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Big Man On Campus is a short film from ca. 1958 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Tells the story of Jerry Warner, a junior high school student who finds himself in trouble with the authorities and realizes that it is his own attitude and behavior that have caused his predicament.

1950s high school in Inglewood Unified School District, Los Angeles, California; story of a troublemaker.

13:49:27:03 CU nervous looking by camera pans back and over to door of Vice Principal; cut back to nervous boy rubbing his thighs; CU boy s anxious face.

13:51:01:00 VS 1950s teenagers eating lunch outside at lunch tables in Inglewood, California high school; teenage boy throws empty milk carton at girl; MS boy who through the box provokes girl he hit by playing innocent; MS two girls laughing; boy at lunch table knocks another boys carton of milk onto him then rubs it onto his leg, boys start a shoving match, teacher wearing a suit breaks up the fight.

13:52:31:00 CU disembodied feet in converse shoes walking over grass, woods stick with metal spike on end picking up trash; camera pans back to boy picking up trash on field.

13:52:50:28 MS 1950s boy talks to teacher seated at desk in front of blackboard with math equations written in chalk all over it; boy is handed back paper and walks back to his desk with look of disappointment, two girls look over at him.

13:53:14:19 3 boy s in matching white shirts standing around a bicycle, boy gets on road bike and rides with no hands; POV shot from car coming around corner, boy on bike cuts right in front of car; police officer on motorcycle calls boy on bike over.

13:55:06:06 VS inside 1950s high school math classroom; math teacher writes on blackboard in chalk math equations; two girls with bouffant hairdos whisper to each other, nod and giggle; teacher turns away from board and points finger angrily at the two girls chatting.

13:55:44:27 Large neon sign for Dino s Pizza, Spaghetti, Grinders, camera pans down to three boys walking Inglewood or Los Angeles sidewalk, Rocket gas station in background selling gas for 24 and 26 cents per gallon; boys lean over banister to talk to two girls, one boy tries to take pizza from girls plate, girls swats boys hand.

13:57:01:00 camera quickly zooms on canister of spray paint; boy grabs spray paint and sprays a white lab coat on coat rack in classroom; CU angry teachers face; CU door to Vice Principal s office, pan over to anxious teenage boy waiting to enter office; vice principal calls boy into office

Big Man On Campus
Produced byDavis (Sid) Productions
Davis (Sid) Productions
Distributed byDavis (Sid) Productions
Release date
ca. 1958
Running time
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