[Berkeley, California Fire]

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[Berkeley, California Fire] is a short film from 1923 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Berkeley, California Fire.

[Newsreel: Extra !! Berkeley Burns! Entire city threatened by flames]

Great footage of 1923 Berkeley fire; buildings on fire; thousands on the street fleeing with their belongings, furniture stacked up on the street and in parks;

00:30:35:07 Incredible shot of boy center of frame, lifting up a mirror, walking toward, then past the camera, amidst mob of people scrambling to grab furniture, chairs, piles of clothes, rugs piled up outside; building burns in background.

00:31:29:19 Man lowers chair tied to sheets out of second story of building.

00:31:37:06 VS of buildings entirely engulfed in flames.

[Berkeley, California Fire]
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