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Bird Circus is a short film from ca. 1951 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

With a background of circus music, Dorothy's trained birds perform a variety of circus acts.

Bird Circus
Produced byBarr (Arthur) Productions
Barr (Arthur) Productions
Distributed byBarr (Arthur) Productions
Release date
ca. 1951
Running time
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More Details

Woman wearing green dress conducts bird circus. Birds doing somersaults, playing piano, speaking, flying through rings. riding merry-go-round, walking in treadmill, pulling mini carts. Examples of birds not always playing along to trainer s demands; sometimes rebellious birds.

05:50:19:13 Circus MC introduces Romeo rose-breasted cockatoo from Australia; bird says Hello, how are you, how are you? ; CU various other birds including: South American macaw, North American magpie, parakeets.

05:55:22:19 VS MC of bird circus asks Bill the mathematical magpie simple equations one plus one etc.; CU magpie taps bell with beak to answer.

05:55:47:10 Colorful parrot rings bell; CU rose-breasted cockatoo says Telephone, telephone , hello.