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Behind the Fashion Curtain is a short film from 1965 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

roll 1:

"a film report on the highlights of the 5th International Fashion Flight in Stockholm - Moscow - Copenhagen" Men ascending stairway to airplane, shot from above Stockholm street scene Various boring runway scenes with adult models wearing conventional outfits View out airplane window over country dachas as airplane lands in Moscow Views out front of bus window as bus drives from airport VS streets out of window Runby modern socialist apartment block VS Moscow University tower seen from bus VS Moscow pan Red Square VS Red Square Buildings Inside the Moscow Metro Lenin mosaic Soviet fashion show VS Russian clothing stores Flight to Copenhagen SAS airplane on tarmac

roll 2:

"Precedents fell with the 5th Petrocelli Flight landed in the Soviet Union and, for the first time, American Men's Apparel was formally shown to the Russian people. Climaxing recent flights to Rome, Cannes, Madrid, Las Vegas...this trip of 140 people won prestige for many Petrocelli Retailers and others...and provided a memorable view 'Behind the Fashion Curtain.'"

more footage shot out airplane window as plane lands -- country houses and shacks footage shot out of bus along road into Moscow VS Moscow buildings, Red Square Lenin mausoleum, military honor guard Moscow subway (a shot or two) street scenes, Copenhagen

people climbing stairs into aircraft, shot from doorway

Behind the Fashion Curtain
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