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[Caroline Mission] is a short film from ca. 1950s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

St. Louis, Missouri: Catholic mission in the slums.

06:02:15:01 VS 1950s interracial group (African American and White children) of boys various ages from adolescent to early teen, playing baseball in unkempt field.

06:02:42:09 Group of mostly Black and White girls adolescent to teenagers socializing around a bench in rugged park of dead yellow uncut grass.

06:03:48:03 CU white marble cross shot through window; in reflection of window children and teenagers appear to walk away from cross toward sign for Caroline Mission.

06:04:24:22 MS low-angle wood sign hand painted in white paint Shoe. An Vilin. Repair Shop. Open To Oll with a white women s shoes painted beneath text.

06:04:57:28 Group of black and white youths from three to fourteen years of age perform one at a time in front of fake microphone in run down park for audience of Black and White children.

06:05:17:17 Long line of children walking up stairs into Mission building.

06:05:55:20 CU girl with dirty hands in colorful dress poses for camera with plate in front of her chest, camera pans up to freckled girls serious face.

06:06:51:07 Poor white family of four children and a mother sit on stoop of rundown house as woman approaches them.

06:06:56:04 CU glass door labeled Juvenile Courtroom Division of Circuit Court

06:07:41:06 Children s Building chiseled into top of building, camera pans down Romanesque columns to front door with address 1321.

06:08:04:07 Man in hat and coat sits on stool next to old 1950 7up advertisement.

06:08:13:28 Man in coat and hat walks on city sidewalk past ads in store windows for Tobacco and the Famous 9-0-5 Barrel Whisky.

06:08:21:20 MS Poor looking old man in dark hat and dark coat looks into camera as he walks by. Advertisements visible in store windows behind him for Gillette Razors for 19 cents.

06:08:47:16 Poor older homeless man sits on sidewalk apparently unwell, struggling a bit. Dark shadow of man filming is in frame and covers left hand of homeless man.

06:08:52:19 Teenage boy in flannel shirt chopping tree with ax in the woods.

06:10:07:01 CU marble cross shot through window. In window reflection people in 1950s style clothes are seen walking with backs to camera toward sign for Caroline Mission

06:10:33:19 Crowd of mostly young Black and White children around table outside, adults visible behind them. Long large yellow sign covering span of building in distance reads Laundry and Dry Cleaning. Behind laundry building two silos can be seen.

06:11:08:15 Two street kids wrestling on a dirty street next to a rundown shack.

06:11:26:21 Little blonde baby girl maybe two years old stands along on dirty sidewalk with out shoes. 1950s style automobile parked at curb.

[Caroline Mission]
Produced byHardcastle Films
Hardcastle Films
Distributed byHardcastle Films
Release date
ca. 1950s
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