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Atomic Alert (Elementary version) is a short film from 1951 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Explains steps to take in case of an atomic bomb alert or a bombing without warning at school, in the open or at home. Gives simple explanation of nuclear fusion.

22:22:22 Classic atomic eyeball shot 22:22:50 CU Hands operating a Geiger Counter 22:22:54 CU Students faces 22:22:57 CU Hands on a Geiger Counter 22:23:29 Atomic Scientists doing experiments 22:23:45 Animation of atomic bomb detonating in city 22:24:08 Animation of faceless boy in from of faceless family. In the background a cutout community. 22:25:16 Top down view of globe showing United States outlined and glowing 22:25:45 Teens walking down the street as a siren goes off 22:25:48 Teens scatter in all directions 22:25:58 CU One boy left in street VO: "Don't hesitate! Take cover!" 22:26:27 Exterior nice suburban home 22:27:08 Boy and girl go down to basement 22:27:25 Boy and girl sitting in dark shelter 22:27:28 CU Boy's hand on first-aid kit * 22:27:34 CU Inside of first-aid kit * 22:28:01 Scene of people scrambling out of apartment building 22:28:05 Kids head down hall past "shelter area" sign 22:28:15 Two boys in empty stadium, sirens. Boys run * 22:28:37 CU Teens in rows in fallout "duck" position 22:28:52 WS Two boys walking down street 22:28:53 CU Boys talking 22:28:54 Bomb blast 22:29:02 One boy gets up and runs through rubble [possible post riot scene] 22:29:07 Two boys run through rubble of city 22:29:09 Nice running shot through rubble 22:30:49 VO: "Don't drink tap water! It may be contaminated!" CU Radio 22:30:54 MCU Ted pouring water from jug in the dark. Teens walking down street again. 22:32:39

VO: "....our very lives may depend on always being alert!"

Atomic Alert (Elementary version)
Produced byEncyclopaedia Britannica Films
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Distributed byEncyclopaedia Britannica Films
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