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Banks and Credit is a short film from 1948 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Woman deposits money; man writes check to withdraw money. Film shows how two transactions are interrelated. Film explains role of credit in our national economic system.

Good footage inside each department of First National Bank in the late 1940s.

19:42:05:26 VS transactions in First National Bank in 1940s; bank tellers work through bars.

19:42:55:19 Young woman hands Savings bank teller cash; CU bank teller behind protective bars with ironic name tag Mr. Steel.

19:43:13:15 CU FDIC insurance seal for up with $10000.

19:43:42:04 CU record of bank transactions; handed closes booklet to show on cover First National Bank of Central City Savings Department.

19:44:02:10 CU hand counts twenty dollars in ten dollar bills along with personal check made out to Frank Hamilton for $68.73 from the Central Manufacturing Company in Central City, Ohio; CU deposit slip.

19:44:26:23 CU two fresh glass bottles of milk replace two empty glass bottle.

19:44:55:15 CU hand writes check.

19:45:21:11 CU hand presses buttons on bank register; CU printout of transaction.

19:45:48:16 CU check marked certified, pencil points out certification stamp; second check placed on top of first, pencils points out it is a cashier s check; third check placed on stack, pencil points out information on check.

19:46:08:27 VS woman at bank behind large bank register typing in bank records of transactions and printing out records.

19:47:38:26 CU hand writes out promissory not for loan from bank.

19:48:38:05 CU Bank teller s hands count out cash into stack of money.

19:50:20:18 CU hand signing check Richard Morton for $2000 to First National Bank.

19:50:43:05 Stock shot of Whitehouse in 1940s.

19:51:38:19 Angelus Furniture Manufacture factory.

19:51:56:07 Large dam with power line in center of frame.

Banks and Credit
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Coronet Instructional Films
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