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Back to the Farm is a short film from ca. 1910s - 1920s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

A farmer's son, tired of the drudgery of farm labor, wishes to leave the farm and go to the city

He takes his leave Hired man says he's going to leave as well The farmer writes the "Back to the Farm Electric Bureau," which has advertised farm help available 24 hours per day "Mr. Power representing Back to Farm Bureau Electric Co." drives to farm to visit family Mr. Power shows Mr. Work (the farmer) how electricity helps on the farm They explore snowy mountains and rivers that generate hydroelectric power Farmer gets electricity Son, in city working hard at construction, returns home to farm.

"By Electricity on the Farm, toil is turned into pleasure, frowns into smiles and happiness is brought to the home"

Back to the Farm
Produced byGeneral Electric Company
General Electric Company
Distributed byGeneral Electric Company
Release date
ca. 1910s - 1920s
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