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Bookkeeping and Accounting is a short film from 1945 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Describes the many jobs that bookkeepers and accountants perform, the tools and education each must have, and the types of advancement possible.

household budgeting; butcher shop; bookkeepers; accountants; spread sheets; checkwriting; bills; calculators: chief accountant or controller; CPAs; teamwork of audits; strong moral character essential; cost-accounting (time and motion studies) FBI accountants; tax return work;

1945 female bookkeepers and male accountants in the workplace.

15:24:44:16 CU Budget Book; book is opened to accounting page; VS disembodied woman s hand with long painted nails holding a fountain pen points out categories and totals in accounting book.

15:25:12:03 LS two 1940s to 1950s women place orders at counter of butcher shop.

15:25:34:13 1940s bookkeeper or accountant working at desk, types in numbers at typewriter calculator.

15:25:49:10 CU disembodied man s hand holding pencil points out numbers on page.

15:26:05:13 Man with rolled up sleeves works diligently at desk writing in notebook; CU disembodied man s hand writing in pencil does accounting in notebook.

15:26:31:00 CU disembodied hand writes out check.

15:26:38:09 CU typewriter types out letter; CU disembodied hand signs typed letter.

15:27:41:03 Female and male bookkeepers in large office, hard at work behind desks with calculating typewriter machines.

15:30:50:26 Man in suit with clipboard takes notes as he observes for efficiency old factory worker working with a drill.

15:31:12:12 CU business card reads Special Investigator.

15:32:40:25 CU typewritten audit report for Jones Manufacturing Co.; CU disembodied hand signs document with fountain pen J.C. Evans.

15:33:32:19 VS women working at different bookkeeping machines.

15:33:48:14 CU disembodied hand holding pencils scans over numbers in typed accounting document.

15:34:01:23 CU title page of test administered by the American Institute of Accountants.

15:34:06:02 Long row of female bookkeepers at work typing and filing.

Bookkeeping and Accounting
Produced byHolmes (Burton) Films, Inc.
Holmes (Burton) Films, Inc.
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