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Birth of a City is a short film from ca. late 1950s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

08:01:31:12 VS Colorado countryside nestled up against the mountain

08:01:48:24 VS downtown area of Greeley, Colorado; late 1950s cars on street; VS farmland and farmhouses on land outside of Greeley, Colorado.

08:02:15:15 Animated map shows gradual development of Colorado beginning with Greeley then Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Brighton, Boulder, Golden and Denver.

08:02:28:29 Aerial of Denver, Colorado; VS of metropolitan Denver, VS suburbs of Denver.

08:04:17:09 VS men surveying land.

08:04:32:04 VS aerial of partial clover leaf interchange where U.S. highway 87 joins the Denver-Boulder Turnpike.

08:04:43:13 1950s cars on the Denver-Boulder turnpike; POV shot from car on highway heading into Denver, speed limit sign 35 mph.

08:04:53:27 High-angle shot of 1950s cars on Colorado highway, highway street light in center of shot, shot from Broomfield Heights

08:05:01:13 VS University of Colorado at Boulder college football game; long touch down pass thrown

08:05:37:10 Scenic POV shot from car driving on highway through spruce and pines leading up to the Rocky Mountains.

08:05:47:16 1950s family picnicking in the woods; sparkling stream cutting through woods at base of mountain; man fly fishing in stream; CU trout caught on fishing line; fly fisherman picks fish up out of water in fishing net

08:06:22:14 Snow-covered Rocky Mountain National Park.

08:06:42:29 Cross-country skier; LS man skiing in the Rocky Mountains

08:07:16:24 Animated map shows the planned development of Broomfield, Colorado; first the streets appear, modern shopping centers, VS shots of drawings of planned shopping centers; schools and parks appear on map; churches, police stations, and firehouses drawn into map; VS Broomfield reservoir, VS mountain springs feeding the reservoir; VS 750,000 gallon water tank on the crest of a hill; VS waterworks and sewage disposal plant for Broomfield Heights

08:09:24:28 Huge monoculture field of wheat; VS CU tops of wheat; huge harvester harvesting wheat crop

08:10:03:18 VS machine digging trench, crane lowers water manes into trench, workers set water manes in place.

08:10:23:13 Construction workers laying concrete; paving crew spreads asphalt; CU asphalt being spreads; steam roller driving over fresh pavement.

08:10:59:29 Engineer sitting on telephone pole or electric line.

08:11:15:07 Huge auger drill digs hold in ground; VS construction of suburban houses in Broomfield Heights

08:12:14:09 VS opening day on August 21 1955 to 1956; 1950s car line streets of suburban Colorado neighborhood; according to narration 25000 people came to the town to visit the 40 new model homes on display; VS new 1950s model homes; VS construction workers building suburban houses.

08:13:25:16 Aerial of suburban houses in Broomfield, Colorado.

08:13:32:26 Animated map of Broomfield Heights, Colorado quickly fills in from bare street plane to being covered with houses.

08:14:22:02 POV shot from car on highway in countryside outside of Denver.

08:14:45:27 VS 1950s kids playing on playground, on the jungle gym and slides.

08:14:55:26 1950s family picnic in the woods; man fly fishing in a stream bends down to pick up fish in net

08:15:04:05 CU man laying bricks; low-angle man with cigarette hanging from hammers nail into wood house frame

08:15:24:28 Aerial of Broomfield Heights, Colorado, four leaf clover interchange outside of city in frame.

Birth of a City
Produced byRippey, Henderson, Bucknum & Co., Denver
Rippey, Henderson, Bucknum & Co., Denver
Distributed byRippey, Henderson, Bucknum & Co., Denver
Release date
ca. late 1950s
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