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Coveted East Indies, The is a short film from ca. 1938-39 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

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Coveted East Indies, The
Produced byDickason, Deane
Dickason, Deane
Distributed byDickason, Deane
Release date
ca. 1938-39
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Shot List

PA-0681 (Reel 1) shotlist:

VS Dutch Batavia, Java 1940s; women washing clothes in river

03:03:30:27 Street signs pointing toward: Batavia, Serang, Tangerang, Charibon, Sandoeng, M Cornelis, Bijkantoor. High-angle downtown street probably Batavia, 1940s cars line sidewalks.

03:04:27:11 Javanese man points to Dutch text on poster Verspreidt Geen Kletspraat; CU Javanese man smiles; CU poster shows old Dutch women s faces on the bodies of chickens.

03:07:09:05 Long line of Javanese servants in white uniforms serving Dutch people seated at outdoor garden table; CU disembodied hand serves food on plate; CU disembodied hands of Dutch woman cutting food on her plat; four Dutch eating.

03:09:06:07 Poor Javanese street vendor behind row of colorful paper fans; CU Javanese man with missing front teeth; Dutch boys looks at vendors color wind ornaments.

03:09:31:26 Incredible shot of young Javanese child carrying heavy baskets tied to two end of a stick arched over his shoulders; Rich Dutch woman holding blonde Dutch child s hand stops the Javanese child so that the baby can look at the baskets the poor child is selling; the two children are nearly the same height; CU poor Javanese boy s sad face; Javanese boy puts wallet inside his shirt lifts up his baskets and walks away.

03:11:21:09 VS rich Duch in Java; Dutch family on palatial grounds reading magazines; Dutchmen in military uniform watch air show; VS airplanes flying in formation; Dutch woman pets deer; VS palatial grounds of Dutch family in Java; Dutch playing tennis, swimming, Dutch woman picks flowers.

03:15:49:03 Pan down Departement van Economische Zaken building; two Dutchmen in white suits, one smoking a cigar in front of the building.

03:16:42:02 VS nurses putting a brace on a young woman s leg; young Dutchwoman is place on a stretcher and carried away.

03:17:49:26 Javanese men in blue uniforms wearing green army helmets marching; Javanese men wearing gas masks marching then jogging; Javanese children running into a bunker.

03:19:36:05 Sign for the Vrijwillig Vliegers Corps Secretariat (VVC).

03:19:38:25 Long row of Dutch and Javanese men standing in front of yellow planes on airfield; VS yellow VVC planes in air.

03:20:20:10 VS small group of armed Javanese soldiers march through the streets; Javanese soldiers march past the sign Stadswacht Batavia. Dutch flag waving in wind. Armored vehicles driving through streets; VS Dutch Java military; VS at shooting range, CU Dutchman in army uniform firing rifle at shooting range.

03:22:28:16 CU sign Stadswacht Batavia with Royal Dutch crest between the two words.

03:23:40:18 VS Batavia, Java seaport. Cargo loads craned down, high-angle shots of men unloading shipments on dollies.

03:24:31:22 CU chest of Javanese man wearing torn clothes, camera pans up to CU man s serious face, man suddenly turns away from camera in laughter, turns back to camera and struggles to hold a serious face.

03:25:16:16 Group of poor Javanese, three shirtless young men in front of crowd; CU faces of smiling and laughing Javanese boys; CU Dutchman hands out money to poor Javanese people, they then receive a cup of rice.

03:27:30:08 Great shot large Mickey Mouse sign overlooking downtown street in Batavia, Java.

03:27:47:05 Javanese men open gate fro train to enter city.

03:28:16:21 VS Bandung, Java. High-angle looks down on downtown Bandung street lined with 1940s cars; sign for Kodak film; billboard for Java Bier Good bier voor minder geld.

03:28:57:26 Fighter plane takes off of grass air field; Dutch pilot gets out of plane; CU Dutch pilot takes of sunglasses.

03:29:42:04 CU of street address on side of house Kincheloe 19, CU Dutch couple; VS Dutch couples and young children, men in army uniforms.

03:30:41:10 VS Surabaya, Java; seaport at Surabaya; VS naval battleships; navy ship flying Japanese flags; Dutchmen looking into scope aiming large gun on deck of ship.

03:32:36:08 VS Djokjakarta, Java. Ancient Javanese sites; ornate stone engravings. Javanese men praying. Javanese artisans at work, painter, wood carver, textiles, dying fabrics.

PA-0680 (Reel 2) shotlist:

VS in Indonesia.

04:00:54:08 CU disembodied arms of woman counting what appears to be coins with hole punched in middle; VS in poor streets; ox-pulled cart passes by COLIBIRI painted on wall along street; women walking on street with oriental umbrellas; man digging irrigation trench; VS woman with knife chopping sugar cane, children sorting pieces of sugar cane; men clearing sugar cane crop.

04:04:36:13 Antique train slowly passes into sugar cane yard, men jump onto train; oxen pulling large carts filled with burlap sacks.

04:05:27:18 Man leads ox in circle, ox is attached to a long piece of wood acting as a lever cranking a mechanism which breaks up wood as woman feeds it into machine.

04:06:32:08 Great footage men and women picking red coffee beans; CU basket full of red coffee beans; men shoveling truck load of red coffee beans.

04:08:23:00 CU silver platter with coffee, cream, sugar and cake, VS disembodied hands of servant put sugar in cup, CU black coffee poured onto sugar, then adds cream.

04:08:48:13 VS on sugar farm; baskets of white sugar, children working; shirtless Filipino men hard at work; VS White men in white suits boarding 1930s to 1940s silver airplane that appears to be Dutch with Netherlands written on side of plane; KNILM (Royal Netherlands Indies Airways) written on nose of plane along with flag flying from nose of plane; planes takes off, map of Sumatra with Java marked on island.

04:13:17:17 VS Javanese mine; VS workers digging; VS train cars loaded with coal coming out of mine; VS workers carrying baskets of coal; VS small Javanese village with traditional huts.

04:21:12:04 VS Sumatran man crouched on dirt road selling bright red pottery; VS in Sumatran bazaar; woman selling chilies; CU various vendors of market and their products; group little Indonesian girls playing in stream naked smiling at camera.

04:25:45:05 Pan over row of poor children; CU boy traces with his finger letters carved into monument for the Aequator [Equator]

04:26:20:25 VS Lake Toba in Sumatra; traditional huts in small village; two old men crouching stare at camera; VS local children show camera large statue of expressive face; child shows camera human skulls; CU four human skulls.

04:30:17:17 VS in small village; man sitting on ground has head shaved; children playing in dirt street in middle of village of straw huts; cute little boy jokingly pretends to pick fight with camera and laughs; great CU shot of old woman bashfully posing for camera laughing and giggling.

04:32:34:23 VS Medan in Sumatra; VS inside palace; man climbs tree and picks large prickly fruit.

04:36:29:15 VS Palembang in Sumatra. VS boats on river, large ferry boat, steamship in port; what appear to be Dutch flags along seaport; street vendor makes special ice cream-like dessert; CU three little girls pose for camera and giggle; great footage from back of train passing over bridge, shot from train leaving station; shot from inside train of White man smoking cigarette looking out window at tropical forest.

04:41:44:06 VS Metro, Sumatra, or what is likely now Palembang. Street with sign for Metro. Great shot looks down dirt street in poor village, large wood sign reads Pasar-Baroe: Metro.

04:42:36:10 Sumatran shirtless and shoeless man chopping large felled tree; CU ax chopping wood, disembodied legs and feet of man chopping in frame.

04:44:40:26 VS children sorting corn; women bathing in stream and bathing small children.

04:45:47:12 Men stacking hay on enormous pyramidal haystacks; man smoking cigarette on top of haystack.

04:47:15:24 VS Dutch men on steamship in Sumatra waters; Dutch flag waving on back of steamship; various scenic shots from steamship.