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Calvin Workshop Presents is a short film from 1963 ca released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

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Calvin Workshop Presents
Produced byCalvin Company
Calvin Company
Distributed byCalvin Company
Release date
1963 ca
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01:21:22;Scenes of monkey using typewriter;VO: "The laws of probability plus chance indicate that if an infinite number of monkeys are given typewriters and allowed to peck away for an infinite time they will eventually produce all the world's great literature.;01:22:11;CU Movie camera lens (old school arriflex);01:22:15;Nice CU Lenses moving on lens plate;01:24:02;Camera moves around film editing suite. Monkeys make movie.

Original title

  1. Bfl O {ggGX = STwWcfl x 2s4 (Calvin Workshop): Calvin Company