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As Boys Grow is a short film from 1957 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Sex education film geared for teenage boys. Deals with sexual organs, masturbation, wet dreams, and other male issues. The coach is the authority figure and teacher.

14:14:25:08 Young boy about 4 years old slides down playground slide and lands in the sand in front of camera.

14:14:51:18 Three boys running a race, jumping hurdles on a track with stadium bleachers nestled in a suburban neighborhood; MS coach holding stop watch says to boys Hey not bad! You boys really poured it on.

14:15:14:04 Low-angle shot teenage boy doing track and field high jump, leaps over pole into sand pit, boy knocks over bar, heavyset kid without shirt on helps jumper put the bar back up.

14:15:20:09 Teenage boy wearing sweats throws a shot put; MS shot put ball rolls up to shirtless teenager standing akimbo, boy bends down and picks up the shot put; teenager wearing jersey with number 71 holds pole vault pole in preparation for jump.

14:15:42:16 MS classic 1950s coach wearing white t-shirt, whistles on string around neck and baseball hat stands in front of bleachers speaking to camera, young teenage boy walks up to coach

Coach I twisted my ankle 
Is it bad? 
I don t think so 

Coach pats boy on the back Well see me inside will you Coach blows whistle and calls kids in.

14:15:58:27 Coach tends to inured boy in locker room, wraps boy s foot in a bandage, boy asks coach why he is more accident prone than the other boys, coach explains to boy that some of the other boys are more developed and that kids develop at different rates.

14:17:21:15 Two boys about 13 to 14 years old getting dressed in locker room; heavy set boy asks boy next to him combing his hair in the mirror if he did his math homework; boy asks the heavy set boy about the bandage on his face, boy answers oh this, cut myself shaving ; CU boy looks at himself in mirror feeling his face maybe I ll start shaving soon.

14:18:00:16 Great shot two boys sitting on grass, one boy holding wrench up to lawnmower; boy s have conversation with great sound bites:

hey you know something? I had a wet dream last night 
wet dream, what s that? 
Oh you know, when sperm comes out of your penis 

MS boy explaining yeah, sort of a sticky stuff, guy s part of a baby. Didn t your brother ever tell you about that?

 so that means you can start a baby 

Narrator s voice enters It was something new to Bill this stuff about nocturnal emissions

14:18:40:03 Three boys on track and field team sitting on field talking, coach approaches boys; one boy asks coach what puberty means, coach says he will explain it to the boys after practice. Coach in locker room standing in front of blackboard explains to the track and field team puberty; black outline of male body on white paper is pinned to blackboard; CU boy says to coach say, when s a guy start shaving anyway? Coach uses pointer to point out on the anatomical drawing of the male body different parts of the body that develop during puberty.

14:21:04:24 Great shot coach wearing whistle around his neck standing in front of blackboard, coach begins to talk about the testes then picks up an anatomical drawing of male genitalia and places it on the chalkboard; CU disembodied coaches hand holding a pencil follows the outline of the genitalia drawing, disembodied voice here is the penis, and the scrotum that holds the testicles or testes inside , coach explains puberty; boy asks about sperm and another boy asks how does it get out from the testicles?

14:22:07:20 CU illustration of male genitalia; disembodied arm holding pencil follows the path of the urethra; disembodied voice explains when a penis erects, gets hard, the sperm can come out in what s called an ejaculation ; coach writes word ejaculation in cursive with chalk on blackboard; CU teenage boy wearing sweatshirt says not every time though well I mean sometime the penis gets hard without, well, uh ; MS couch at chalkboard says to boy oh without an ejaculation of sperm. Oh yes that s right , coach then explain erections, coach says various things can cause an erection including horseback riding; boy asks if having an erection means having too much sperm that one ought to get rid of; coach explains nocturnal emissions or wet dreams and masturbation, coach says masturbating, rubbing the penis. Sometimes you hear that masturbation affects your mind or your manhood. It isn t true. For kids your age it s just, something normal.

14:24:56:29 Group of four boys in gym clothes talking around the bleachers, great sound bite from boy

 boy did she get mad. Maybe she was having her period or something. 

One boy asks what a period is; coach enters gym and asks kids to have a seat to explain menstruation, coach holds up chart of female reproductive system and illustration showing sperms and egg during fertilization; disembodied hand of man holding pencil traces the outline of the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries; coach explains menstruation; MS boy in bleachers asks coach of the woman s egg is like a chicken egg; great sound bite coach tells boys you can become father s as soon as your testes start making sperm.

14:27:33:04 CU disembodied hand holding pencil explains chart illustrating fertilization, image shows sperm entering through vagina into the uterus into the tubes where it is fertilized; boy asks how the sperm gets there ; coach holding chart illustrating fertilization says to boy what you want to know about is sexual intercourse, well that happens like this , coach uses another chart here s a cross-section of the vagina, the erect penis enters here, and rhythmic movements, a pumping back and forth, causes an ejaculation from the penis. Some of the sperm swim up here, through the uterus, and out into the tube, where they may or may not meet an egg cell about nine months later the baby is born, through the vagina. This is how we all came into the world ; MS boy sitting on bleachers asks coach Yeah, but babies and all that; that s not all you go with girls for is it? Boy in bleachers asks coach say, when should a boy start going around with girls?

14:29:33:11 Two 1950s teenage girls approach two boys; boy asks girls to go swimming at the lagoon; boy suggest that the girls bake a big old chocolate cake , girl says she will try; two couples sitting on blanket in bathing suits, one couple runs toward the water, boy pushes girl in the water; low-angle POV shot fat boy pointing finger laughing at girl in the water, girl enters frame and pushes boy into the water.

As Boys Grow
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Pacific Productions
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