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Bee City is a short film from 1949 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

A companion film to Ant City, though not as good. title crawl: "an amazing chapter in nature's wonderland" lots of XCUs of the hive; JK tells us that bees sleep with their eyes open, that there are 5,000 bees to a pound, and that worker bees feed an average larva 13 or 14 hundred (?!) times a day. Natural beehive

Bee City
Produced byMoss (Paul F.) & Thelma Schnee
Moss (Paul F.) & Thelma Schnee
Distributed byMoss (Paul F.) & Thelma Schnee
Release date
Running time
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1951? 1949?

Shot List

"Odor is very important in the life of a bee." As usual, JK's narration drags behind what's on the screen.

23:31:56 CU Flowers - time lapse blooming 23:32:10 Frightening zoom into man-made bee hive 23:32:20 CU Black gloves opening hive - bees swarming 23:32:24 CU Hive 23:32:45 CU Honey storage 23:32:56 Great CU Bees 23:33:09 Surreal CU - possible bee 23:33:26 Another CU Single bee on honeycomb 23:35:55 CU Bee on flower gathering pollen 23:36:39 Bees swarming into hive 23:37:08 CU Bees (from above) 23:37:36 Bees all crowded together 23:38:26 Fight between a bee and ants 23:38:38 CU Ants and bee 23:39:16 CU Queen bee