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Atoms for Peace is a short film released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Makes the case for peaceful applications of "nuclear science" (atomic energy) in industry, medicine and botany.

21:10:46:06 CU photographs of and from within nuclear power plants scattered on table, paper thrown on top of images with text title Atoms you can use , another paper thrown into frame with text Industry s Role in Atomic Energy, paper thrown into from with text Reactors, Progress in Isotope Research, Isotopes.., CU cover of report from Thirteenth Semiannual Report on the Atomic Energy Commission.

21:11:03:22 Camera zooms out from engineer working on an atomic furnace, sign over scientist reads Danger Neutron and Gamma Rays. Scientist wearing large rubber gloves pulls out rectangular block from atomic furnace with forceps, and pulls from the block a cylindrical object; CU instrument measuring D.C. microamperes; CU cylindrical object held between forceps is placed into contained marked with trefoil symbol to indicate radioactive material; LS man flips ship on atomic furnace, light on furnace begins to flash.

21:11:59:20 Pan over oil refinery; VS oil drills pumping oil in oil field. Underground oil pumps pumping radioactive oil to refinery; VS oil refinery; barrels of oil stacked in yard.

21:14:32:01 Pan over radiation measuring instrument, machines records radiation counts on a tape; CU machine with wheel of oil samples in small rings, mechanical arms pushes oil sample in ring into machine for testing.

21:14:55:07 VS paper factory; radioactive material used in paper thickness gauging machine.

21:15:32:17 CU radioactive gauge with needle moving to far right of dial then back to center; VS paper producing machine, continuously flowing paper through machine; enormous reels of paper.

21:16:00:23 Great shot scientist holding hand-held X-ray camera, taking pictures of metal parts; CU small metal piece place on X-ray film.

21:16:25:07 Light turned on in darkroom developing X-ray film; scientist pull paper out of water tray; VS scientists looks at X-ray image printed on paper; CU tip of pen points out X-ray image of metal piece.

21:16:59:21 Coal energy plant, huge piles of coal; large construction shovel shoveling coal.

21:17:35:13 VS man points out features of scale model of nuclear power plant.

21:17:56:25 VS experimental breeder reactor, the EBR, in an Idaho desert. Built December of 1951 was the reactor to first produce useful electrical power from the atom. VS inside the EBR reactor, audio track:

These very motion pictures were taken with electrical power from the EBR, the first motion picture cameras ever driven by the products of nuclear energy.  VS reactor operators at work, man in front of large wall of buttons and instrument dials; CU round dial like clock with three needles making quick rotations; CU flash light mounted on wall beside loudspeaker; VS men inspecting instruments in the EBR reactor; VS man turning dials and knobs, CU wall with instrument dials labeled  Electrical. 

21:20:25:19 Two disembodied hands grasping two handle-like switches, right hand turns handle; LS silhouette of reactor in distance, dozens of lights around reactor turn on.

21:21:08:24 Man holding Geiger meter walks through crop row of corn; man takes brown paper bog off top of corn stalk and pours seeds out of bag.

21:21:20:07 Woman looks into microscope, various varieties of corn hanging on wall behind her and lying on table; CU disembodied woman hand with scalpel cuts seed off corn cob.

21:22:14:22 CU disembodied hand takes seeds out of Petri dish, dig small hole with hand in light sandy soil and plants the seeds. VS scientist doing experiments with small green house built in laboratory; tubes from chemistry set, test tubes and beakers are connected to the green house; artificial rain begins in greenhouse; scientists in lab coats examine seedlings in greenhouse.

21:22:56:04 CU sign mounted on fence with trefoil symbols on both sides of word Danger , text on side reads Area used for radioactive material Admission by permit only.

21:22:58:08 Scientist wearing protective gas mask performing experiment; CU disembodied hand in rubber glove picks up small glass container beside another container labeled Danger Radioactive ; disembodied hand pours contents of container into larger cylindrical glass container fused with another cylindrical container creating a V-shape, container begins to spin power by bicycles-like chain and gear mixing contents of container together. VS scientists in greenhouse laboratory performing horticultural fertilizer related experiments.

21:24:01:06 Man walks into medical building with Health sign over doorway.

21:24:32:06 Doctor serves seated man radioactive iodine atomic cocktail, MS man drinks cocktail from glass; man lies on back as doctor positions machine over man s thyroid for radioactive iodine scan, VS CU radiation counter drawing picture of thyroid area.

21:25:12:05 VS Doctor wearing dark rubber gloves opens radioactive container with special wrench tool then grabs small glass container with tongs; doctor pours container into patients intravenous; CU IV drip. VS doctor performs operation with radioactive material.

21:25:44:01 LS New York s Montefiore Hospital, man hurries through hospital front door. Two doctors surrounding the Cobalt Teletherapy unit; patient wearing undershirt leaned up against the unit; triangular prism piece extending from the device is pointed patients chest; prism is pointed at a point marked on a cast covering the top of a woman s head.

21:26:55:14 Older man with young boy on each side work toward camera through field of grain.

21:27:10:26 VS paper mill.

Atoms for Peace
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