Atomic Energy as a Force for Good

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Atomic Energy as a Force for Good is a short film from 1955 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Describes the reactions of citizens of a small town to the construction of an atomic energy plant in their community. Explains that an understanding by the citizenry of the peaceful applications of atomic energy influences their attitude.

Atomic Energy as a Force for Good
Produced byThe Christophers
The Christophers
Distributed byThe Christophers
Release date
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More Details

Child Vivian has an illness. Footage of bomb test. Ranch. Strange music during bomb test.

13:10 - city council meeting of only white men

16:40 - "think about primitive man" caveman and fire analogy

17:36 - film within film

guard describing bomb test
white men watch a film about atomic energy


Paul Michael Kelly - Actor

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