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C.S. Long Lines is a short film from 1963/09/00 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Shows the Bell System's modern cable ship laying Transatlantic Cable No. 3 and Transpacific Cable No. 1 from Hawaii to Japan. Shows also the cable links from Guam to the Philippines, the second Hawaiian cable into San Luis Obispo and the Florida-Virgin Islands system.

VS C.S. Long Line ship.

12:01:19:28 Pan over blueprint of enormous ship with helicopter landing and helicopter on deck.

12:02:05:29 Architects building models in studio.

12:02:19:11 Series of shots shows model of structure assembled in phases. Possibly part of a ship.

12:02:44:02 Man drops miniature anchor through hull of model ship.

12:03:39:19 CU high-powered flame cuts through sheet of metal.

12:05:12:03 Enormous piece of ship being craned into place.

12:05:42:10 Low angle looks up at men on Long Lines ship, camera pans down two men in front of crowd waiting for the inauguration of the ships completion. Large countdown clock next to enormous ship.

12:05:57:22 CU red panel with two lights. Red box labeled in German Vorsicht! Automatisches Stapellauft! [Caution! Automatic launch!] . Light on left side of box lebeled Schiff klar zum Stapellauf [Ship clear for launch]. Hand presses button illuminates light on right labeled Schiff l uft ab [Ship launched]

12:06:05:09 Long Lines ship leaves harbor from platform with German and American flags.

12:06:55:29 Captains of ship steering Long Lines.

12:07:44:18 VS interior of Long Lines ship.

12:11:59:25 Aerial shot of Long Lines shop at sea.

12:13:19:20 Aerial shot passes over Long Lines ship at sea.

12:13:48:00 CU female architect works on blueprint of Long Lines ship.

12:15:00:20 Foreman and construction worker unfold blue print and looks and schematics of Long Lines ship.

12:16:01:21 VS construction of Long Lines ship. in early phase.

12:16:50:21 VS craning in enormous cross-section piece of Long Lines ship. VS construction of ship.

12:18:07:13 CU enormous countdown clock at 1.

12:20:08:17 Newsweek and Life magazine lying on desk; VS rooms on Long Lines ship.

12:23:51:20 Aerial Long Lines ship at sea.

C.S. Long Lines
Produced byAudio Productions
Audio Productions
Distributed byAudio Productions
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419 Feet
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