Believe It Or Not

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Believe It Or Not is a short film from 1935 released on 35mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

12:31:48:00 LS Man steps into Metropolitan St. Louis police car #172, car drives past camera.

12:32:02:26 Man looks up from his desk where he is writing in a notebook, telephone on man s desk; man swivels in chair over to what looks like a cot or hospital bed with leather bag on it, disembodied arms of man removes various tools from bag including a saw, drill, hammer.

12:32:31:04 Great shot inside operating room in 1930s, one doctor wears white mask with only holes for his eyes, doctors and nurse wearing large surgical gloves, patients body is chained two the operating table; CU container of Ether, doctor pours liquid from Ether container into glass cone which is then forced into the patients mouth, patient begins to convulse; CU disembodied arms of doctors and nurse wear surgical gloves trying to restrain the convulsing patient who is visibly chained up; CU convulsing patient holds nurses hand; VS doctors acting out using a saw, hammer, scissors and drill on the chained up patient, then pretend to pull long tube or intestine from patient; nurse comforts the patient.

12:33:53:04 CU sign leaned up against wall Doctor is In Please be Seated

12:33:58:26 Great shot man with feet kicked up on desk reading The Saturday Evening Post, magazine blocks man s face, cigar smoke rises from behind magazine, man answers the phone 12:34:46:03 Police officer directing traffic holding stop sign, great physical comedy; VS in reverse of 1930s people walking backwards across street into building

12:35:07:02 VS police officer directing traffic

12:36:06:26 Great physical comedy bit, 1930s police officer spastically directing traffic

12:36:35:09 Man with shiny bald head walks up alley toward camera, man blows his nose, second man enters frame and points to sign on wall bald man angrily swings his arm; CU sign painted on brick wall reads Notice Truck Drivers Unnecessary Noise In Operating Your Truck Or Handling Freight Is Strictly Prohibited In This Space

12:37:23:05 VS man wearing shirt, tie and hat digging in bottom of giant hole; MS man looking at a bone

12:37:57:24 Man sits on a box inside of a giant segment of metal piping and reads a book; man is crouched inside of the pipe.

12:39:26:12 Man sitting on horse-drawn wagon pulling a large tank with Park Dept. painted on its side, man sitting on wagon drinks from bottle of alcohol.

12:39:38:27 CU sign for the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works founded in 1867 on 3600 N. 2nd St. St. Louis, New York, Philadelphia, Montreal.

Believe It Or Not
Produced byMallinckrodt Chemical Company
Mallinckrodt Chemical Company
Distributed byMallinckrodt Chemical Company
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