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[Bay Area Rapid Transit] is a short film from ca. 1972 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Audio track taken from Van Amburg and Jerry Jensen channel 7 News Scene show. Great stock shots of Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART) in 1970s.

06:57:09:02 Great low angle shot of BART train with headlights on exiting underground tunnel into underground BART station; train passes camera.

06:57:19:12 Great audio track of two TV newsmen Van Amburg and Jerry Jensen talking over shots of BART train pulling in and out of MacArthur station:

Boys is this nice. 
Really, what has to be the greatest thing happening around here? 
You know the whole country has its eyes on this operation. 
I think it s going to revolutionize our whole system of transportation. 
It s going to change the entire economic structure of the Bay Area. 
You know it s a tremendous ride, it s like going right into the future, it s just great. 
Boy and what a future too. Just sit back and read or relax. 
It s great. 
I know one thing more people are going to be home in time to watch our six o clock commuter news. 
Oh yeah, right. 
But you know, I kinda miss the old personal touch. 

06:57:35:22 Two business men in suits talk on BART; black woman with Afro sits in background staring out window.

06:57:58:29 CU Bart turnstile swipe blinking Underpaid Go to Addfare and Take Ticket.

06:58:18:16 CU BART ticket coming out of machine; zoom out man grabs ticket and enters station.

[Bay Area Rapid Transit]
Produced byKGO-TV
Distributed byKGO-TV
Release date
ca. 1972
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