Behind Your Radio Dial: The Story of NBC

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Moving Image:Behind Your Radio Dial: The Story of NBC
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Behind Your Radio Dial: The Story of NBC is a short film from 1948 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

DESCRIPTION  : A behind-the-scenes tour of NBC's radio and television recording and broadcasting studios at Radio City in Rockefeller Center,NYC. Features shots of the old-fashioned, large floor television sets andradio sets of the era.Directed by Edward J Montagne.

Behind Your Radio Dial: The Story of NBC
Produced byRKO-Path
Distributed byRKO-Path
Release date
Running time
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Shot List

[On-screen timecode].

02:00:00:00     ZI to large radio set in a cozy living room with blazing
                fireplace; hand turns on the radio; CU INT mechanism of
                the radio; DISSOLVE to a symphony orchestra performing
                piece of music.
02:01:46:00     Montage of people listening to the radio: housewife woman
                cooking food in her kitchen; little boy getting into bed
                and under the covers; man at work-table in machine shop;
                couple relaxing on penthouse patio of apartment building;
                couple lying down on the beach; man in his living room
                with pet dogs; "blind newsdealer" man sitting in his
                newsstand; man driving car.
02:10:00:00     Montage of NBC radio recording studios: reporters reading
                news reports into microphones; actors performing radio
                plays; musicians performing; etc.
02:02:39:00     Man wearing headphones and his son try to tune-in a radio
                station with hand-made radio in basement.
02:03:10:00     Family in their parlor / living room, man sits in front of
                and listens to cone speaker of radio.
02:03:38:00     1925 archival footage of President Calvin Coolidge being
                sworn in during inauguration ceremonies.
02:04:00:00     1920s archival footage of sports announcer Graham McNamee
                reciting play-by-play coverage of a Rose Bowl football
                game into an NBC microphone.
02:04:17:00     Animation: map of the US illustrating commercial radio
                networks with rippling circles.
02:04:48:00     TU EXT the RCA Building / GE Building of Rockefeller
                Center; VS NBC studios lobby; VS usher guide woman leads
                visitors on a tour of the master control room (with
                technicians / engineers), recording studios, newsroom
                (with typists and teletype machines), program schedule
                board, etc.
02:06:59:00     VS radio actors / players perform a radio play in studio;
                director in booth breaks-in to instruct the actors.
02:08:09:00     Commentator / anchorman HV Kaltenborn announces news into
                microphone in news studio; engineer in booth gives the
                "cut" signal; Kaltenborn briefly speaks to CAM about news
                and history.
02:08:48:00     VS radio station newsroom: man monitors row of news-wire
                teletype machines, tears off one urgent bulletin and hands
                it to news announcer to read it on the air; row of wall
                clocks displaying times of different international cities;
02:09:41:00     Recording engineer makes a news recording on a phonograph
                record LP; CU the spinning record.
02:10:25:00     Archival footage news montage: Wiley Post after his
                record-breaking around-the-world flight; the Hindenburg
                explosion; Wendell Willkie (?) speaking at the 1940
                Republican National Convention; FDR making speech before
02:11:19:00     Commentator / anchorman HV Kaltenborn speaks to CAM about
                NBC radio news.
02:12:00:00     UN Security Council meeting, US Representative (Warren
                Austin?) speaking.
02:12:24:00     NBC office worker scenes: VS workers sorting mail in the
                mailroom; mail is delivered to employees by cart; workers
                at desks speak into old-fashioned dictaphones; rows of
                typist women at work; men operating small mimeograph or
                rexograph copying machines; man rapidly collates papers;
02:12:59:00     Foley artists record sound effects in radio studio.
02:13:06:00     Pianist in radio recording studio, he begins to play after
                "on air" light on wall illuminates.
02:13:23:00     VS the NBC radio music library: sheet music and other
                paper documents are chosen from stacks, stamped, read,
                etc.; music arrangers / producers confer together over
                sheet music; man opens and closes filing cabinets holding
                sheet music scores in large library / archive room.
02:14:21:00     Live broadcast from Radio City studio: VS chorus of
                singers rehearsing on stage for the Fred Waring and the
                Pennsylvanians Show; VS engineer and producer in the
                booth; "on the air" sign illuminates; VS announcer and
                chorus on stage before a live studio audience.
02:16:54:00     Radio show broadcast: Fred Allen and Parker Fennelly
                perform "Allen's Alley" comedy routine in front of
                microphone; Fennelly does New England country accent.
02:17:20:00     EXT NBC Radio City building in Hollywood.
02:17:27:00     Bob Hope signs autographs for fans in crowd on sidewalk,
                then drives away in convertible car.
02:17:39:00     Man opens closet door, hat boxes, luggage and the like
                spill out and fall down on him. [Slapstick, pratfall].
02:17:50:00     Radio show broadcast: group of people sit at desk in front
                of NBC microphones during a discussion.
02:18:04:00     News reporter on location on farm field speaks into NBC
                radio microphone.
02:18:08:00     Religious radio show broadcasts: Catholic priest speaks
                into microphone at pulpit; Protestant minister speaks into
                microphone at pulpit; Jewish Rabbi speaks into microphone
                at pulpit.
02:18:19:00     Radio show broadcast: group of people sit at desk in front
                of NBC microphones during a discussion.
02:18:27:00     Early telemarketing: woman at telephone switchboard makes
                a telephone call; housewife woman answers her telephone
                and the switchboard operator asks her a marketing survey
02:19:01:00     VS marketing survey / opinion poll is taken at a theater /
                assembly hall: people in audience fill out questionnaire
                sheets and answer questions into microphone held before
                them by usher.
02:20:27:00     Man stamps paper document with "approval" at desk during
                business meeting.
02:20:40:00     Montage of people listening to the radio: CU shots and
                DISSOLVES of hands adjusting radio knobs; people listening
                closely to radios, sitting next to their radios, etc.
02:21:16:00     Early television montage: camera operator and his large
                NBC television camera; VS people watching early television
02:21:46:00     Television studio recording session scenes: VS crew and
                cameras around the set (featuring scantily clad dancing
                women); VS engineers and producers watching monitors and
                sitting at control panels.
02:22:42:00     Children laughing while watching Howdy Doody marionette
                puppet on television set.
02:23:01:00     Two men watch a baseball game on television set.
02:23:10:10     Man watches a symphony orchestra perform on his television
                set, he adjusts tuning knobs.