foot slams on break; CU puddle splashes; camera spinning; CU overturned car.

01:41:03:05 CU large saw blade; man in turn of the century clothes installs wood safety for protection from blade; man uses saw to cut log.

01:41:30:27 CU hands stenciling Watch Your Step on curb.

01:42:19:29 Police officer with whistle in mouth directing traffic.

01:43:38:12 Tow truck pulling total car parks in front of high school; teenagers put up sign over totaled car Join Teen-Age Safety Committee

01:43:55:27 CU hands typing on typewrites, pulls paper out of typewriter and passes it to young man working on printing press.

01:44:11:21 CU newspaper front page headline of The Morning Star Student Spark Safety Drive.

01:44:16:03 CU hand holding phone off hook dials on rotary dial of 1950s telephone the lifts phone to ear.

01:44:20:05 CU hand in black glove presses doorbell.

01:44:34:25 CU machine spitting out letter envelopes.

01:44:40:22 CU bass drum in marching band; high school marching band led by baton twirlers followed by parade; camera cuts into the dark shadow inside tuba.

01:44:55:15 CU News paper front page headline in The Morning Star High School Driving Class Opens--Mayor to Speak

01:46:29:16 Man working with large drill in factory; lifts protective mask to look at metal piece shown to him by coworker; man forgetting to put face mask back over face, bends down to look at machine and has sprayed in eye by scrap metal.

01:46:57:17 Man in doctors office with wife watching has bandage covering his eyes removed by doctor; CU doctor waves hands in front of man s eyes, man shakes his head no; wife holding blind man wearing sunglasses and coat as the exit building.

01:47:44:24 Blind man wearing sunglasses holding cane feels his way through a dark factory; security guards asks man what he s doing, man answers Hi Charley, I just came to see if to see if man breaks down slamming machine with his hand and ask security guard to take him home.

01:49:16:01 Men in factory inspecting machinery; man bends down and tags machine with Danger Do Not Operate tag; women works on assembly line.

01:49:43:24 CU piece of metal sparking as it is sanded on machine; man working on machine flinches; looks up to camera with one goggle lens shattered; man takes off goggles and winks at camera.

01:50:42:04 Man in flannel shirt carries barrel over should, tries to climb up ladder into barn, slips and falls; man lying on ground beneath ladder.

01:52:24:11 Couples slow dancing in living room.

01:53:18:01 Man tends to woman with eyes closed in hospital bed.

01:53:32:16 Woman in 1950s dress stand in living room at social gathering and announces Remember the summer we all went riding at Pt. Pleasant, that was such fun , voice from out of frame Yes it was such fun wasn t it camera pans over to woman in wheel chair such fun. Such fun to ride, swim dance nobody means anything every. You all say Laura s so brave, she s holding up so well, a gem, she s so wonderful, we must all try to make believe it didn t happen. Well it did happen. It did happen. Can t you understand! And I m not brave, I m not brave at all! women in wheel chair breaks down; house empties out.

01:55:55:12 Camera slowly approaches table with framed portrait of man in army uniform beside phone under spotlight in otherwise dark room.

01:56:13:08 Man in sunglasses under spotlight in dark room; women in wheelchair in dark room under spotlight says sometimes you feel as though you don t want to live, but you get over that camera begins to pull back and audio track begins eerie use of reverb, woman continues what you don t get over is the idea you know most people have, because you had it once too. It doesn't happen to me, it will be someone else. But the truth is it may be you, anyone, anyone at all might be in my place right now , camera zooms in on empty wheelchair under spotlight, man s shadow crawls up wheelchair.