[Brezhnev Biography]

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[Brezhnev Biography] is a short film from ca. 1976 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

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[Brezhnev Biography]
Produced by[Soviet Union]
[Soviet Union]
Distributed by[Soviet Union]
Release date
ca. 1976
Running time
3 reels
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Shot List

Leonid Brezhnev with all sorts of mid-1970s world leaders: Castro, Willy Brandt, Ceaucescu, Erik Honecker, Pinochet, etc. ; at t/c 02:24:51:04, official signing of the August 1975 HELSINKI ACCORDS Human Rights Treaty involving Brezhnev, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Marshal Tito & other world leaders. The film is basically a puff piece about how beloved Brezhnev is by his people, also containing excellent archival footage of 1910s to 1940s industrial Soviet Union (factories, steel mills, tractors in fields, etc. etc.)

05:31:17:18 05:31:24:23 LS PAN over industrial structure w/ large pipes / Russian sign on building 05:34:06:25 05:34:12:19 "LS large explosion / large text superimposed ""1941"" + date in Russian " 05:34:12:20 05:34:14:09 AIR TO AIR LS Nazi planes dropping bombs 05:35:15:22 05:35:19:11 MS Russian soldier lifting two children out of makeshift bomb shelter 05:35:32:02 05:35:45:04 MS Brezhnez carrying red flowers hugging kissing senior Russian woman w/ head wrapped in scarf + young boy + man / people taking pictures + watching 05:36:31:02 05:36:34:16 LS plane falling from sky leaving trail of black smoke / plane exploding 05:36:48:23 05:37:01:02 CU disembodied hand putting down passport + 3 medals / 1 w/ Soviet sickle + hammer / hands wrapping up medals 05:37:23:14 05:37:26:00 LS World War II German plane burning in a field 05:37:26:01 05:37:29:22 CU young Brezhnev in military uniform 05:38:12:09 05:38:20:00 MS Pan Brezhnev placing flowers on steps of memorial 05:38:20:01 05:38:22:01 CU flame of WWII Soviet Memorial 05:41:31:04 05:41:33:18 CU VS Russian workers applauding 05:43:17:02 05:43:21:27 PAN down tree w/ autumn colors / ZO LS row of 4 Soviet style concrete high-rise apartment buildings 05:43:21:28 05:43:28:18 AERIAL FISH EYE over large soviet city / Moscow ? / large concrete buildings 05:43:28:18 05:43:33:00 CU POV shot moving through field of wheat against blue sky w/ white clouds 05:43:33:01 05:43:35:04 LS rising out of field of wheat / 6 harvesters along horizon line 05:43:43:03 05:43:45:07 CU POV farmer's hand on tractor steering wheeling moving through field of wheat 05:43:45:08 05:43:48:08 CU tractor POV moving through field of golden wheat 05:43:48:09 05:43:52:20 CU PAN over Russian newspaper 05:45:14:10 05:45:24:03 AERIAL passing over cascade of 6 large harvesters in field 05:45:30:10 05:45:32:26 MS Soviet Russian cosmonaut in space suit 05:45:32:27 05:45:38:06 LS PAN Soviet rocket launch 05:47:17:23 05:47:20:17 LS train moving towards camera w/ life-size poster of Lenin + Soviet flag 05:47:29:26 05:47:37:04 VS MS + LS soviet politicians raising hands in vote 05:47:43:07 05:47:44:25 MS Brezhnev holding man's hand up in the air 05:47:54:23 05:47:58:03 MS Brezhnev speaking w/ Fidel Castro 05:47:58:04 05:48:00:23 MS Brezhnev shaking man's hand / photographer in background taking pictures 05:48:15:09 05:48:21:18 LS Brezhnev exiting train / greeted by man / shaking hands + hugging / photographers taking pictures 05:48:29:28 05:48:31:05 LS flag of Finlad behind tree branches blowing in wind 05:49:00:20 05:49:02:04 MS Brezhnev sitting at table signing official document / treaty 05:50:19:06 05:50:25:10 LS PAN Brezhnev standing in back of limousine waving to people in the streets / photographers taking pictures 05:50:36:29 05:50:38:00 MS cameraman behind NBC color television camera" 05:50:43:19 05:50:45:09 MA Indian boys + girls in red sweater uniforms waving Indian flags 05:50:45:10 05:50:47:14 LS PAN Brezhnev waving from back seat of limousine 05:50:47:15 05:50:49:10 "car POV Indians lining the streets waving Indian flags / large ""Welcome Brezhnev"" banner" 05:50:52:19 05:50:54:24 MS PAN down from Soviet flag to cheering Middle Eastern man 05:51:02:18 05:51:10:02 MS Brezhnev doing traditional dance in circle holding woman's hand in traditional costume 05:51:27:18 05:51:29:24 HA LS PAN huge crowd of Cubans waving flags of Cuba + Soviet Union / huge Che Guevara portrait in background 05:51:35:14 05:51:37:17 LS men standing above crowd of people putting up sign ""Rue Lenine"" + waving the Soviet Flag 05:53:04:16 05:53:06:16 MS PAN up Brezhnev holding stalk of wheat

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