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Color Harmony is a short film from 1938 released on 35mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

The human eye and its function in seeing colors separately and in combination. Color vision explained.

Color Harmony
Produced byHandy (Jam) Organization
Animation byanimator
Handy (Jam) Organization
Distributed byHandy (Jam) Organization
Release date
Running time
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Shot List

09:01:19:10 Great underwater shot of a swimming sea turtle

09:01:29:12 Underwater shot of a young man swimming after a sea turtle then aggressively grabbing it and tormenting it.

09:01:43:10 CU lobster on the sand; CU disembodied hand reaches down to pick up lobster; POV shot from hand approaching the lobster zoom to extreme CU lobster s eye.

09:02:00:15 CU clam worms; CU face of clam worm

09:02:18:29 Great shot young woman, with short brown hair in 1940s style, lifts camera up to her eye and looks into it; shot slowly zooms in on camera up against woman s face; shot dissolves into anatomical drawing of an eye looking through the real camera, superimposed arrows compare parts of the eye and its related function with parts of the camera and their functions; camera dissolves from shot; audio track narration compares the anatomy of the eye to the mechanisms of the camera

09:03:23:22 Sphere with hole in the middle representing an eye watches a little wood marionette of a man dancing on a platform

09:03:44:29 disembodied arm slides large lens mounted on a slide into a slot over a round hole in a large sphere representing an eye; CU upside down marionette doll dancing inside rectangular hole cut out of sphere

09:03:54:29 Anatomical drawing of an eyeball facing a wood marionette-like doll of a man dancing rapidly; animation shows dozens of line emanating out from the dancing toy representing reflected light, some of the rays enter the eye; lines drawn from object to back of eye, superimposed upside down shrunken image of dancing toy superimposed in back of eye

09:04:53:14 CU anatomical drawing of an eye, disembodied hand holding fountain pen enters frame and draws box around the nerve fibers of the retina, box is enlarged; disembodied hand draws box around the visual cells, box is enlarged to fill frame, rods and cones are identified; VS animated drawing illustrative the physiology of sight.

09:06:28:18 CU BW shot of painter s palette with thumb of painter holding it sticking out through the thumb hole; shot changes from BW to color; VS cartoon in color illustrates how cones work in color vision.

09:07:55:04 Animation shows light passing through a prism, full spectrum of rainbow projected onto screen; various colors are separated by way of mirror, animation illustrates how separated colors are mixed to make different colors.

09:08:26:27 Animation beginning with circle of white light shows how various colors are separated, recombined in different way; animation creates a color wheel; VS animation demonstrating basic color theory.

09:09:54:23 Profile of late 1940s to early 1950s car in showroom, shot is shown with yellow filter, then wipes to red filter, wipes to blue filter, wipes through black filter to give end result of a blue car.

09:10:25:20 colorful kaleidoscope shot.

09:10:48:11 Cartoon shows paint on wood painter s palette, animation shows paint melt into the form of a car as a rainbow washes over the frame, cartoon of blue 1950s Chevrolet driving through the country, dissolves to a green car driving through mountainous terrain; dissolves to brown car driving through the countryside

09:11:30:27 VS CU dashboard of early 1950s car, probably Chevrolet; CU interior shot of backseat of car; dissolves to CU trunk of car with license plate 000 000; dissolves to CU hood and tire cover in front of car with whitewall tires; CU front grill of late 1940s early 1950s copper colored Chevrolet

09:11:52:09 CU spinning Chevrolet hubcap with various colored lights reflecting off it.