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Dateline: Long Island is a short film from 1964 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Newsday was begun in 1940 in Long Island and this film shows the paper's role in the growth of the community and many shots of historical Long Island. It also conveys Newsday's approach to journalism and shows the process of the newspaper's production and distribution.

The Levittown housing project began the suburban building boom in post-war Long Island. The investigations of DeKoning's criminal activities and the awards received.

Walt Whitman House A Historical Sign: "Sagamore Hill Home of Theodore Roosevelt Governor of New York President of United States" Footage of Theodore Roosevelt Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic Close-ups of Cranes and Bulldozers A busy subway, busy highways Boys on a diving board Shots of shopping malls Shots of schools and colleges A woman feeding the ducks by a lake Factory parking lots Fields, Ships A woman water-skiing A Historical Sign: "Thompson House Erected About 1700 Birthplace in 1784 of Benjamin F. Thompson Long Island Historian" Suburban homes and old estates Empty shoreline and a crowded beach Aerial pan of a 3-D map Close-up of newspapers being folded by a machine People working at long tables Footage from World War II factory workers Floor plan of a house Man shaving with clothing items hanging over him Men typing, newspaper carriers linotype machines and the steps involved in newspaper printing, to folding machine and conveyor belt loading into trucks A man with an American Flag behind him looks up to a close-up shot of a clock A round-table discussion of the board of directors The accounting department Long Island shopping centers Woman reading a newspaper, sitting in a lawn chair A bowling tournament A special edition of the John F. Kennedy assassination is carefully flipped through for display Close-up of bike tires Bicycle carrier boys and their summer camp

worth noting: short but great image of "Roosevelt Field." The letters are written across white balls on tall posts sort of like street lamps. (1:40:44-1:44:38)

 2:15:59- 2:22:25

Nice (perhaps too short) image of Long Island Expressway many cars move around a bend towards Long Island.

 2:22:42- 2:32:44

Great image of very stoic people getting off a commuter train and walking along the passenger deck. Looks like spring time.

 2:36:45- 2:50:93

Nice image of boys diving from a board into a lake or river we watch them from behind. Cut to overview of men playing golf. Good leisure images.

 2:55:48- 3:07:37

Feminine, shopping montage. Start with what looks like Main Street with its small boutiques women stroll by the stores. Cut to a view of Macy's and its parking lot and then to two other large department stores.

 3:07:41- 3:20:68

Nice series of shots of educational facilities. Start with a view of an elementary school (children walk in front of it), cut to an image of the sign for North Shore High School the camera pulls back and offers a full view of the modern building, and finally cut to the Hofstra College campus.

 3:35:75- 3:52:01

Excellent shot of people leaving work for the day. First, a truck or bus goes by the frame blocking our view all we see is the word "Arma" at the top of a building. Once the bus passes, we watch men and women filing out of the building. It looks like summer.


A row of homes are being built. Cut to what is not but could be the finished products. Camera pans the middle-class block with spacious homes and manicured yards.

worth noting: Nice, short pan of sunburned people on a crowed beach.(5:08:93)
 9:16:75- 9:27:65 

Camera pans an upper- to middle-class residential block. The homes have large, A-shaped roofs and front yards. There is a sudden cut to a very quick but nice image of two little boys riding their bikes down the street.

 20:11:18- 20:39:21

Excellent driving POV of a "modern retail district" (Main Street). There is an ugly, brown apartment building behind the strip of stores. Cars are parked along the road. Cut to several pans of a department stores and malls and their large parking lots.

 23:28:34- 23:51:20

Great image of newspaper carrier boys riding their bikes away down a long, residential street their bikes have large baskets. Cut to one delivery boy pulling his bike up to a house and carefully delivering a paper.

worth noting: Some nice short images of boys swimming, riding horses, and shooting rifles at camp.

DATELINE: LONG ISLAND is first about the history of Long Island, "America's fastest growing community" and "an exceptional place likely to attract exceptional men" - people like Theodore Roosevelt and Walt Whitman, who both lived there - as well as a rapidly developing cosmopolitan suburbia with the best homes, the best stores, the best schools. Shots of Lindbergh's flight & developing downtown areas lead into the founding of Newsday, the liberal, independent and world class communications system founded in 1947, and which helped change, among other things, the archaic building codes that prohibited World War II veterans and their families from finding affordable housing. The result was Levittown. Also featured are more new stories of important events that Newsday played a hand in, and little interviews with Alicia Patterson, the editor & publisher, and other staff people and members of the board.

A real, proud advertisement for Newsday, this film is full of abundantly wholesome American images, from farms to bowling to riflery.

Dateline: Long Island
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