Bicycle Today, Automobile Tomorrow

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Bicycle Today, Automobile Tomorrow is a short film from ca. late 1950s - early 1960s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

13:29:16:11 Boy on red Corvette bicycle rides next to police officer on motorcycle across airport runway and pull up beside large helicopter; police office and boy wave to helicopter pilot. CU logo on side of helicopter Los Angeles Airways Am 84 Siempre Primero, as well as U.S. Mail logo on side of helicopter visible as it takes off.

13:30:01:11 CU boy adjusts red and white leather seat of 1950s style bicycle. Yellow California license plate visible on car in background. MS boy adjust handle bars on bike.

13:30:49:23 MS boy sits in front of bicycle flipped upside down on driveway and spins pedals with hands, camera zooms to boy squeezing breaks; CU spinning tire quickly stops. VS boy working on his bike; oiling chain, tightening spokes of wheel, aligning wheels; boy inflates tires at Mobile gas station.

13:32:13:10 Boy rides on bike alongside police officer riding motorcycle through suburban neighborhood.

13:32:30:05 Boy seated on bike in empty lot as four motorcycle cops in row ride toward him then turn sharply away from boy.

13:32:26:22 Four motorcycle weave past stationary camera on ground.

13:32:32:19 VS great footage of four motorcycle cops driving in choreographed sequence.

13:32:48:27 Boy leaning against bike watches as father teachers girl how to ride bicycle. Boy demonstrates for girl how to ride bike, gets on bike rides out into parking lot then circles back.

13:34:09:13 Great shot from back of car looking back on boy riding bicycle in direction of camera, boys raises left arm to signal turning then turns left. CU boy riding bike filmed from shoulders down.

13:34:40:13 Traffic signal and crosswalk signal turn from red to green.

13:35:04:19 CU stop sign.

13:35:08:11 VS boy and girl riding bicycles in street through suburban neighborhood.

13:36:48:16 VS motorcycle police officer stands beside boy, raises arm point down row of lost bikes; high-angle pan down row of bikes.

13:37:08:22 CU city of Inglewood bicycle license.

13:37:35:07 Boy rides bicycle down street and turns into driveway , gets off bike and leaves it lying in the driveway,; car backs up over bike.

13:38:32:22 Boy follows motorcycle police officer on bike riding down street, boy pulls over and waves goodbye to police officer.

Bicycle Today, Automobile Tomorrow
Produced byDavis (Sid) Productions
Davis (Sid) Productions
Distributed byDavis (Sid) Productions
Release date
ca. late 1950s - early 1960s
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