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Arm Behind the Army, The is a short film from 1942 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

"The success of the Army on the firing line depends upon the success of labor and industry on the production line. And the security of American industry and labor depends upon the success of the American Army. An Axis victory means the enslavement of both labor and industry. The film shows what happened in Vienna, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Holland, and France: cities destroyed, industry taken over by the Nazis, labor conscripted, men, women, and children subjected to terror and starvation. The Axis has tremendous resources, but so have the Allies -- they have the mills of Krupp, we have the mills of Birmingham; they have the Rumanian oil, we have the oil of Oklahoma, Texas, and California. This war is industry's war, labor's war to outproduce the Axis. From the production line to the firing line must come tanks and planes and guns for victory." (Indiana)

"This is one of the best films on the war effort, as it makes a positive appeal for unity, both between management and labor, and between civilian war workers and the armed forces. There is an artistic quality in the rhythm and contrasts of the images. Suitable for a variety of applications in school and community." (School Management)

Contrasts America's Free Industrial Labor Force with the subjugation of laborers in countries overtaken by Axis powers. Stresses the fact that World War II is the war of industry and labor.

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Arm Behind the Army, The
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U.S. Army, Signal Corps
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